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20 Sep 2019
17:49:22@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U9E02UKKJ:matrix.orgPhil Simmons changed their profile picture.
17:49:23@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U9E02UKKJ:matrix.orgPhil Simmons looksharpe What does add on to our user tags mean? Edit: nvm: didn’t realize that tags on Steam were user generated
17:49:57@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U9E02UKKJ:matrix.orgPhil Simmons (edited) ... tags mean? => ... tags mean? Edit: nvm: didn’t realize that tags on Steam were user generated
17:50:46@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U9E02UKKJ:matrix.orgPhil Simmons So pumped
18:25:03@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U03CXPEK8:matrix.orgkotarofujita changed their profile picture.
20:09:25@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U6JTKGVQE:matrix.orglooksharpe Thanks y'all! Phil Simmons Yeah, they're supposed to help get us on other game pages with similar tags. Not sure who added "masterpiece" but we're very here for it 😛
21 Sep 2019
23:34:51@_slack_phillygamemechanics_U03CTND6W:matrix.orgshawnpierre changed their profile picture.
22 Sep 2019
15:21:05@_slack_phillygamemechanics_UCU0U2K63:matrix.orgAlex Higgins changed their profile picture.
15 Dec 2019
20:29:36@raju:diasp.inraju joined the room.
16 Dec 2019
06:11:54@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex Gleason changed their profile picture.
18 Dec 2019
23:09:04@julian:chat.weho.stjulian joined the room.
25 Dec 2019
16:43:33@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex Gleason changed their display name from Alex to Alex Gleason.
16:44:28@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex Gleason changed their profile picture.
20:03:14@albert:matrix.kiwifarms.netalbert joined the room.
20:32:02@otto:feneas.orgotto joined the room.
26 Dec 2019
17:47:23@marian:openintents.modular.immarian joined the room.
27 Dec 2019
20:01:37@carla:tchncs.decarla joined the room.
31 Dec 2019
01:01:37@christine:nerdsin.spacechristine joined the room.
1 Jan 2020
23:24:53@markus:tomesh.netmarkus joined the room.
4 Jan 2020
22:40:49@scott:perthchat.orgscott joined the room.
7 Jan 2020
11:12:53@mischa:ru-matrix.orgmischa joined the room.
8 Jan 2020
00:03:41@norman:utwente.io@norman:utwente.io joined the room.
9 Jan 2020
01:14:38@ronald:riotchat.deronald joined the room.
17 Jan 2020
23:05:28@adrian:junta.pladrian joined the room.
26 Jan 2020
21:16:07@danshumway:matrix.orgdanshumway changed their profile picture.
28 Jan 2020
23:03:41@ophalia:hackerspaces.beophalia joined the room.
5 Feb 2020
14:21:39@norman:utwente.io@norman:utwente.io left the room.
7 Feb 2020
21:23:13@raphael:cybre.spaceraphael joined the room.
1 Apr 2020
19:59:26@r0t0r:matrix.orgr0t0r joined the room.
20:00:17@r0t0r:matrix.orgr0t0rIt's sect ?

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