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6 Dec 2022
@_discord_871511861835759636:t2bot.ioAcrylicFrog#4803 niles is fs in house hlaalu 01:57:08
@_discord_450176695517839371:t2bot.ioWellTemperedClavier#3840 It's the only house I can imagine taking him 01:57:48
Download adrian-kamil-ordinator3.png
@_discord_344895169792835586:t2bot.ioPhilosphyPhil not too fond of the ordinator outfit from Elder Kings II 02:25:08
@_discord_344895169792835586:t2bot.ioPhilosphyPhil the helmet seems a bit too... pouty 02:25:14
@_discord_344895169792835586:t2bot.ioPhilosphyPhilRedacted or Malformed Event02:25:36
@_discord_344895169792835586:t2bot.ioPhilosphyPhil maybe I'm just nitpicking 02:25:56
@_discord_340629917601497090:t2bot.ioTh1rt3en They are very pouty 02:32:29
@_discord_132741092243275776:t2bot.ioPh.D. in Sorcery I quite like it actually. It's based more on the concept art 02:35:39
@_discord_132741092243275776:t2bot.ioPh.D. in Sorcery Pre-TES3, Ordinators were implied to be the Temple's priests, which we can see in their extravagant white robes here. I wish they at least kept the robes 02:37:09
@_discord_328598851806298113:t2bot.ioShadowhawk changed their profile picture.03:33:56
@_discord_328598851806298113:t2bot.ioShadowhawk changed their display name from Shadowhawk#7858 to Shadowhawk.03:33:58
@_discord_450176695517839371:t2bot.ioWellTemperedClavier#3840 abbygale TRY GETTING A RESERVATION AT THE COUNCIL CLUB NOW, YOU BRILLIANT MODDER! 04:03:02
@_discord_252186325606858754:t2bot.ioabbygale Nah you gotta insult me while you split my head in half with an axe 04:03:48
@_discord_450176695517839371:t2bot.ioWellTemperedClavier#3840 It was a rhetorical ax 04:06:09
Download image.png
@_discord_217666853852545027:t2bot.ioArgronok0#5045 Not a TR related bug, but for some reason there is no fence here, but there is still a collision here preventing me from getting through 11:45:58
@_discord_217666853852545027:t2bot.ioArgronok0#5045 In the village of Pelagiad 11:45:58
@_discord_802138139329953832:t2bot.iowhateverisfree#8157 looks fine on my game 12:05:44
@_discord_217666853852545027:t2bot.ioArgronok0#5045 My suspicion is pointing to Patch for Purists, because I noticed when I have that mod installed and when I add mods that changes Pelagiad, it becomes incompatible with it 12:14:20
@_discord_217666853852545027:t2bot.ioArgronok0#5045 Like when I looked at Pelagiad if I have BCOM installed, there's like an extra assest of an Imperial Fort floating next to the already finished one 12:14:58
@_discord_269273057435058177:t2bot.ioTrestkie#1090 https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/49652 Vayatir 12:15:54
@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_195009163808473089:t2bot.ioVayatir#9971.12:17:42
@_discord_195009163808473089:t2bot.ioVayatir#9971 joined the room.12:17:42
@_discord_195009163808473089:t2bot.ioVayatir#9971 Thank you kindly sir. 12:17:42
@_discord_174163372475023360:t2bot.ioKayla Decided to burn my save file to the ground 14:00:49
@_discord_802138139329953832:t2bot.iowhateverisfree#8157 maybe you're using some bcom patch without something it needs i guess?
doubt that wouldn't have been caught in main bcom and vanilla is fine
@_discord_174163372475023360:t2bot.ioKayla * Decided to burn my save file to the ground 14:00:51
@_discord_174163372475023360:t2bot.ioKayla Wares kinda bothered me 14:00:51
@_discord_174163372475023360:t2bot.ioKayla Too many random items on NPC's and weird items in inventories 14:00:54

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