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31 Jan 2021
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@natrius:matrix.org@natrius:matrix.orgHey, this is something else as paperwork? 13:21:48
@natrius:matrix.org@natrius:matrix.orgThought so, thanks :)17:02:04
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9 Feb 2021
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@yerst:matrix.orgyerstanyone setup paperwork on a raspberry pi (or ARM) with docker?18:00:12
@yerst:matrix.orgyersti'm having weird issues with the klud/nginx-php container: "web_1 | nginx: [emerg] "client_max_body_size" directive invalid value in /nginx/conf/nginx.conf:17 web_1 | [09-Feb-2021 18:04:26] ALERT: [pool www] user has not been defined web_1 | [09-Feb-2021 18:04:26] ERROR: failed to post process the configuration web_1 | [09-Feb-2021 18:04:26] ERROR: FPM initialization failed"18:04:44
@yerst:matrix.orgyersti think i might be better of writing my own docker-compose file18:05:01
16 Feb 2021
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19 Feb 2021
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15 Mar 2021
In reply to @yerst:matrix.org
anyone setup paperwork on a raspberry pi (or ARM) with docker?
BTW after some tweaks it now runs like a charm
@yerst:matrix.orgyerststill it's kinda annoying that v1 is dormant and v2 doesn't seem to get stable soon will pull requests to paperwork v1 be accepted?12:40:58
@yerst:matrix.orgyerstI'd just like to upgrade some stuff12:41:04
@yerst:matrix.orgyerstnot sure it that will have a chain reaction though and working on v2 wil be better anyway in the end12:42:24
16 Mar 2021
@mrus:matrix.orgmrus yerst: work on both versions has basically ceased :/ 04:55:50
@yerst:matrix.orgyerstbut it looks so promising already :(07:48:58
@mrus:matrix.orgmrus yerst: well, but the market is pretty over-saturated with that kind of things. Check out Standard Notes for example. They're OSS and they do great work. I tried to pivot Paperwork into a different direction, but as stated before, it's quite tough to do it as a one-man-show. 19:49:42
19 Mar 2021
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9 Apr 2021
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10 Apr 2021
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@bounty780:matrix.orgBountyHow do I add SSL to the server? ;~;12:54:47
14 Apr 2021
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