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20 Feb 2019
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17:35:26@austcool:matrix.orgaustcoolRedacted or Malformed Event
17:38:15@austcool:matrix.orgaustcoolRedacted or Malformed Event
17:38:55@austcool:matrix.orgaustcool@strit:matrix.org t:matrix.org tell Phil Mueller thanks for the Plymouth package in the Manjaro official mirrors it works on the MacBook and my desktop properly
17:40:45@austcool:matrix.orgaustcoolAlso context of the discord convo was mostly about well respin of Manjaro called macjaro and my profile pic on the manjaro forums is a dead finder
17:41:38@austcool:matrix.orgaustcool I'm the person you got the PKGBUILD for Arch Linux hardened kernel
18:10:03@strit:matrix.orgStritAh okay. I remember you.
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22:11:43@austcool:matrix.orgaustcoolyaru-2019-02-20 17-10-49.png
yaru-2019-02-20 17-10-49.png
22:13:09@austcool:matrix.orgaustcoolmanjaro-with-ubunu-dock--badge-icons-2019-02-20 17-12-15.png
manjaro-with-ubunu-dock--badge-icons-2019-02-20 17-12-15.png
22:13:48@austcool:matrix.orgaustcoolfigured out the badge icon part it is invoked though dbus and the shell session in gnome :)
22:15:50@austcool:matrix.orgaustcoolguess part one of the issue on manjaro forums is solved
22:16:05@austcool:matrix.orgaustcoolpart to the progress bars is yet to be figured out
22:17:25@deckardstp:matrix.n3xus.onedeckardstpHave any of you guys done a migration of a LUKS encrypted drive to a new and bigger one?
22:17:56@deckardstp:matrix.n3xus.onedeckardstpI found some hints on the net but I am still a bit unsure.
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21 Feb 2019
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01:57:58@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostgparted can extend LUKS partitions, if thats what youre asking
01:58:39@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostif you mean your entire drive is full LUKS encrypted and you need to move your stuff to a bigger one, you can just mount it and copy everything over
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