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27 Mar 2023
@elizeu_therion:matrix.orgFausto changed their display name from elizeu_therion to Fausto.22:08:03

So I'm looking at Libre Office Calc and scratching my head at it's BASIC functions. I want to basically run a script (not yet made) based on a cell click... but... well lets just say it's unintuitive. In excel (and I have to use excel at work) I could record a macro to get started. Something along the lines of

Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
    ' Do Stuff

However just getting to something that might allow me to do that is a small nightmare. Does anyone know how I might use Python to mess with my Libre documents?

@tsenmyata:envs.nettsenmyataMy python is none existent, but it looks like I'm going to have to learn.22:13:18
@elizeu_therion:matrix.orgFausto changed their profile picture.22:41:12
@tsenmyata:envs.nettsenmyataWell I learned how to record a macro, as much help as it gives me XD22:41:07
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@tsenmyata:envs.nettsenmyataI'm taking this to LibreOffice, (which is probably, vastly more appropriate, sorry!)23:06:25
28 Mar 2023
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