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28 Nov 2019
02:12:09@nullzen01:matrix.orgnullzen01 joined the room.
02:12:32@nullzen01:matrix.orgnullzen01 #RESIST #STOPABUSE #ENDHATEBROADCAST Keywords: Targeted NSA/US Army Right-Wing Cyber Personnel Criminals-Human Research/Computational Neuroscience civilian abuse hate crime by personnel hate group spamming hate messages conducting physical electronic warfare abuse arcyber.army.mil 8825 Beulah St, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060; satellite broadcasting; Cyber Center of Excellence NCO Academy Detachment, 8541 Zimborski Ave, Fort Meade, MD 20755; cybercoe.army.mil US Army Cyber School 25701 Barnes Ave, Augusta, GA 30905; Bioelectromagnetism; IEEE; Signal Processing; Electrical Computer Engineering; Electronic Warfare Misuse Abuse to deliberately target inflict Physical contact Fort Gordon hate group personnel Officers; gordon.army.mil Computational Neuroscience; Artificial Intelligence; Human-Computer; Deepmind; Speech-to-text; US Army Advanced Radar Target Tracking; Spatio-Temporal; Wavelet; Spread spectrum; MIMO; Vector Telecommunications; Beamforming; LTE CDMA; Ultra-wideband Satellite radar; US Army Research Laboratory; Adelphi Laboratory; Army Research Office; Using mobile wireless radio signals to make contact human skin; electrophysiology; Visual Auditory Speech Processing; Mobile Wireless Networks; Neural Networks; Fort Gordon Georgia US ARMY army.mil/bragg  gordon.army.mil belvoir.army.mil ftmeade.army.mil/pages/about SIGINT radio broadcasting "Dixie" "Army marching band and audience taunt gawking" instrumental to cause auditory mental abuse to target civilian  Location: (38.8530568, -77.0849581) US Army Radar Target Tracking signal on civilian Date: 11/27/19 time: 10:45AM EST: NSA US ARMY Fort Gordon Fort G. Meade Aberdeen Proving Grounds cognitive neuroscience staff and military personnel activities in program include: "personnel encouraging rape of women children" "bigotry hate speech messages to  cause shame" "taunting obscenities to cause reckless endangerment of target civilian to conduct terrorism to present risk to personal public safety" Human Engineering Information Systems, Maryland broadcasting NSA CIA Program voice synthesis spamming mixed messages of words phrases bigotry hate deranged amusement reckless endangerment & instrumental music of insanity and confusion intended to cause reckless endangerment of civilian target to public safety Aberdeen Proving Grounds Adelphi Research Laboratory - "Cyber Team" Cybercom .mil Electronic Warfare SIGINT using civilian as target practice for electromagnetic warfare vulnerabilities testing misuse and misappropriation of land air sea naval aircraft surface military research applications telecommunications resources active passive offensive defensive observational surveillance radar countermeasures analysis to conduct and directly or indirectly inflict damage or harm hate crime terrorism sabotage subversion fraudulent abusive activities that violate the civilian target's universal civil and human rights under color of law and US Constitution right to live in peace hands face neck arms legs feet skin pinching sensation inhumane spamming threats obscenities "pussy" "faggot" "nigger" loud audio (by auditory signal) of horns blaring to terrify civilian at geolocation involving US Army NSA Army arcyber ARL personnel A.I. program broadcast spamming obscenities bigotry cuss words profanities at civilian target fraud abuse of fabricated speech auditory audio messages postal hate group provoke harass for amusement day night minutes hours mmwave beamforming targeted heat hot spot on skin organs hands face neck feet arms antbite sensation 3G 4G GSM CDMA radio LTE mobile wireless signal SIGINT advanced RF piggyback hacking Fort Gordon Georgia Meade Maryland Bragg North Carolina involving Electrical computer engineering Human Neuroscience Military Intelligence INT to conduct targeted civilian hate crime broadcasting speech audio and instrumental music entrainment undisclosed classified mental physical sexual abuse fraud identity theft to induce symptoms of schizophrenia fear mental trauma remotely-located human-computer interface Army personnel fabricate text and speech to spam broadcast hate messages to tracking civilian target within range location and environment through public consumer wireless mobile infrastructure vector AT&T Verizon Sprint Boost 3G 4G LTE WIFI networks beamforming mimo human radar tracking US Army satellite telecommunications surveillance to spam hate messages speech "fucking nigger" "faggot" "fuck that pussy" "pig" "jewish" "muslim" at a targeted civilian to conduct recreational hate crime amusement humiliation shaming through US Army cyber terrorism subversion NSA Cybercom US Army personnel Warfare Information Operations located at Fort Meade Fort Gordon Aberdeen Proving Grounds Adelphi Laboratory Center Army Research Laboratory conducting targeted civilian hate crime by US Army Cyber personnel broadcast spamming bigotry hate speech combined neural network through US Army Research personnel human-computer interface text-to-speech A.I. Speech Audio Instrumental Music HZ brain auditory speech through spread spectrum Wireless Mobile Networks and US Army Satellite Tracking to conduct US Army personnel hate crime by simulating US Army to civilian schizophrenia to conduct civilian mental abuse fraud identity theft mobile wireless network for human radar tracking beamforming hot spots to human body to conduct targeted US Army SIGINT electronic warfare
06:49:15@kisuke:matrix.orgkisukeCheese and rice, have you heard of a line break?
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29 Nov 2019
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30 Nov 2019
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1 Dec 2019
11:43:20@testing12365436543:matrix.org@testing12365436543:matrix.org joined the room.
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2 Dec 2019
10:10:05@husslr:matrix.orghusslrsomeone can recommend DNS over TLS recursive resolvers with good privacy (no logs, not in x-eyes, not in EU)
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3 Dec 2019
17:26:41@interfect:matrix.orginterfectI wonder how hard it would be to just download all of DNS
4 Dec 2019
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I wonder how hard it would be to just download all of DNS
Two problems, what the D stands for, and DNS doesn't lend itself to scraping

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6 Dec 2019
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8 Dec 2019
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9 Dec 2019
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10 Dec 2019
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