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13 Jan 2024
@_discord_218985411676995584:t2bot.io.synchro Yeah, can't imagine cranking when cold is very fun either 00:35:08
@_discord_218985411676995584:t2bot.io.synchro As long as your battery is new enough, you should be okay, but cold oil is unforgiving as all heck 00:36:18
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.ioPyroman Yeah, been trying to tell people like my dad that using 0W-30 usually isn't going to cause problems, and that my owner's manual even recommends it if we get this kind of weather, but it's either cost+availability or stubbornness
The only main difference between 0W and 5W is that 0W isn't as thick when it's cold, and by extension is easier to crank
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.ioPyroman Well, some brands handle this better than others, but generally 0W is recommended for this awful weather 00:43:33
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.ioPyroman And it's not as readily available, there's lots of 0W-20, but that's NOT what I want 00:44:09
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.iolj_dude my steering wheel is squeaky and it doesn't do many hybrid things with the heat running, but otherwise mine's doing quite well 00:44:09
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.iolj_dude What car do you have? 00:44:24
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.ioPyroman 06 Pontiac Pursuit
Pretty much a Chevy Cobalt of the same model year
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.ioPyroman There's minimal differences, it was later known as the G5 00:45:37
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.iolj_dude yeah, 5w-30 normally and 0w-30 when it's really cold 00:45:45
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.iolj_dude -28c cold according to amsoil 00:46:07
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.ioPyroman GM I've noticed tends to recommend trying to get the 0W equivalent of your car's required oil if it's -29c or below 00:46:39
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.ioPyroman Of course if you're already running something like 0W-20 because of something like a turbocharger in the newer ones that doesn't really apply 00:47:42
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.iolj_dude my car can take either 0w20 or 5w20, so I'm planning on running 0 in the winter and 5 in the summer 00:48:36
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.iolj_dude but at the same time, it starts the engine with a motor strong enough to move the entire car so even 5w would likely be fine in the winter 00:49:07
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.iolj_dude * but at the same time, it starts the engine with a motor strong enough to move the entire car, so even 5w would likely be fine in the winter 00:49:22
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.ioPyroman It's really annoying to find specifically 0W-30, since that's really niche in terms of cars that officially recommend it/don't have it buried super deep in the manual, and as I said stubbornness leads people to only really get the normal 5w oils or 0W-20 00:50:43
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.iolj_dude yeah 00:51:00
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.iolj_dude slight tangent, I think toyota has an 0w8 oil now 00:51:35
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.ioPyroman Yeah, seems like they have started using it for efficiency reasons 00:52:25
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.iolj_dude yep 00:52:42
@_discord_374327967742033921:t2bot.iolj_dude I'd be rather concerned about the longetivity of such an engine, but it's probably just used tiny prius engines and such so probably not that big of a deal 00:53:23
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.ioPyroman Seems they've mainly used it in the hybrid Crown models, quite an interesting move, but we can't say much about longevity yet 00:55:00
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.ioPyroman I'm surprised at how well my engine works for being pretty old, it's mainly just been sensors that have died 00:58:33
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.ioPyroman Oxygen sensors only last so long, so that's not surprising 00:59:09
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.ioPyroman My car usually handles cranking in this kind of weather with 5W between either being ok when cold, or struggling hard depending on if my battery's pretty much just fully charged 01:04:59
@_discord_347226337338982402:t2bot.ioPyroman Only failed to start once, and that was an extremely cold day 01:06:34
@_discord_651018886661275659:t2bot.iobobbens I'm back (「・ω・)「ガオー 01:37:34
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