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16 May 2017
19:19:59@chexxor_web:matrix.orgchexxor changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
19:27:13@235744:matrix.orgphil joined the room.
19:33:13@chexxor_web:matrix.orgchexxor changed their display name from chexxor_web to chexxor.
19:34:29@chexxor_web:matrix.orgchexxorCan also connect to IRC from this client, I think.
26 Jun 2017
08:23:35@tommyangelo:matrix.orgravloony joined the room.
3 Oct 2017
12:10:24@madnight:matrix.orgmadnight joined the room.
4 Oct 2017
12:26:40@gcsolaroli:matrix.orggcsolaroli joined the room.
21:25:33@doppioslash:matrix.orgdoppioslash joined the room.
21 Oct 2017
05:21:13@thekyriarchy:matrix.org@thekyriarchy:matrix.org joined the room.
05:21:48@thekyriarchy:matrix.org@thekyriarchy:matrix.org left the room.
10 Nov 2017
10:18:06@tommyangelo:matrix.orgravloony changed their display name from tommyangelo to ravloony.
27 Mar 2018
19:43:18@7sharp9:matrix.org@7sharp9:matrix.org joined the room.
28 Mar 2018
16:37:14@7sharp9:matrix.org@7sharp9:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
31 Mar 2018
09:52:06@7sharp9:matrix.org@7sharp9:matrix.org left the room.
09:52:16@7sharp9:matrix.org@7sharp9:matrix.org left the room.

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