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30 Jul 2020
@alonso:asra.gralonso 23:15:30
31 Jul 2020
@pfeffan:matrix.orgpfeffanHaha. This Sunday(02.08) seems rainy again..14:40:09
@telegram_22674536:t2bot.ioSebastian GregorThanks Obama15:16:31
@telegram_479756073:t2bot.ioStef TerveldeIs tomorrow an option?16:49:42
@telegram_22674536:t2bot.ioSebastian GregorI would like to18:02:46
@pfeffan:matrix.orgpfeffani cant book for tomorrow and would have to go at 521:21:58
@pfeffan:matrix.orgpfeffansorry i meant: would have to leave at 17h21:24:42
@gregsn:matrix.orggregsnOk Sunday then 21:25:54
1 Aug 2020
@pyrrho_von_matrix:matrix.orgpyrrho_von_matrix joined the room.05:25:35
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2 Aug 2020
@clement:hackerspaces.beclement 21:43:55
@emma:halogen.cityemma joined the room.10:17:30
3 Aug 2020
@evo:hispagatos.orgevo 09:26:51
@pedro:perthchat.orgpedro 12:08:27
@erich:matrix.kiwifarms.neterich 20:25:04
7 Aug 2020
@meyer:poddery.commeyer joined the room.09:41:14
@joachim:riotchat.dejoachim 10:19:19
@meyer:poddery.commeyer 11:03:53
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8 Aug 2020
@pfeffan:matrix.orgpfeffanWhos in tomorrow? At 6 o clock this time maybe?13:49:37
@telegram_22674536:t2bot.ioSebastian GregorMe14:37:44
@telegram_22674536:t2bot.ioSebastian GregorWho would NOT be in?17:53:52
@telegram_22674536:t2bot.ioSebastian GregorBaam. 3!18:16:46
@telegram_22674536:t2bot.ioSebastian GregorJust one more to go boys & girls18:17:04
@telegram_22674536:t2bot.ioSebastian GregorThis could be YOU !18:18:06
9 Aug 2020
@telegram_22674536:t2bot.ioSebastian GregorSo I guess we have to cancel, right?13:52:03
@pfeffan:matrix.orgpfeffanwe have to book not. this already happened.16:38:53
10 Aug 2020
@oliver:privacytools.iooliver 20:11:16
@umweltsau:fairydust.spaceumweltsau joined the room.21:04:00

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