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25 Mar 2017
@suman:matrix.orgsumanThe login part sddm is still there I guess14:25:34
@suman:matrix.orgsumanAnyone uses oh-my-zsh here I came across it and installed it14:26:14
@suman:matrix.orgsuman It's good but when I tried to change its theme by going /.Zshrc it gives me an error like no file or directory 14:28:14
@suman:matrix.orgsuman I thing my CD is wrong but don't know where to CD into 14:28:33
@suman:matrix.orgsuman set a profile picture.14:31:22
@suman:matrix.orgsuman set their display name to suman.14:31:31
27 Mar 2017
@Afterlith:matrix.orgSovereignBleak joined the room.18:05:29
@Afterlith:matrix.orgSovereignBleakI recently made the switch from Arch to Manjaro and I’m having massive issues with the Nvidia drivers I never did with Arch. Using primusrun freezes UI window management. I have to switch to another TTY to bail out and reboot.18:07:37
@Afterlith:matrix.orgSovereignBleak There’s no nvidia-dkms package. I only have the choice to use Manjaro's kernel specific package. It seems like a lot of work has been done to split kernel and driver packages into Manjaro's own homebrewed solution that has introduced bugs. 18:09:48
@suman:matrix.orgsuman Nvidia doesn't cooperate well with Linux like amd does 18:10:57
@Afterlith:matrix.orgSovereignBleakMy friend who switched to Linux installed Manjaro on my suggestion and had a different issue but again stemming from the Nvidia Optimus stack.18:11:06
@Afterlith:matrix.orgSovereignBleak I know it’s closed source and sucks but why I am having issues that don’t exist in Arch's own packages? 18:11:52
@suman:matrix.orgsumanYeah I agree to that I too faced a similar issue suggested to a friend and he had Nvidia stuck with manajro live USB18:12:04
@suman:matrix.orgsuman As a newbie I didn't know much to do so he went back to windows 😶😂 18:12:40
@Afterlith:matrix.orgSovereignBleaksuman: Damn he couldn’t be persuaded to try another distro before jumping ship?18:13:28
@suman:matrix.orgsuman He's basically a windows developer and I persuaded him hard on trying manajro 18:14:26
@suman:matrix.orgsumanWhen I saw the issue with manajro my persuasion powers were over 😂18:15:03
@suman:matrix.orgsumanBut will try or give him a distro18:15:40
@suman:matrix.orgsumanAs with a startup program in my country we have all the windows os for free18:16:18
@suman:matrix.orgsumanLike every windows pdts for free18:16:32
@suman:matrix.orgsumanStill I made the transition to Linux and ditched windows18:17:10
@suman:matrix.orgsumanOnly using Windows for games miss the titles18:18:08
@Afterlith:matrix.orgSovereignBleak left the room.18:20:23
@kodo:tyler.catkodo 🌍 joined the room.22:30:24
@kodo:tyler.catkodo 🌍Is this bridged to irc or is it a stand-alone room?22:30:37
@kodo:tyler.catkodo 🌍looks like everyone here is native matrix. nice22:31:01
@kodo:tyler.catkodo 🌍pacuar -S riot-desktop am-i-rite?22:31:10
@kodo:tyler.catkodo 🌍pacaur*22:31:25

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