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7 Jun 2020
In reply to @yareyaredaze:matrix.org
Problems with Manjaro gaming hello, i'm using manjaro gnome, and i'm trying to run a steam game (csgo) on my laptop with an intel gpu and cpu and 4gb of ram (intel pentium 2. 30gz), as csgo is natively supported for linux and also when I saw chris titus tech's video about which are the distros that people use for gaming, I thought that csgo would run the same or similar to windows, but I was wrong, csgo in windows 10 run with about 30 or 40 fps, the truth quite playable, but in manjaro I tried to start a game with bots, and oh, the game froze completely, it was like that for about 25 or 30 min and then the game crashed, my question is, why am I getting so low on performance, is it because of the drivers, or because I'm using gnome, or is it because I'm using a distribution that's not based on ubuntu? , don't get me wrong, i love manjaro, but i don't understand why i lower the performance so much, thanks in advance =)
Be sure to install the graphics drivers, and test that they do work. You should check the doc for that. Test the output of glxinfo (you may need to install mesa-demos for that).
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ive always used it with the dash at the end (not knowing what it means at all 😱)
In case you still wonder, the dash means "read from standard input"
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