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19 Oct 2021
@_discord_211037859417686026:t2bot.ioInfu#0256 so Im cutting them slack here 19:44:00
@_discord_211037859417686026:t2bot.ioInfu#0256 by "better" I mean that simple googling of both tells me that Z80-CPU is made as 8080A successor 19:45:04
Download 08-Kirby_Triple_Deluxeff_1.bmp
@_discord_398540227796271104:t2bot.ioCavencruiser#9554 Son of a bitch 20:49:30
Download gallery01.bmp
@_discord_398540227796271104:t2bot.ioCavencruiser#9554 😩 20:49:41
@_discord_419424772351328256:t2bot.iokevtris#8534 intel called the 8080 the "i80" 22:17:57
@_discord_419424772351328256:t2bot.iokevtris#8534 so zilog made the Z80! 22:18:02
@_discord_419424772351328256:t2bot.iokevtris#8534 I always found that kinda funny. imagine if the modern day 2021 era legal system was in force in the 70's 22:18:31
@_discord_419424772351328256:t2bot.iokevtris#8534 zilog would've been shut down and put out of business 22:18:39
@_discord_419424772351328256:t2bot.iokevtris#8534 and we'd been set way back on PCs, since IBM would've shut down all the clone makers 22:19:31
@_discord_419424772351328256:t2bot.iokevtris#8534 even MOS would've been put out of business by motorola, because it was former motorola engineers that left to start it. zilog was formed by former intel engineers AFAIR. so both would've been shut down and mired in courts for a decade about trade secrets, blah blah blah 22:20:19
@_discord_419424772351328256:t2bot.iokevtris#8534 without the Z80 and 6502, computers, video games, and tons of other things would've been set back a decade or more 22:24:47
@_discord_364858838689513483:t2bot.ioTheRealJavierBlitse#0900 how far would we be set back if "illegal" clones never existed? 22:26:20
@_discord_364858838689513483:t2bot.ioTheRealJavierBlitse#0900 especially famiclones 22:27:12
@_discord_419424772351328256:t2bot.iokevtris#8534 probably not very far for those 22:27:44
@_discord_419424772351328256:t2bot.iokevtris#8534 but a lot of people in developing countries wouldn't have had video games for a long time 22:27:59
20 Oct 2021
@_discord_441410965972582401:t2bot.ioshiro#0727 changed their profile picture.00:48:52
@_discord_369657328686989314:t2bot.ioDrush#1939 AFAIK the z80 was really well engineered for its time, though 12:31:05
@_discord_705387016216510476:t2bot.iotoxa#0473 joined the room.12:32:41
@_discord_705387016216510476:t2bot.iotoxa#0473 yes, indeed. 12:32:41
@_discord_211037859417686026:t2bot.ioInfu#0256 I'm ridiculing the ad for stating the obvious, not the chip - I'm actually praising it 12:43:47
21 Oct 2021
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22 Oct 2021
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@_discord_366424515174989825:t2bot.ioalt changed their display name from alt#9586 to alt.08:50:23
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23 Oct 2021
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