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18 May 2022
@topranks:libera.chattopranks But they do at least have a 'bridge mode' option so it's not too bad 14:39:53
@bblack:libera.chatbblack yeah I use a bridging type of option on my AT&T router too, but it's not really raw L2 or whatever, they're still interfering somewhat. 14:41:16
@bblack:libera.chatbblack I think they call it "IP passthrough" 14:41:20
@bblack:libera.chatbblackbut it never completely disables their interference in the traffic14:41:37
@bblack:libera.chatbblack (their rationale is they also offer TV service over the same fiber, so therefore everyone must use their modem, so that they can always offer the possibility of using a MOCA coax out of it to run your TV set top boxes, which I don't :P) 14:42:13
@inflatador:libera.chatinflatadorthat reminds me, I need to kick my MOCA stuff, it randomly decided to drop below fast ethernet speeds14:43:45
@bblack:libera.chatbblackbut yeah, on the inside, I have an L3 switch and my own wifi routers, and everything about their router/modem that I can disable is disabled.14:44:35
@vgutierrez:libera.chatvgutierrezyeah.. the L3 switch is really useful to power up the APs over PoE14:49:43
@bblack:libera.chatbblack yeah that's what I do. I didn't buy the HW, it came with the house, but it's all Ruckus-branded stuff 14:53:26
@bblack:libera.chatbblacka 12 port gig-E switch with L3 firmware (that I could add 2x10G SFPs to if I wanted), and a pair of their wifi APs mounted in the ceiling and PoE-powered from the switch.14:54:06
@bblack:libera.chatbblackand then formy office (the only wired-ethernet-heavy room really), I bought a little in-wall PoE-powered PoE switch, to give me 4x ports in this room from a single cable run.14:55:03
@bblack:libera.chatbblackthis thing: https://www.amazon.com/PoE-Texas-GBT-4-IW-Gigabit-Extender/dp/B07Z59SG17?th=114:55:48
@bblack:libera.chatbblack to be clear: it's PoE-powered from the upstream switch, and offers 4x PoE ports of its own 14:56:12
@inflatador:libera.chatinflatador How is Ruckus' stuff? I've been playing around with Miktotik, but always fun to check out random net device vendors ;) 14:56:58
@bblack:libera.chatbblack well, I've never been completely happy with *any* wifi or router vendor, ever, so let's start there :) 14:57:17
@bblack:libera.chatbblack but all things considered, I've probably had less random headaches and BS with this rucks setup than with many others I've tried over the years. It works well, relatively-speaking! :) 14:57:45
@bblack:libera.chatbblack but there are occasionally issues. I've had a few firmware updates I had to live with for a month or two that had bugs, where the APs would crash after ~1-2 weeks uptime for unknown reasons, and I'd have to powercycle them from the poe switch to get them back. 14:58:41
@bblack:libera.chatbblack and their wifi config is pretty complex, there's a lot of options you can easily get wrong that result in poor performance around the house, until you find the right magic setup of tunables. 14:59:26
@bblack:libera.chatbblackbut overall, really not bad15:00:02
@bblack:libera.chatbblackthe witch I have is Ruckus ICX 7150-C12P, and the 2x APs are (now deprecated/replaced by newer models I think) the R510 models15:01:44
@bblack:libera.chatbblack*switch :)15:01:56
@bblack:libera.chatbblack the house came with it all wired up and ready, and it wasn't worth the cost to me to rip it out and try to find my own way, so I just kept it and worked with it 15:03:34
@inflatador:libera.chatinflatadormy wifi is pretty vanilla. I used to be a small-time cable operator, still obsessed with running wires, particularly coax . One of my many unhealthy obsessions 15:03:43
@bblack:libera.chatbblackit was nice that they pre-ran wiring in the walls to all the main rooms, for ports to the ethernet switch15:04:04
@bblack:libera.chatbblack one runs that wall-switch in my office, most are unused. but we have a couple TVs that I wired up as well, so that when people are streaming TV it's not chewing up wireless capacity on those bulky streams. 15:05:00
@inflatador:libera.chatinflatadorYeah, I wish I had that...I have a weird old house with a big extension in back. Easy to run cables in the extension, not so much in the old part15:08:00
@jynus:libera.chatjynusI am going to test database backups checks in production to make sure they keep working as expected, expect icinga IRC complains soon15:30:24
@Jeff_Green:libera.chat@Jeff_Green:libera.chat left the room.22:05:05

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