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22 Jan 2024
@telegram_805686658:tchncs.deSanjith Ramachandran (Telegram)I'm badly in need of friends who are familiar with linux10:26:22
@bh-e:matrix.orgbheIts been a while since ilug cochin had a meet up. I guess we can organize one.10:31:21
@telegram_805686658:tchncs.deSanjith Ramachandran (Telegram)Sure, tell me how I can contribute10:32:09
@bh-e:matrix.orgbhe Sanjith Ramachandran Warrier (Telegram). We need a space. 10:35:16
@telegram_243330990:tchncs.deMujeeb IBComputing (Telegram) @subins2000 10:38:45
@telegram_805686658:tchncs.deSanjith Ramachandran (Telegram)How much space10:41:23
@bh-e:matrix.orgbhe Sanjith Ramachandran Warrier (Telegram), In the past some of the members here had meetings at Marine drive. That wasn't pretty good as crowds and pushy sales people. 10:45:17
@bh-e:matrix.orgbheI meant place wasn't good.10:46:22
In reply to @telegram_805686658:tchncs.de
How much space
a place enough to sit 5-8 people. Probably.
@telegram_656408935:tchncs.deKarthik (Telegram) Things I learned when I release a software https://youtu.be/rVl2EJFX6ls 11:23:29
@telegram_656408935:tchncs.deKarthik (Telegram) * Things I learned when I released a software https://youtu.be/rVl2EJFX6ls 11:24:12
25 Jan 2024
@telegram_6432789440:tchncs.deWa Yao (Telegram) joined the room.11:38:12
@telegram_173307602:tchncs.de/bin/su (Telegram)
In reply to Sanjith Ramachandran Warrier (Telegram)
Hi there 👋 when is the next meetup??
@FOSSUnitedKochi does meetup every month, next one is on February 24
@telegram_6432789440:tchncs.deWa Yao (Telegram)Redacted or Malformed Event11:39:26
29 Jan 2024
@telegram_6926041373:tchncs.deShelia D. Kirk (Telegram) joined the room.14:59:53
7 Feb 2024
@telegram_782493788:tchncs.deSabu Siyad (Telegram) changed their profile picture.09:52:49
@telegram_173307602:tchncs.de/bin/su (Telegram)image.jpeg
Download image.jpeg
@telegram_173307602:tchncs.de/bin/su (Telegram) Forwarded message from channel Kerala FOSS Communities
We’re hosting a Ruby meetup in Kochi after a LOOOONG while this Saturday! Join @keralarb Telegram group for updates!
@bh-e:matrix.orgbheGreat !!10:35:33
@praveen:poddery.comPraveen /bin/su (Telegram) can anyone try to implment it https://github.com/rubygems/rubygems/issues/6705 ? can you share this in the meetup? 10:56:58
@telegram_173307602:tchncs.de/bin/su (Telegram)Praveen: sure11:00:07
@telegram_972571941:tchncs.deBijoy Sijo (Telegram) joined the room.11:08:40
9 Feb 2024
@telegram_5906928590:tchncs.dePooja (Telegram) joined the room.15:32:23
@telegram_5906928590:tchncs.dePooja (Telegram)Hi15:32:26
@slimmilan:matrix.orgdeadman changed their profile picture.15:43:38
@telegram_805686658:tchncs.deSanjith Ramachandran (Telegram)Hi15:54:57
@telegram_805686658:tchncs.deSanjith Ramachandran (Telegram) changed their display name from Sanjith Ramachandran Warrier (Telegram) to Sanjith Ramachandran (Telegram).15:54:57
2 Mar 2024
@telegram_6926041373:tchncs.deShelia D. Kirk (Telegram) Forwarded message from Testimony
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