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13 Apr 2021
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Is that supposed to be bcc?
14 Apr 2021
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15 Apr 2021
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@1312011120_name:matrix.orgThe Shadow WarriorHello everyone 07:29:07
@1312011120_name:matrix.orgThe Shadow WarriorDo anyone here likes mysteries ?07:29:19
@1312011120_name:matrix.orgThe Shadow WarriorIf anyone do join our room07:31:26
@1312011120_name:matrix.orgThe Shadow Warrior #mysterytalks:matrix.org 07:31:32
@1312011120_name:matrix.orgThe Shadow WarriorWe worked to solve this video https://fw.tv/xeoiuxhqysbihrtyye/videos/Vy9eAGb.gwAq6V?uid=172593552&utm_medium=email&utm_source=embed07:37:16
@1312011120_name:matrix.orgThe Shadow WarriorIf anyone wanna cover our research then please join our room07:37:50
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16 Apr 2021
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@anonymous20938:matrix.orgAnon20938-SAlso, simply by being a cop or soldier or knight makes the economy ever more worse, because you are taxing people with force to fund all these forces, which is getting money from nowhere, certainly not "hard work". This has to be one of the biggest tricks they've ever used in history, bribing people with fake money and the promise of adrenaline to make them do all the grunt work.08:52:24
@1312011120_name:matrix.orgThe Shadow WarriorMilitary has duty to defend09:30:31
@1312011120_name:matrix.orgThe Shadow WarriorAnd thats the only thing they should do09:30:44
@1312011120_name:matrix.orgThe Shadow WarriorWhatever else they do except it09:31:03
@1312011120_name:matrix.orgThe Shadow WarriorThey make mess09:31:09
17 Apr 2021
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