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28 Mar 2023
@_discord_630821071553036319:t2bot.iodiegoxt45#9211 10~ on the big towns 21:35:02
@_discord_267400315366539264:t2bot.ioTammilisäke could still be the defaulting to geopetry shit since some of the rocks etc. don't have collision boxes 22:19:20
@_discord_267400315366539264:t2bot.ioTammilisäke * could still be the defaulting to geometry shit since some of the rocks etc. don't have collision boxes 22:19:26
@_discord_267400315366539264:t2bot.ioTammilisäke it's being addressed I think 22:19:41
@_discord_366822727862190080:t2bot.ioRevenant yeah most of the PT assets are optimized like shit lol 22:30:18
@_discord_259520016624517121:t2bot.ioTaniquetil Lower your view Ryan's 23:31:39
@_discord_259520016624517121:t2bot.ioTaniquetil * Lower your view distance to like 2 23:32:08
@_discord_630821071553036319:t2bot.iodiegoxt45#9211 it is exactly at 2 23:32:27
@_discord_259520016624517121:t2bot.ioTaniquetil Most of current SHOTN is within a few cells of the Karth River
Which is hella unoptimized
@_discord_259520016624517121:t2bot.ioTaniquetil And so when you're in the city it loads hundreds of river rock refs 23:33:00
@_discord_259520016624517121:t2bot.ioTaniquetil Besides that the only other things I can recommend are turning off water reflections and increasing the size cutoff for distant objects 23:33:31
@_discord_259520016624517121:t2bot.ioTaniquetil It is a known issue, hopefully will be better in markarth release 23:33:44
@_discord_269273057435058177:t2bot.ioTrestkie#1090 https://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/1888930/ 23:36:19
Download 20230328_193001.jpg
@_discord_269273057435058177:t2bot.ioTrestkie#1090 looks like the port ran into alot of performance issues 23:36:45
@_discord_267400315366539264:t2bot.ioTammilisäke I don't think there's a good playstation port out there 23:39:25
@_discord_269273057435058177:t2bot.ioTrestkie#1090 probably not 23:39:44
@_discord_267400315366539264:t2bot.ioTammilisäke * I don't think there's a good playstation to PC port out there 23:39:49
@_discord_267400315366539264:t2bot.ioTammilisäke Every single ps to pc port I've ever played has been absolute dogshit in one way or another 23:40:03
@_discord_267400315366539264:t2bot.ioTammilisäke Well as dogshit as a port can be 23:40:21
@_discord_267400315366539264:t2bot.ioTammilisäke if it works it's still better than nothing but piracy exists 23:40:29
@_discord_267400315366539264:t2bot.ioTammilisäke I am once again reminded of the crisp audio of SMT 3 Nocturne HD 23:41:13
29 Mar 2023
@_discord_148296710806831105:t2bot.ioDon#1004 Nice. 00:08:29
@_discord_267400315366539264:t2bot.ioTammilisäke changed their display name from Tammilisäke to Tammilisäke#2930.00:25:12
@_discord_267400315366539264:t2bot.ioTammilisäke changed their display name from Tammilisäke#2930 to Tammilisäke.00:25:17
Download image.png
@_discord_267400315366539264:t2bot.ioTammilisäke POV: you are a cliffracer and I am trying to explode you with my mind 00:25:19
@_discord_906577107876974602:t2bot.ioDeenday Racer's reaction to your efforts is on the bottom left of mine sketch 00:28:02
@_discord_267400315366539264:t2bot.ioTammilisäke Ngl I never reeeeally got the cliffracer hate like if you have high enough weapon skill with whatever you're wacking them with they're not much of a nuisance even 00:39:33
@_discord_630821071553036319:t2bot.iodiegoxt45#9211 oh its out 00:41:54

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