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19 Sep 2019
20:53:58@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U8YTW7A6L:matrix.orgNooka oh damn
20:55:32@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U1P0PATPH:matrix.orgkkarensk it was my go-to when i had to drive in for meetings for like a year hahahaha
21:24:05@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U5DKF2MFH:matrix.orgasandoval changed their profile picture.
21:24:06@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U5DKF2MFH:matrix.orgasandoval Is there anyone with experience reviewing portfolios who might be interested in joining a future IGDA panel? DM me if so!
23:08:29@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U8YTW7A6L:matrix.orgNooka well folks searching for parking has certainly been an adventure so far
23:29:41@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U293R2J07:matrix.orgequinoxfract changed their profile picture.
23:29:42@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U293R2J07:matrix.orgequinoxfract FWIW the bourse garage works
23:30:51@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U293R2J07:matrix.orgequinoxfract They upped the price to $10 a year or two ago though.
23:31:22@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U293R2J07:matrix.orgequinoxfract (It’s the one on 4th street)
23:36:07@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U8YTW7A6L:matrix.orgNooka Yeah I eventually managed to park there but I drove past it 3x
20 Sep 2019
14:11:03@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U8F59TSP6:matrix.orgkylemagocs INDIE SUBMISSIONS FOR MAGFEST ARE ONLY OPEN FOR TWO MORE DAYS If that’s a thing you’re interested in, get to it
14:11:39@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U03DA48RF:matrix.orgsteve_pettit changed their profile picture.
14:11:39@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U03DA48RF:matrix.orgsteve_pettit yeah come hang out at the video games anime rave
15:49:18@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U6JTKGVQE:matrix.orglooksharpe changed their profile picture.
15:49:18@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U6JTKGVQE:matrix.orglooksharpe Hey y'all! Got a favor to ask. Finally getting pretty close to launching Sole now, so we're actually getting serious about managing our Steam page. If you've got a spare second, could y'all please wishlist us + add on to our user tags? https://store.steampowered.com/app/696280/Sole/ Currently watching stats to see what impact we'll have with the new algorithm changes.
15:49:22@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U6JTKGVQE:matrix.orglooksharpe changed their profile picture.
15:53:29@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U5V33PANR:matrix.orgrachelsima changed their profile picture.
15:53:30@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U5V33PANR:matrix.orgrachelsima Exciting stuff!
15:55:49@_slack_phillygamemechanics_UEPP97WPR:matrix.orgBrian Baldwin joined the room.
16:09:10@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U1RAZD0R2:matrix.orgjason changed their profile picture.
16:31:17@_slack_phillygamemechanics_UDVHJ5ZUZ:matrix.orgScott joined the room.
17:39:31@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U67BVRMV4:matrix.orgjecreane changed their profile picture.
17:49:22@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U9E02UKKJ:matrix.orgPhil Simmons changed their profile picture.
17:49:23@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U9E02UKKJ:matrix.orgPhil Simmons looksharpe What does add on to our user tags mean? Edit: nvm: didn’t realize that tags on Steam were user generated
17:49:57@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U9E02UKKJ:matrix.orgPhil Simmons (edited) ... tags mean? => ... tags mean? Edit: nvm: didn’t realize that tags on Steam were user generated
17:50:46@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U9E02UKKJ:matrix.orgPhil Simmons So pumped
18:25:03@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U03CXPEK8:matrix.orgkotarofujita changed their profile picture.
20:09:25@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U6JTKGVQE:matrix.orglooksharpe Thanks y'all! Phil Simmons Yeah, they're supposed to help get us on other game pages with similar tags. Not sure who added "masterpiece" but we're very here for it 😛
21 Sep 2019
23:34:51@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U03CTND6W:matrix.orgshawnpierre changed their profile picture.
22 Sep 2019
15:21:05@_slack_phillygamemechanics_UCU0U2K63:matrix.orgAlex Higgins changed their profile picture.

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