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6 Feb 2024
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7 Feb 2024
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8 Feb 2024
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10 Feb 2024
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11 Feb 2024
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13 Feb 2024
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14 Feb 2024
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16 Feb 2024
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20 Feb 2024
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22 Feb 2024
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23 Feb 2024
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28 Feb 2024
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29 Feb 2024
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4 Mar 2024
@overbook9910:matrix.orgoverbook9910I am trying to setup tmux with toggleterm in lunarvim, it's more of a toggleterm/fish session related question but did anyone manage to find an env variable or a simple test to check if the terminal session is a lvim toggle term one ? I don't see any env var set in that case, besides the tmux SHLVL which goes to 3 (once for the tmux session, once for lvim and once for toggle term) sadly I don't think that's enough as a test to make sure I'm in a toggleterm session. 00:03:50
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