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12 Dec 2019
20:24:50@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2 he looks across at that Millenium tower "That damn tower is ruining my view" and look "No one is even living there" - he said it's all Saudis buying up property here
20:25:27@freenode_velix:matrix.orgvelixInteresting discussion on OSM legal talk mailing list right now.
20:25:41@freenode_velix:matrix.orgvelixSomeone wants to select non free points using OSM polygons.
20:25:58@freenode_velix:matrix.orgvelixFolks in there say: the non-free points need to be released under OSM license then :D
20:26:09@freenode_velix:matrix.orgvelix I know, why I don't use OSM anymore.
20:26:40@freenode_darkblue_b:matrix.orgdarkblue_b lots of people's cities are turning into Venice .. I have long reports on it, if you like :-/
20:27:19@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2darkblue_b no it will only depress me more :(
20:27:42@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2 at least I don't have to drive 3 hrs to work every days -- how can people stand that
20:28:10@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2I mean your whole day is wasted just coming and going to work
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13 Dec 2019
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02:26:59@freenode_edmund:matrix.org@freenode_edmund:matrix.orghello, i have a strange thing with version 3 where st_intersects includes more points than it did in version 2.4
02:27:03@freenode_edmund:matrix.org@freenode_edmund:matrix.org with pts(pt) as (values ('POINT(-127 0)'), ('POINT(-125 0)'),('POINT(39 0)'), ('POINT(41 0)')),
02:27:03@freenode_edmund:matrix.org@freenode_edmund:matrix.orgpostgis.ST_Intersects(ptg, pgg) from ptsg, pgsg;
02:28:44@freenode_edmund:matrix.org@freenode_edmund:matrix.org its on geography, and iirc the definition of "inside" a geography polygon depends on whether the polygon is bigger than half the earth?
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