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6 Feb 2022
@_discord_648266819618209793:t2bot.ioS410#6438 * More like
Rule 1984
@_discord_443819817900965889:t2bot.ioTired#6488 removing obscenity != censorship 00:25:08
@_discord_648266819618209793:t2bot.ioS410#6438 No u 00:25:17
@_discord_299635043674882069:t2bot.ioLessWrong (RYD)#3966 no clinical trials yet. Just a statement by a company that they saw some in-vitro results.

Al clinical trials are with negative results
@_discord_939675462383317093:t2bot.ioPT MARIUK joined the room.00:26:38
@_discord_645653818306068491:t2bot.ioMaNa#9881 Clinical trials are still ongoing, so still wouldn't dismiss it. 00:27:15
@_discord_299635043674882069:t2bot.ioLessWrong (RYD)#3966 well, you don't go ahead and promote something before clinical trials showed effectiveness. 00:27:52
@_discord_443819817900965889:t2bot.ioTired#6488 on mobile cant view right now 00:28:57
@_discord_443819817900965889:t2bot.ioTired#6488 I love iOS 00:29:06
@_discord_299635043674882069:t2bot.ioLessWrong (RYD)#3966 lol, it has not shown effectiveness against covid. It can be dismissed until different evidence is presented. Acting differently is plain stupid 00:30:06
@_discord_645653818306068491:t2bot.ioMaNa#9881 It could work, it can't - lets keep it on that for now. After actual clinical results are released, you can check them for yourself, but again clinical trials aren't conducted, and research from a reputed pharma company and university colab shows it has anti-viral effects. 00:30:27
@_discord_648266819618209793:t2bot.ioS410#6438Download out.mp400:31:16
@_discord_299635043674882069:t2bot.ioLessWrong (RYD)#3966
After actual clinical results are released
There are around 90 published already. None show significant effect.
Download unknown.png
eval `convert "$2" -format "w=%[w]\nh=%[h]" info:`
ffmpeg -loop 1 -i "$2" -i "$1" -s "$((w/2*2))x$((h/2*2))" -pix_fmt yuv420p -c:v libx264 -movflags +faststart -c:a aac -b:a 192k -shortest "${@:3}"
@_discord_648266819618209793:t2bot.ioS410#6438 Aren't covid conspiracies and shit are a (semi-)political topic? 00:33:51
@_discord_299635043674882069:t2bot.ioLessWrong (RYD)#3966
After actual clinical results are released
Yeah, and promoting it before it happened as something effective was quite dumb
@_discord_299635043674882069:t2bot.ioLessWrong (RYD)#3966 yea 00:34:14
@_discord_645653818306068491:t2bot.ioMaNa#9881 Those aren't clinical results from what I assume - is this true? 00:34:20
@_discord_648266819618209793:t2bot.ioS410#6438 !warn LessWrong (RYD) politics in #general 00:34:28
@_discord_299635043674882069:t2bot.ioLessWrong (RYD)#3966 not sure what you mean 00:34:44
@_discord_645653818306068491:t2bot.ioMaNa#9881 From research papers across this topic, I've seen most state that ivermectin actually does work. I'm not sure what you're referring to as clinical trials here. 00:35:22
@_discord_299635043674882069:t2bot.ioLessWrong (RYD)#3966
I'm not sure what you're referring to as clinical trials here.
A double blind placebo-controlled trial, where a group of people is given ivermecting and another group - placebo. Ivermectin should show results significantly different from placebo. It does not.
@_discord_932180029134237737:t2bot.iolegomaster Youtube removing dislikes is the worst thing that they have done 00:37:23
@_discord_714555429618843650:t2bot.ioPickleNik#0864 as a man who has almost recovered from covid himself, I can confirm that cough syrup mixed with vodka greatly improves the morale 00:37:37
@_discord_299635043674882069:t2bot.ioLessWrong (RYD)#3966 😄 00:37:53
@_discord_645653818306068491:t2bot.ioMaNa#9881 Still not really a clinical trial, it's a very small sample group, and many other research papers with around an equal sample group show other results as well. 00:39:10
@_discord_645653818306068491:t2bot.ioMaNa#9881 Again, not saying it works or anything. I'm skeptical about it, that's all. 00:39:42
@_discord_299635043674882069:t2bot.ioLessWrong (RYD)#3966
Again, not saying it works or anything. I'm skeptical about it, that's all.
Exactly the reason why I think it was stupid of Rogan to promote it at time when he did.

If trials show effectiveness - cool.

So far they did not.
@_discord_480829054992252983:t2bot.ioDaniel7689#1831 covid is political nowadays tbh 00:42:08

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