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15 Dec 2018
17:56:36@apesbrain:matrix.orgapesbrainhow would Budgie compare to Cinnamon? and Mate possibleI the goal is to have: ease of use for beginners, stability, enough of customization (not like Gnome3) for panels, shortcuts, widgets, shortcuts and such.I have used only Cinnamon of those 3, and now have read that Budgie is somewhat similar
18:00:54@geekz01:matrix.orggeekz01 Ahh warzone2100 keeps freezing
18:01:18@geekz01:matrix.orggeekz01Using i3 and open source intel graphics
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17 Dec 2018
13:12:23@lostray:matrix.orglostray joined the room.
13:12:35@lostray:matrix.orglostrayhi there
13:17:17@lostray:matrix.orglostray I have PC on AMD FX-4350. when I use kernel 4.19 my PC freezes, but with kernel 4.14 it's ok. also I have PC with Intel i5 and it don't freezes with kernel 4.19.
13:27:18@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostkinda beyond me, have you searched manjaro forums to see if anyone else has that same problem?
13:27:57@lostray:matrix.orglostrayIs this a known error?
13:28:01@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostif you dont find anything else i think you should make a post on the forum, many more eyes can see it over a longer time and be able to try and answer
18 Dec 2018
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15:08:14@strit:matrix.orgStritAny of you guys using Emby/jellyfin?
15:17:11@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostnever heard of them myself
15:19:28@strit:matrix.orgStritIts services like Plex. Emby just recently closed Up its core, which is why Jellyfin came to be, as a fork of Emby.
15:21:48@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghosthaha i dont even know what plex is
15:29:39@strit:matrix.orgStritAh okay. Media streaming. Think Kodi but with a transcoder built in to the server part.
22:15:14@CaffeinatedTech:matrix.orgCaffeinatedTechOh Jellyfin you say? I've been looking for a current media player for my various android TV boxes. Kodi doesn't get updates, SPMC isn't developed anymore, I don't like the plex interface.
22:20:12@CaffeinatedTech:matrix.orgCaffeinatedTechGuess I still need to find a suitable player for it.
22:26:10@strit:matrix.orgStritThe emby clients work for jellyfin. At least so far.
22:30:44@apesbrain:matrix.orgapesbraindo someone installs manjaro for computer-newbie of granda-level? and hopes it will work without issues; maybe even sets up auto-upgrades
22:34:43@CaffeinatedTech:matrix.orgCaffeinatedTechYou mean set it up for someone else like a parent?
22:37:10@CaffeinatedTech:matrix.orgCaffeinatedTechI think you'd need to teach them how to do the updates, or remote in and do it for them. I'd want some sort of remote support software on there so you aren't driving overe there all the time.
22:46:42@apesbrain:matrix.orgapesbraintotally agree on the need of remote maintenance, but the replacement for teamviewer is tough to find and set up
22:47:51@apesbrain:matrix.orgapesbrainI mean I'm in a search of something: foss, easy to setup and use, working in most linux DE's
22:55:22@strit:matrix.orgStritSsh is the best for it.
23:08:33@CaffeinatedTech:matrix.orgCaffeinatedTechWell I've got a jellyfin docker running. I'll see if I can connect to it from my android TV box.

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