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Advertise/request rooms/spaces/servers here. Request rooms/etc be created or get help finding a room/etc to match your interests! Advertise your favorite room/etc! Only fediverse + matrix + discord allowed to be shared The forum version of this room is: https://lemmy.ca/c/communitypromo Bridged to https://discord.gg/XrrnsHFJVj Best matrix room search tool: https://matrixrooms.info/ Space of other rooms we're involved with: #xlabyrinthx-spaces:matrix.org Tags: promote, promotion, advertisement, share, announce, announcement37 Servers

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21 Feb 2024
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27 Feb 2024
@0x80081355:matrix.org@0x80081355:matrix.orgError: No known servers.22:11:21
28 Feb 2024
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29 Feb 2024
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3 Mar 2024
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5 Mar 2024
@lisko:matrix.orglisko Is the matrix.org public room directory now censored? 17:31:25
6 Mar 2024
In reply to @lisko:matrix.org
Is the matrix.org public room directory now censored?
Censored in what way?
@lisko:matrix.orglisko Perhaps something is brokenĀ on my end, but the public directory can no longer be published to and none of the rooms are searchableĀ  02:09:40
@lisko:matrix.orglisko When I try to publish them it appears to fail 02:09:49
7 Mar 2024
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11 Mar 2024
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14 Mar 2024
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27 Mar 2024
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5 Apr 2024
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24 Apr 2024
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26 Apr 2024
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2 May 2024
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14 May 2024
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23 May 2024
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@drfoxpup:matrix.org@drfoxpup:matrix.orgUnable to join any of your other channels, always a error 20:00:58
25 May 2024
@drfoxpup:matrix.org@drfoxpup:matrix.org set a profile picture.09:58:41
@drfoxpup:matrix.org@drfoxpup:matrix.orgHow to get invites to the other rooms?14:01:00
@lisko:matrix.orgliskoMaybe if you ask nicely14:09:34
26 May 2024
@drfoxpup:matrix.org@drfoxpup:matrix.orgI am 00:22:04
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27 May 2024
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16 Jun 2024
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