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27 Feb 2021
@cletusthefetus:matrix.orgWho else but Cletus? :DYes16:00:52
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenchanged room power levels.16:01:34
@cletusthefetus:matrix.orgWho else but Cletus? :D changed the room name to "bicycle helmet today" from "chicken today".16:02:30
Room Avatar Renderer.16:02:30
@cletusthefetus:matrix.orgWho else but Cletus? :D changed the room topic to "drive safe 👍" from "Come on! Get amped! 👍".16:02:31
@dell_employee:nerdsin.spaceDr. Dell (banana)i think we should vote cletus out 16:02:59
@cletusthefetus:matrix.orgWho else but Cletus? :DDell accusing me for no reason16:03:11
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSeveni think we should 16:03:14
@cletusthefetus:matrix.orgWho else but Cletus? :DDell and Seven sus16:03:22
@anel_lena2.0:nerdsin.spaceLenaCletus acting kind of sussy16:03:23
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSeveni saw him vent 16:03:24
@dell_employee:nerdsin.spaceDr. Dell (banana)there is a very valid reason cletus.16:03:27
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenvery sus16:03:29
@dell_employee:nerdsin.spaceDr. Dell (banana)it's called antisemitism. and you're sus.16:03:34
@dell_employee:nerdsin.spaceDr. Dell (banana)this is for the 6 million.16:03:37
@anel_lena2.0:nerdsin.spaceLenano more trolls.16:03:47
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSeventhink of it as an honor cletus 16:03:48
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenyour death is honoring the 6 million16:04:01
@anel_lena2.0:nerdsin.spaceLenaomg 🤯16:04:01
@dell_employee:nerdsin.spaceDr. Dell (banana)voting cletus out 16:04:40
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenvoted for cletus 16:05:17
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevenhe is just too sus to stay in16:05:21
@dell_employee:nerdsin.spaceDr. Dell (banana)this is no place for sussy looking people 16:05:34
@cletusthefetus:matrix.orgWho else but Cletus? :Dlittle did you know we're playing with extra roles mod and I'm joker 16:07:46
@anel_lena2.0:nerdsin.spaceLenawe live in a SUSciety16:11:56
@seven:nerdsin.spaceSevencletus is always sus in this susciety 16:12:40
@cletusthefetus:matrix.orgWho else but Cletus? :DSmiling in the face of society.jpg
Download Smiling in the face of society.jpg
@schizofren:nerdsin.spacejuxer was yoker all along 🙀 changed their display name from massive fucking faggot to juxer was yoker all along 🙀.18:21:30
@schizofren:nerdsin.spacejuxer was yoker all along 🙀 changed their profile picture.18:22:07

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