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25 Mar 2020
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21:00:10@inphovore:matrix.orginphovore set a profile picture.
21:44:35@inphovore:matrix.orginphovore I’m getting started with bogbook, ssb, and matrix. Eventually some cjdns. Are these the pragmatic paths for crypto collab or is some platform remain undiscovered
21:45:57@inphovore:matrix.orginphovoreI’m comparing for eval. Social distribution is novel, though I’m going for crypto and maybe blockchain from the straps
22:17:54@tyrranicalpatriarch:matrix.orgAnomalous Entity joined the room.
22:55:06@tyrranicalpatriarch:matrix.orgAnomalous Entity changed their display name from Tyrranical Patriarch to TyrranicalPatriarch.
22:58:51@tyrranicalpatriarch:matrix.orgAnomalous Entity changed their display name from TyrranicalPatriarch to ParanoidDeviant.
22:59:58@tyrranicalpatriarch:matrix.orgAnomalous Entity changed their display name from ParanoidDeviant to paranoiddeviant.
23:13:57@tyrranicalpatriarch:matrix.orgAnomalous Entity changed their display name from paranoiddeviant to Cautious Deviant.
23:48:59@tyrranicalpatriarch:matrix.orgAnomalous Entity changed their display name from Cautious Deviant to Cautious_Isolationist.
23:49:06@tyrranicalpatriarch:matrix.orgAnomalous Entity changed their display name from Cautious_Isolationist to Cautious_Libertine.
26 Mar 2020
00:19:44@verahunny:matrix.orgvera joined the room.
14:13:15@tyrranicalpatriarch:matrix.orgAnomalous Entity changed their display name from Cautious_Libertine to Aspiring Libertine.
23:50:48@tyrranicalpatriarch:matrix.orgAnomalous Entity changed their display name from Aspiring Libertine to someone unimportant.
27 Mar 2020
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28 Mar 2020
14:49:27@tyrranicalpatriarch:matrix.orgAnomalous Entity changed their display name from someone unimportant to Anomalous Entity.
29 Mar 2020
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1 Apr 2020
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2 Apr 2020
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3 Apr 2020
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13:10:40@ruslang:matrix.organon928173 changed their display name from ruslang to anon928173.
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4 Apr 2020
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