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30 Jul 2021
@topranks:libera.chattopranksah great thanks :)16:04:52
@joe:libera.chatjoeone shop asked my brother-in-law 300 euros for *changing a ram bank*16:05:10
@joe:libera.chatjoein a desktop computer16:05:19
@mdipietro:libera.chatmdipietro Good day, could I get added to .users in pw? I believe I've added my key correctly following https://office.wikimedia.org/wiki/Pwstore 16:05:39
@mutante:libera.chatmutantemdipietro: PMing you about the procedure16:11:49
@joe:libera.chatjoe mdipietro: hi, and welcome! And yes, sadly that's often a bit cumbersome 16:12:01
@hashar:libera.chathasharwelcome aboard mdipietro. so vi or emacs?16:32:00
@bd808:libera.chatbd808hashar asking the serious questions in week 1 :)16:32:59
@mutante:libera.chatmutante 4 keys not found, >1 invalid, like everytime, but we'll get it fixed eventually :p 16:35:07
@mdipietro:libera.chatmdipietro hashar: that is an intense question, but I'll fess up, vi to the extent that my bashrc has "set -o vi" :p 16:39:48
@mutante:libera.chatmutantewe talked about the pwstore procedure and I pinged some with expired key etc. going afk for now16:44:31
@hashar:libera.chathasharmdipietro: :-]]]16:50:29
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31 Jul 2021
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1 Aug 2021
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