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20 Jun 2024
@daedric:aguiarvieira.ptRicardo DuarteWhat is Maulement ?11:09:49
@ptman:kapsi.fiPaulmaunium/tulir for of element web?11:10:13
@ptman:kapsi.fiPaul* maunium/tulir fork of element web?11:10:23
@daedric:aguiarvieira.ptRicardo Duarte
In reply to @ptman:kapsi.fi
maunium/tulir fork of element web?
Link ?
@morguldir:sulian.eumorguldirACL summaries, free-form reactions, msc2285, unlimited replies/reactions/etc, shared rooms, no twemoji, per room hidden events11:12:13
@cat:feline.supportCat Is 2285 the redacted view MSC 11:22:54
In reply to @cat:feline.support
Is 2285 the redacted view MSC
@morguldir:sulian.eumorguldir * ACL summaries, free-form reactions, msc2815, unlimited replies/reactions/etc, shared rooms, no twemoji, per room hidden events11:27:23
@tulir:maunium.nettulir2815, almost the same number11:27:27
@ptman:kapsi.fiPaul * https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-spec-proposals/pull/2815 11:27:52
@morguldir:sulian.eumorguldirso close 🤭11:28:00
@kim:sosnowkadub.deHarHarLinksnot even nheko supports (displaying) it properly!11:49:28
@kim:sosnowkadub.deHarHarLinkswell, it's unsupported!11:53:13
Download clipboard.png
@deepbluev7:neko.devNicoThat looks like proper support to me11:53:36
@kim:sosnowkadub.deHarHarLinksit says unsupported! i didn't say unreasonable11:55:45
@deepbluev7:neko.devNicoBut it does support displaying it properly by displaying it as unsupported (for rendering in the timeline)11:56:27
@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewTWIM: The EU council has withdrawn the vote on Chat Control, due to not having enough governments willing/able to gather to vote on it: https://stackdiary.com/eu-council-has-withdrawn-the-vote-on-chat-control/. Hopefully some of the severe pushback also has helped stave it off again (but it will likely resurface as a risk again in future)12:48:34
@this-week-in:matrix.orgTWIM✅ Thanks for the report Matthew, I'll store your update!12:48:36
@kim:sosnowkadub.deHarHarLinksAwesome, thanks for sharing, Matthew! This is the kind of thing I hoped for/was missing when asking at the start of the week :)13:02:46
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@farooqkz:mozilla.orgFarooq [MR. Potato] changed their display name from Farooq [Potato] to Farooq [MR. Potato].14:18:26
@jae:777.tfJae “awa” J4 (It/Its) 🥓 changed their profile picture.15:15:22


Matrix Federation Stats

collected by MatrixRooms.info - an MRS instance by etke.cc

As of today, 9677 Matrix federateable servers have been discovered by matrixrooms.info, 2969 (30.7%) of them are publishing their rooms directory over federation.
The published directories contain 161004 rooms.

Stats timeline is available on MatrixRooms.info/stats

How to add your server | How to remove your server

@this-week-in:matrix.orgTWIM✅ Thanks for the report Aine, I'll store your update!17:52:26



Circles is a secure social network for families and friends, built on Matrix for E2E encryption and the freedom for anyone to run their own server.

This week we released Circles iOS v1.0.5 in the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Silicon Mac. This brings the iOS app up to speed with changes released last week in Circles Android v1.0.31, including:

  • Hide the Photos tab by default, in preparation for it being removed in a future release
  • Remove the notion of "connections" or "connecting" in order to focus on the core "following" relationship similar to FB/Twitter/X/etc
  • Add support for dehydrated devices (MSC3814) to improve reliability of E2E encryption especially for users who log out or lose their device

Source code and a detailed changelog for this release are available in the FUTO Gitlab.

To learn more about the project, visit circles.futo.org or chat with us in #circles:futo.org .

@this-week-in:matrix.orgTWIM✅ Thanks for the report cvwright, I'll store your update!18:41:36

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