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22 Sep 2018
22:01:10@lishevita:matrix.orglishevitaHello all!
22:02:03@lishevita:matrix.orglishevitaWhat's the status of the project at this point? It looks like there haven't been many recent changes to the Git for the new version of Paperwork. Are you guys still a thing?
25 Sep 2018
00:01:36@ryanprior:matrix.orgryanpriorFrom what I can tell by Twitter and chat activity, there is an interested community but the core team is absent and uncommunicative.
00:02:12@ryanprior:matrix.orgryanpriorIf people step up to fork Paperwork, it could be "a thing" but in its current organization there is nothing really going on.
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26 Sep 2018
11:21:00@henzard:matrix.orghenzard joined the room.
11:21:29@henzard:matrix.orghenzardHi can I run paperwork on my windows PC to see what it looks like ?
11:21:44@henzard:matrix.orghenzardOr can someone assist me with a demo app.
27 Sep 2018
19:50:29@dnvr:matrix.orgdnvr joined the room.
9 Oct 2018
13:59:16@baedsch:matrix.orgbaedsch joined the room.
14 Oct 2018
15:57:12@dreamwhite_top:matrix.orgdreamwhite_top joined the room.
15:57:45@dreamwhite_top:matrix.orgdreamwhite_tophi, i was goin' to install paperwork with composer but it fails the installation
15:58:10@dreamwhite_top:matrix.orgdreamwhite_topit says that mcrypt extension is not enabled (i've checked many and many times and it works). what do i need to do?
15:58:42@dreamwhite_top:matrix.orgdreamwhite_top mrus:
16:28:49@mrus:matrix.orgmrusdreamwhite_top: hey there. I really don't known tbh. I'm not supporting v1 any longer, sorry.
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21 Oct 2018
06:59:54@zacyy:matrix.orgzacyy joined the room.
07:01:49@zacyy:matrix.orgzacyyhi, is anyone knows how to migrate the data to another server? deployed on the serverA, need to migrate to serverB.
25 Oct 2018
12:53:03@volen:matrix.orgvolen joined the room.
12:59:00@volen:matrix.orgvolenHi guys, does anyone know is there a plan to make an owncloud/nextcloud integration?
3 Nov 2018
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6 Nov 2018
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25 Nov 2018
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26 Nov 2018
22:46:27@christian-brm:matrix.org@christian-brm:matrix.org joined the room.
29 Nov 2018
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1 Dec 2018
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8 Dec 2018
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21:53:43@refai:matrix.org@refai:matrix.org joined the room.
21:54:12@refai:matrix.org@refai:matrix.orgjust wanted to know how to login to Paperwork

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