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11 Jan 2017
08:08:09@benjamin31:matrix.org Benjamin changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
08:17:32@benjamin31:matrix.org Benjamin set their display name to benjamin.
16 Jan 2017
19:46:04@benjamin31:matrix.org Benjamin invited @Bobodu82:matrix.org@Bobodu82:matrix.org.
27 Jan 2017
05:53:55@Bobodu82:matrix.org@Bobodu82:matrix.org joined the room.
10 Feb 2017
10:55:13@Bobodu82:matrix.org@Bobodu82:matrix.org left the room.
11:13:22@benjamin31:matrix.org Benjamin invited @149369:matrix.orgJessica.
11:13:23@149369:matrix.orgJessica joined the room.
11:26:00@benjamin31:matrix.org Benjamin invited @JessicaSARI:matrix.orgJessica Gheller.
11:27:33@JessicaSARI:matrix.orgJessica Gheller joined the room.
11:43:06@benjamin31:matrix.org Benjaminchanged room power levels.
23 Jul 2017
20:50:18@mjf4c3:matrix.org@mjf4c3:matrix.org joined the room.
20 Oct 2017
16:14:35@solas:matrix.org@solas:matrix.org joined the room.
17 Sep 2018
14:15:05@benjamin31:matrix.org Benjamin changed their display name from benjamin to Benjamin.
18 Sep 2018
08:36:33@JessicaSARI:matrix.orgJessica Gheller changed their display name from JessicaSARI to Jessica.
19 Sep 2018
15:34:41@la_loose:matrix.orgla_loose joined the room.
30 Sep 2018
08:53:32@smartin:matrix.org@smartin:matrix.org joined the room.
2 Nov 2018
09:41:03@benjamin31:matrix.org Benjamin set a profile picture.
6 Nov 2018
19:48:09@benjamin31:matrix.org Benjamin changed their display name from Benjamin to  Benjamin.
3 Dec 2018
11:49:40@JessicaSARI:matrix.orgJessica Gheller changed their display name from Jessica to Jessica Gheller.
11:55:38@JessicaSARI:matrix.orgJessica Gheller set a profile picture.
11:55:54@JessicaSARI:matrix.orgJessica Gheller changed their profile picture.
11:56:10@JessicaSARI:matrix.orgJessica Gheller changed their profile picture.
12:51:13@JessicaSARI:matrix.orgJessica Gheller changed their profile picture.
12:59:02@JessicaSARI:matrix.orgJessica Gheller changed their profile picture.

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