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25 Sep 2022
@_discord_278252678218252288:t2bot.ioM8torr#9856 and I created an Automator applications, so it looks like a normal application 23:00:56
26 Sep 2022
@_discord_996666451043827732:t2bot.ioZeke [Any] Nice 00:21:53
@_discord_306169869605404673:t2bot.ioFrutz joined the room.00:24:58
@_discord_380895982516436992:t2bot.ioChloe (she/her) changed their display name from TheGoodDude to TheGoodDude#6142.00:33:36
@_discord_380895982516436992:t2bot.ioChloe (she/her) changed their display name from TheGoodDude#6142 to Chloe (she/her).00:33:40
@_discord_317389589385969670:t2bot.ioJaccc joined the room.00:40:03
Download Screen_Shot_2022-09-25_at_8.44.43_PM.png
@_discord_996666451043827732:t2bot.ioZeke [Any] Yeah that happens with a lot of opensource software, unfortunately we cant do much about it as it requires a yearly $100 apple developer subscription, and we are funded by donations. 00:45:38
@_discord_996666451043827732:t2bot.ioZeke [Any] Same happens on windows 00:45:52
@_discord_317389589385969670:t2bot.ioJaccc so i just cant run? 00:45:56
@_discord_996666451043827732:t2bot.ioZeke [Any] You can umm I am not to sure what you click to pass it on mac 00:46:14
@_discord_996666451043827732:t2bot.ioZeke [Any] Mabye the "?" 00:46:21
@_discord_996666451043827732:t2bot.ioZeke [Any] Then like proceed or something 00:46:30
@_discord_317389589385969670:t2bot.ioJaccc i had to go into settings but i got it 00:47:12
@_discord_317389589385969670:t2bot.ioJaccc ty 00:47:14
@_discord_996666451043827732:t2bot.ioZeke [Any] Ok cool 00:47:16
@_discord_996666451043827732:t2bot.ioZeke [Any] Np, sorry cant help as much dont personaly have a mac 00:47:29
@_discord_317389589385969670:t2bot.ioJaccc no worries 00:47:46
@_discord_317389589385969670:t2bot.ioJaccc appriciate any support 00:47:51
@_discord_996666451043827732:t2bot.ioZeke [Any] Though yeah just add the meta server to api settings and your good to go 00:48:15
@_discord_996666451043827732:t2bot.ioZeke [Any] Irc there is some mod issues on macos mainly certain shaders, for now if you have issues I would probably still reccomend the ManyMC chat. Once we merge arm support into main meta I will likely add a macos arm channel. 00:49:31
@_discord_317389589385969670:t2bot.ioJaccc word 00:50:06
@_discord_317389589385969670:t2bot.ioJaccc if i already have Minecraft downloaded do i need to separately download java? 00:51:35
@_discord_996666451043827732:t2bot.ioZeke [Any] Yes 00:52:04
@_discord_1020346882167418930_=52oly=20=50oly:t2bot.ioRoly Poly#8543 java

@_discord_996666451043827732:t2bot.ioZeke [Any] Select arm versions and download from azul 00:52:24
@_discord_317389589385969670:t2bot.ioJaccc bet 00:52:27
@_discord_996666451043827732:t2bot.ioZeke [Any] https://www.azul.com/downloads/?package=jre#download-openjdk 00:52:52
@_discord_216798143944065024:t2bot.ioVoxUndead joined the room.03:51:42
@_discord_385652066288140288:t2bot.ioLumiEvi joined the room.04:06:32

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