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21 May 2023
@gerard:sisyphus.networkGT22Com joined the room.13:02:53
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22 May 2023
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23 May 2023
@z2lu:librem.onez2lu joined the room.08:10:26
@amj_matrix:matrix.orgAlex joined the room.11:49:32
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24 May 2023
@jduar:matrix.orgjduar joined the room.09:35:04
25 May 2023
@uttesv:matrix.orgVincent Kadar joined the room.06:47:00
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26 May 2023
@lotte:chir.rsCharlotte 🦝 (it/rac/racs/racself/🦝/plush) changed their profile picture.18:38:00
@notcancername:matrix.orgnotcancername joined the room.18:51:45
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@xtexchooser:sakura.cixtex changed their display name from xtexChooser to xtex.21:57:53
27 May 2023
@guih48:grin.huguih48 joined the room.11:54:30
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@mr_free_gnu:matrix.opulus.spaceВільний Пан Ґну changed their display name from Вільний Пан Гну to Вільний Пан Ґну.14:31:19
28 May 2023
@ruthar:matrix.orgruthar joined the room.07:49:18
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29 May 2023
@cslonpine:matrix.orgcslonpine joined the room.13:29:40
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30 May 2023
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@fdelamotte:club1.frfdelamotte set a profile picture.15:05:08
31 May 2023
@heriwer4:matrix.orgVincent Kadar joined the room.23:51:47
1 Jun 2023
@vetlo:matrix.orgvetlo joined the room.07:42:53

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