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25 Aug 2019
12:43:29@mcconnelsfries:matrix.orgmcconnelsfriesinterfect: so kind of a mesh-net VPN?
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interfect: so kind of a mesh-net VPN?
Yeah. You can tunnel over it like a normal VPN too if you arrange for someone to let you use them as an exit node.
26 Aug 2019
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31 Aug 2019
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1 Sep 2019
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2 Sep 2019
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7 Sep 2019
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8 Sep 2019
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05:38:11@riotstarter666:matrix.org@riotstarter666:matrix.orgwhat can i do to get back at someone for breaking in my house?
05:38:27@riotstarter666:matrix.org@riotstarter666:matrix.orgthey dont know i know they did it
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12:23:00@zoohouse:matrix.orgZoohouseRedacted or Malformed Event
23:38:28@mcconnelsfries:matrix.orgmcconnelsfriesriotstarter666: consider the use of firearms
9 Sep 2019
In reply to @mcconnelsfries:matrix.org
riotstarter666: consider the use of firearms
Don't do vigilante justice kids. I suspect that if people break into your house you should probably call the cops.
15:13:10@interfect:matrix.orginterfectI guess you could sue them for trespassing or something? Lawyer up, delete gym, etc.
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Don't do vigilante justice kids. I suspect that if people break into your house you should probably call the cops.

Break-in ... Call cops. Friend, the police are there to fuck you up over speeding or running red lights, to run you off if you're a bum, and to enforce court orders. They are NOT your personal protection. It could take hours for them to respond to a call, and they will never, never charge into a building to rescue you or get a bad guy.

If you want personal safety, you have to do it yourself (or hire somebody).

15:24:55@interfect:matrix.orginterfect But if you're trying to get justice for a break-in after the fact, the cops will definitely complain if you go out and attack the person you think did it. And their abysmal response latency is still going to be sufficient.
15:25:54@interfect:matrix.orginterfect If someone is actually breaking into your house right now, I guess you have to fight them. Or run away. Or hide. But they're likely to leave before the cops arrive.
10 Sep 2019
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12 Sep 2019
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14 Sep 2019
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18 Sep 2019
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