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11 Aug 2020
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12 Aug 2020
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@justanotherriotxuser:matrix.orgjustanotherriotxuserYo I just used timeshift to backup my files to a hard drive, but I realized I had some files on there already. But now I can't access said files. I thought it would backup to a folder inside the hard drive.05:22:14
@justanotherriotxuser:matrix.orgjustanotherriotxuserAs far as I know it isn't formated since It has the same amount of free space available05:22:43
@justanotherriotxuser:matrix.orgjustanotherriotxuserDo I have to mount it again?05:25:46
@justanotherriotxuser:matrix.orgjustanotherriotxuserDang, I might have broke the partition05:45:38
@justanotherriotxuser:matrix.orgjustanotherriotxuserUsing Gpart and seeing if I can fix the partition. God I'm stupid.05:45:54
@justanotherriotxuser:matrix.orgjustanotherriotxuserBy fix I mean look for files :/05:49:28
@beaumaris:matrix.orgthe best way to learn is doing something that fails in an impressive way05:49:47
@justanotherriotxuser:matrix.orgjustanotherriotxuserYeah, I actually just switched backed to Linux, since Ubunutu broke and then I used my Windows 10 Laptop for the longest time, mainly for school last semester.05:52:10
@justanotherriotxuser:matrix.orgjustanotherriotxuserI didn't have anything too important on there I think. Just a lot of stuff. 700GB out of a terabyte, lol05:52:46
@justanotherriotxuser:matrix.orgjustanotherriotxuserMainly memes, and youtube-dl backups of channels (that are still up)05:53:26
@justanotherriotxuser:matrix.orgjustanotherriotxuserIs was a mighty collection :p05:53:39
@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostthings like that are why ive always manually copied files to back them up06:14:58
@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostcause you dont know when youre going to make a mistake or when software is and lose your things06:15:18
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@beaumaris:matrix.org^ great advice, i have had things like the hard drive just fail 07:21:06

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