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20 Sep 2020
In reply to @jlj:matrix.org
Stepping back, more generally, it presupposes that those who want, or want to make sure that they don't need, certain information won't be able to get it. And when we are talking about the top intelligence agencies in the world, I simply do not believe that there is any way for even a well-funded, savvy individual or organisation to keep information from those bodies.
I look on it as a decision making process for journalists. They have a duty to inform the public interest. That is their mission, but doesn't trump other moral responsibilities. (For example, doxing someone's house address would be wrong, especially if it would threaten a family's safety. Not all discovered information deserves release). Here, there is a clear moral responsibility to protect innocents abroad. Some select information on US strategic ambivalence in Iraq may have been worth publishing. Much of the rest was just spiteful, in my view.
In reply to @jlj:matrix.org
That he was at all capable of choosing the means by which the information he had would be released.
Correct, I agree totally. Once it left secure channels, he couldn't guarantee its safety. I argue that it was wrong for him to do what he did. There are scores of options for whistleblowers, all the way up to Congress. One should exhaust their options before taking it into the open. He didn't read what he even had entirely. He trusted others to decide for him.
21 Sep 2020
@telum:matrix.orgtelumSorry, joined a new room and came out swinging. Just had the thought in the back of my mind for a while. Besides, got the room active for a bit, lol00:00:50
@jlj:matrix.orgjljHa ha. No need to apologise. I've enjoyed it. :-D00:08:58
@jlj:matrix.orgjljBut I should be in bed. My kids will be up again before I know it! G'night!00:09:26
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj * Ha ha. No need to apologise. I've enjoyed it. :-D00:09:43
@telum:matrix.orgtelumSure thing! Good back and forth is always enjoyable. Get your rest, kids are tiring. Good night!00:12:41
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22 Sep 2020
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23 Sep 2020
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24 Sep 2020
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25 Sep 2020
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26 Sep 2020
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27 Sep 2020
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