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24 Sep 2019
16:55:17@mrus:matrix.orgmrusUsually not into monologs.
16:55:36@mrus:matrix.orgmrus@pedro.cardoso:matrix.org: yes, considering.
1 Oct 2019
09:12:43@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhage changed their profile picture.
09:24:27@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhage changed their profile picture.
10 Oct 2019
13:28:37@thebigj:matrix.orgthebigj joined the room.
13:28:54@thebigj:matrix.orgthebigjHi, I am trying to see how paperwork works.
13:30:32@thebigj:matrix.orgthebigjI went to http://www.demo.paperwork.cloud but it seems it is broken. It is giving cloudfront error
13:31:02@thebigj:matrix.orgthebigj I tried to launch it using Docker. I pulled the source and ran make deploy
13:31:12@thebigj:matrix.orgthebigjIt ran without any errors
13:31:59@thebigj:matrix.orgthebigjI then updated /etc/hosts file with this value localhost paperwork.local api.paperwork.local www.paperwork.local
13:32:07@thebigj:matrix.orgthebigjBut I am not able to access paperwork.
13:32:40@thebigj:matrix.orgthebigjI tried http://www.paperwork.local , http://paperwork.local http://localhost
13:33:03@thebigj:matrix.orgthebigjAll of them are un-accesible
13:33:28@thebigj:matrix.orgthebigjWhich is a best way to see, try, demo paperwork?
14:07:16@thebigj:matrix.orgthebigjAm I on right channel?
11 Oct 2019
18:50:39@mrus:matrix.orgmrus thebigj: you are. However, if you're rather inexperienced with the stack Paperwork runs on, then the current version is rather not for you. If you are, on the other hand, please investigate further and open an issue, as soon as you have any insights on what's wrong with your instance specifically. :)
20 Oct 2019
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1 Nov 2019
15:06:04@kovalbogdan:matrix.orgkovalbogdan joined the room.
15:09:22@kovalbogdan:matrix.orgkovalbogdanRedacted or Malformed Event
15:11:14@kovalbogdan:matrix.orgkovalbogdan Hello, mrus . Can you give me an hight priority task? I am not shure what issue to pick from https://github.com/paperwork/paperwork/issues
15:13:28@mrus:matrix.orgmruskovalbogdan: hey there! Depends on your preference, whether you’d like to do more like front-end or rather back-end related stuff. :)
15:14:29@mrus:matrix.orgmrusBasically attachments is still an open thing that needs improvement. I’ve began implementing it a while ago and a basic version works, but it’s rather incomplete.
15:14:49@kovalbogdan:matrix.orgkovalbogdanDoesn't metters) Just want to bring closer the release date)
15:15:13@kovalbogdan:matrix.orgkovalbogdan * Doesn't metters) Just want to bring closer the release date)
15:15:14@mrus:matrix.orgmrusAlso I’m still struggling with front-end to back-end (and vice versa) sync, if that’s something you’d be interested in
15:16:52@kovalbogdan:matrix.orgkovalbogdanOk. I'll pick the issue with attachments and review this sync issue. Thanks.
15:17:45@mrus:matrix.orgmrusCool... just ping me if you want to pair up on stuff.
6 Nov 2019
15:48:05@dzxc:matrix.orgdzxc joined the room.
21 Nov 2019
05:41:27@ld50:matrix.orgLev joined the room.

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