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28 May 2022
@_discord_763377551963717653:t2bot.ioQuan_MCPC joined the room.06:33:54
@_discord_381373462100443138:t2bot.ioIsaac Novem Good morning. 06:56:23
@_discord_909248449260683294:t2bot.ioCrisis#9259 lmfao the fuck 07:05:39
@_discord_708720763301134387:t2bot.io77bmw joined the room.07:08:00
@_discord_648119533889912862:t2bot.ioDevilsaur might be bc my chromes open 08:09:08
@_discord_701864416664223744:t2bot.ioOtto sux 08:49:17
@_discord_944236463883681823:t2bot.ioYaroslavius Everyone, Discord Nitro is free on epic games so you can get it from there and put it on your account!! (only works for new time nitro users or create a new account), offer ends on 2nd June. You will get the code by mail depending on the ID registered to your epic games account. 09:01:31
@_discord_879601768277876786:t2bot.ioSkeletor changed their display name from Jackblue_63 to Skeletor#9840.10:24:54
@_discord_879601768277876786:t2bot.ioSkeletor changed their profile picture.10:24:58
@_discord_879601768277876786:t2bot.ioSkeletor changed their display name from Skeletor#9840 to Skeletor.10:24:59
@_discord_879601768277876786:t2bot.ioSkeletor no 10:24:59
@_discord_195262948036313088:t2bot.ioCawwut#6400 joined the room.11:50:43
@_discord_195262948036313088:t2bot.ioCawwut#6400 bruhhhh! I was listening to ''notorious B.I.G's - Ready to die''' when i scrolled by this 11:50:44
@_discord_195262948036313088:t2bot.ioCawwut#6400 jesus it matches up well lmfaooo 11:50:50
In reply to @antonio24:matrix.org
Hey there ! I noticed you all might be going through a phase and might need to loosen up a bit and by any chance would you be looking to buy any product ? (Xanax, Adderall, Molly, MDMA, Oxy, Coke, Meth & Weed/Wax etc; reasonable prices, discreet and fast delivery
please dont
@_discord_849444781204963329:t2bot.iomars. pirate joined the room.12:19:43
@_discord_742214339125182556:t2bot.ioVaiCaDep Jokes on you, I have been gifted Nitro Classic for 1 month 12:47:42
@_discord_742214339125182556:t2bot.ioVaiCaDep 12:49:55
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@_discord_661955406175928331:t2bot.ior/Sherpex🎵 changed their display name from r/Sherpex🎵#0101 to r/Sherpex🎵.14:36:40
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@_discord_850508633887866881:t2bot.ioCowCoderRedacted or Malformed Event17:09:26
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