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2 Feb 2023
@dancy:libera.chatdancy There's no plan to move away from Phab. 16:06:54
@zabe:libera.chatzabeI like phab16:13:10
@inflatador:libera.chatinflatador It's no longer being updated 16:42:33
@inflatador:libera.chatinflatador https://github.com/phacility/phabricator Not sure if that's a huge deal but just FYI 16:43:21
@inflatador:libera.chatinflatadoroh cool, had not heard about Phorge16:47:54
@mutante:libera.chatmutantehttps://we.phorge.it/ :p16:48:46
@mutante:libera.chatmutantethe idea would be to replace Maniphest, the task part of Phab16:49:11
@mutante:libera.chatmutantebut not necessarily the other apps and for sure not Diffusion (repos)16:49:22
@mutante:libera.chatmutantebecause we already have gitlab and gerrit16:49:31
@mutante:libera.chatmutanteand github..16:49:40
@mutante:libera.chatmutanteand 4 different places for repos is just a bit much 16:49:48
@mutante:libera.chatmutanteso Diffusion is out.. but Maniphest is not.. and I also want to keep the pastebin16:50:13
@cdanis:libera.chatcdaniswe use the pastebin in production heh :)16:50:39
@cdanis:libera.chatcdanisdbctl diffs, for once16:50:40
@mutante:libera.chatmutanteyea, pastebin should stay and we should definitely not lose the existing pastebins. that would be very bad16:52:31
@RhinosF1:libera.chatRhinosF1mutante: upgrading phab to phorge is fairly easy16:54:08
@claime:libera.chatclaime 16:50:31 cdanis │ we use the pastebin in production < I don't know how to feel about this 16:54:17
@RhinosF1:libera.chatRhinosF1It should be as simple as a phab upgrade16:54:19
@cdanis:libera.chatcdanisclaime: https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/g/operations/puppet/+/production/modules/base/files/phaste.py installed on every machine as `phaste` :D16:55:58
@inflatador:libera.chatinflatadorThat reminds me: Italians (or anyone else with a .it domain), what is a good registrar for .it?16:56:08
@jynus:libera.chatjynusdoes someone have handy a practical example to add coverage to CI for a python project?17:35:38
@cdanis:libera.chatcdanisjynus: https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/integration/config/+/70159718:09:06
@jynus:libera.chatjynusthat part I have it, it is the tox and coverage run that I am getting a bit lost18:09:48
@jynus:libera.chatjynuslet me check that source code18:10:05
@jynus:libera.chatjynusI think I make it work, but I may have something weird in my code because some test is identified as code and not as test18:15:11
@jynus:libera.chatjynusI found the issue- on the newer nose version, a parameter has changed, but it behaves slightly differently18:52:53
@jynus:libera.chatjynusI am at 48% coverage- more than mediawiki, mayhaps? XD https://integration.wikimedia.org/ci/job/tox-docker/30158/console19:35:17
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