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18 Oct 2020
@_discord_429275946638508086:florianstroeger.comSteіn Okay no -download doesn't seem to work, maybe it's just custom PBO's and not mods 11:46:36
@_discord_429275946638508086:florianstroeger.comSteіn steamcmd it is then, but I'm gonna leave that for later, I just want to get this thing into a half decent state so I can open the repo 13:43:08
19 Oct 2020
@_discord_145405730571288577:florianstroeger.comElegantBeef changed their display name from Elegant Beef to ElegantBeef#5502.08:30:15
@_discord_145405730571288577:florianstroeger.comElegantBeef changed their display name from ElegantBeef#5502 to ElegantBeef.08:30:19
@_discord_243435570267815937:florianstroeger.commuttleyRedacted or Malformed Event23:44:56
@_discord_243435570267815937:florianstroeger.commuttley for A3UL users: Proton 5.13 now works (Valve changed their VDF's, had to readjust), just download the newest build 23:45:04
@_discord_429275946638508086:florianstroeger.comSteіn good to hear, didn't know there was an issue 23:45:51
@_discord_243435570267815937:florianstroeger.commuttley they changed commandline: proton run to commandline: proton %verb% 23:46:08
@_discord_243435570267815937:florianstroeger.commuttley and since I read these from config file, it stopped working, didn't expect this 😄 23:46:34
@_discord_429275946638508086:florianstroeger.comSteіn what data are you using from the VDF files? 23:48:50
@_discord_429275946638508086:florianstroeger.comSteіn mods? 23:48:56
@_discord_243435570267815937:florianstroeger.commuttley basically just checking if Proton is there and is installed properly 23:49:30
@_discord_243435570267815937:florianstroeger.commuttley also what command to run, so in theory A3UL could work with anything else (like Steam Linux Runtime for native version) 23:49:49
@_discord_243435570267815937:florianstroeger.commuttley probably something will break anyways 23:49:54
@_discord_243435570267815937:florianstroeger.commuttley but the foundations are placed 😄 23:50:03
@_discord_429275946638508086:florianstroeger.comSteіn Hmm, since you are already using VDF parsing and such, maybe it's a good way to find subscribed mods 23:50:40
@_discord_429275946638508086:florianstroeger.comSteіn I'm currently looking into that, at the moment I'm just thinking of going through the workshop dir and recording all the folder names 23:51:11
@_discord_429275946638508086:florianstroeger.comSteіn which doesn't feel like a good solution to get currently subscribed mods 23:51:37
@_discord_429275946638508086:florianstroeger.comSteіnRedacted or Malformed Event23:54:00
@_discord_429275946638508086:florianstroeger.comSteіn especially in C 23:54:07
@_discord_243435570267815937:florianstroeger.commuttley That's how I do it, just check all dirs and see if there is addons dir inside (case insensitive) 23:57:07
@_discord_243435570267815937:florianstroeger.commuttley I don't count on Steam API working correctly :D 23:57:35
20 Oct 2020
@_discord_429275946638508086:florianstroeger.comSteіn Yeah maybe it's better doing it like that, also I need your opinion on this, would you rather have a library have an init function where you specify working directories or just manually adding in working directories on a per-function basis? 00:06:19
@_discord_161083469122895872:florianstroeger.comdarutoko muttley is there a way to upgrade from .deb package? Trying to install new .deb on top but apt says:
arma3-unix-launcher is already the newest version (0.1)
@_discord_84233336364482560:florianstroeger.comThe Great Australian Baguette There's probably a force flag 10:30:07
@_discord_243435570267815937:florianstroeger.commuttley Steіn I'd say specify all needed first and give an option to add more later, possibly with an option to save it 10:30:25
@_discord_243435570267815937:florianstroeger.commuttley darutoko you could try uninstalling and installing a new one 10:30:32
@_discord_243435570267815937:florianstroeger.commuttley I didn't think of this issue 10:30:39
@_discord_243435570267815937:florianstroeger.commuttley I'll try to fix it soon (so version number changes and it's easier to update) 10:30:49
@_discord_161083469122895872:florianstroeger.comdarutoko thank you 10:31:27

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