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26 May 2019
20:49:26@tjiho:matrix.orgTjiho joined the room.
20:50:21@tjiho:matrix.orgTjihohi everyone !
20:54:29@tjiho:matrix.orgTjiho set a profile picture.
20:55:04@tjiho:matrix.orgTjiho changed their profile picture.
20:55:20@tjiho:matrix.orgTjiho changed their display name from tjiho to Tjiho.
20:58:37@tjiho:matrix.orgTjihohow can I be helpful ? I really want to have a great alternative to Onenote.
21:01:32@tjiho:matrix.orgTjihoI never touch elixir codes but I know other functional languages, I will learn.
21:04:58@tjiho:matrix.orgTjihoI can also help for the front-end. I am good in Js ans css.
30 May 2019
13:21:57@mrus:matrix.orgmrus tjiho: first thing would probably be to try to get a local development environment running and deep dive into the existing code in order to see what's there already and how things work
8 Jun 2019
20:43:16@mooshoe:matrix.org@mooshoe:matrix.org changed their display name from jacob to jacob [is mooshoe].
19 Jun 2019
00:44:34@delvien:matrix.orgdelvien joined the room.
00:45:22@delvien:matrix.orgdelvienAnyone know of a webclipper either released or in the works for paperwork?
21 Jun 2019
17:29:56@w31x4f3:matrix.org@w31x4f3:matrix.org joined the room.
23 Jun 2019
15:54:06@mrus:matrix.orgmrus delvien: it's in the works. As of right now Paperwork is lacking of an endpoint that allows the API clients to pass a URL, so that a crawler process is being triggered in the backghround, which would download the clipped url's content (text, images) and convert it into a new note + attachments (for the images). This is a pretty sophisticated thing to do, as it requires detecting the actual content (and for example avoid ads and stuff).
15:54:49@mrus:matrix.orgmrusAs soon as this endpoint exists, building a webclipper really is like a couple of lines of code per web-browser plugin.
29 Jun 2019
10:04:40@woyaojizhu8:matrix.orglanyangyang joined the room.
14 Jul 2019
02:14:12@mooshoe:matrix.org@mooshoe:matrix.org left the room.
18 Jul 2019
14:20:35@pedro.cardoso:matrix.orgpedro.cardoso joined the room.
14:21:12@pedro.cardoso:matrix.orgpedro.cardosoAnyone know if desktop/mobile apps are being considered for paperwork?
28 Jul 2019
17:49:56@riottior:matrix.org@riottior:matrix.org joined the room.
31 Jul 2019
17:56:56@kuchimama:matrix.orgkuchimama joined the room.
6 Aug 2019
01:40:44@jjong:matrix.orgjjong joined the room.
01:42:13@jjong:matrix.orgjjongHello guys! is this an channel for development discussion? it doesn't seem to be active for a long time
7 Aug 2019
05:22:17@w31x4f3:matrix.org@w31x4f3:matrix.org left the room.
12 Aug 2019
19:04:41@stefanm83:kde.orgStefan Müller joined the room.
22 Aug 2019
14:03:25@stefanm83:kde.orgStefan Müller changed their display name from stefanm83 to Stefan Müller.
24 Aug 2019
17:50:13@unucprofev2:matrix.org@unucprofev2:matrix.org joined the room.
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7 Sep 2019
21:35:45@refai:matrix.orgRemains of the day set their display name to Remains of the day.
9 Sep 2019
09:33:00@leopol:matrix.orgOctave joined the room.

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