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11 Jul 2020
@telegram_126489915:t2bot.ioElenaWho would be down for a game?15:37:13
@telegram_126489915:t2bot.ioElenaI am afraid that might be too late for me as I have a dinner planned already18:38:22
@telegram_33937962:t2bot.ioPfeffanOk. Buon Viaggio and see you in September šŸ‘‹20:26:34
14 Jul 2020
@natalie:tchncs.denatalie 06:46:25
@gregsn:matrix.orggregsnhm. those telegram messages just dropped in today11:21:43
@pfeffan:matrix.orgpfeffan Hmm sometimes i posted in riot because riot->telegram works immediately. But riot-->riot also did work for me.. 11:27:17
@telegram_479756073:t2bot.ioStef Tervelde:(11:24:18
@pfeffan:matrix.orgpfeffanI guess we have to live with that setup or we lose more players11:27:47
18 Jul 2020
@gregsn:matrix.orggregsncan you send me an invite to the telegram chat please?21:10:01
@telegram_22674536:t2bot.ioSebastian Gregor changed their display name from Sebastian Gregor (Telegram) to Sebastian Gregor.22:03:14
19 Jul 2020
@pfeffan:matrix.orgpfeffanI assume the rain falls down directly when there is gaming time12:38:05
@telegram_22674536:t2bot.ioSebastian GregorWho would be in for a game today?12:29:37
@pfeffan:matrix.orgpfeffanThe weather forecast has shifted the rainfall now.16:24:47
@telegram_22674536:t2bot.ioSebastian GregorOh okay..14:32:01
@gregsn:matrix.orggregsnamateurs :P16:32:52
25 Jul 2020
@carla:synod.imcarla joined the room.09:05:10
@pfeffan:matrix.orgpfeffanHow are the bets concerning the weather aka beachvolley tomorrow? Should we dare and are there sufficient players for making the reservation?14:43:50
@pfeffan:matrix.orgpfeffanwetter.de says 30% which means it does not rain usually..14:52:29
@telegram_479756073:t2bot.ioStef Terveldeimage.jpeg
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@pfeffan:matrix.orgpfeffanStef. Gregsn, david (maybe +1), pfeffan. More?15:49:45
@telegram_479756073:t2bot.ioStef TerveldeIā€™m up for it14:46:05
@reece457:matrix.orgreece457 joined the room.17:03:01
@telegram_22674536:t2bot.ioSebastian GregorI would be in. But looks a bit rainy14:51:18
@pfeffan:matrix.orgpfeffanRented. 17h17:18:48
@telegram_479756073:t2bot.ioStef TerveldeMaybe +1/2 for me15:50:11
27 Jul 2020
@ramona:matrix.allmende.ioramona 20:28:58
26 Jul 2020
@pfeffan:matrix.orgpfeffanok. i've canceled it. it just makes no sense...13:20:25
@pfeffan:matrix.orgpfeffansee you next week13:21:06

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