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8 May 2019
18:11:02@ma1uta:ru-matrix.orgma1uta https://www.tomitribe.com/blog/jakarta-ee-a-new-hope/ Oracle kills JavaEE, but JakartaEE will be live.
18:11:04@ma1uta:ru-matrix.orgma1utahttps://www.tomitribe.com/blog/jakarta-ee-a-new-hope/ Oracle kills JavaEE, but JakartaEE will be live.
18:13:21@ma1uta:ru-matrix.orgma1utaThere is an one feature of the Jeon is a J2ee compatible. It is will be possible to run JeonServer as standalone app, as a web application within tomcat/jetty or full j2ee server (wildfly, websphere, ...).
18:15:01@ma1uta:ru-matrix.orgma1uta But I don't see any reason to support legacy specification j2ee. There two ways: migrate to jakarta or migrate for example to kotlin based stack (kotlin+ktor+koin+exposed).
18:15:19@ma1uta:ru-matrix.orgma1uta*There are
18:21:02@ma1uta:ru-matrix.orgma1uta Also I started to write JeonServer.
I described most common persistent entities: events, dag, rooms, users, filters, federated pdus.
13 May 2019
11:32:02@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa hey ma1uta, for someone not aware of the J2EE world, what does this mean for JeonServer?
11:33:16@benpa:matrix.orgbenpaand I'm looking at https://github.com/ma1uta/jeonserver - but what is the status? is there something we could run to get the function of a server?
14 May 2019
In reply to @benpa:matrix.org
hey ma1uta, for someone not aware of the J2EE world, what does this mean for JeonServer?
Hello. It still using the j2ee artifacts. I am planning to migrate to the JakartaEE (a new full open-source and free generation of the J2EE). Or migrate to something else, kotlin stack for example.
In reply to @benpa:matrix.org
and I'm looking at https://github.com/ma1uta/jeonserver - but what is the status? is there something we could run to get the function of a server?
Unfortunately, I still have been working with the database schema as the main part of the server. There are some issues and places I want to change. Then I will implement /sync method and other events related stuff.
08:25:03* @benpa:matrix.orgbenpa nods
08:25:06@benpa:matrix.orgbenpaunderstood - thanks!
20 May 2019
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26 May 2019
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29 May 2019
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22 Jun 2019
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25 Jun 2019
12:06:52@ma1uta:ru-matrix.orgma1uta Jeon 0.9.0 release. It is a release candidate for Jeon 1.0.0 which complains with the Matrix stable release 1.0.
Not a lot changes, just added missing endpoints and events.
Also I started to work under JeonServer is a Matrix server written on java.
12:13:12@benpa:matrix.orgbenpasounds good :D
12:13:50@benpa:matrix.orgbenpasomething to add to twim?
12:30:05@ma1uta:ru-matrix.orgma1uta For develop purposes I created the https://ma1uta.github.io where placed links to swagger schemas and javadocs. But this page looks odd. :-)
30 Jun 2019
19:34:36@ma1uta:ru-matrix.orgma1utaJeon release 0.9.1 with an one change: migrate from microprofile 2.2 to 3.0.
19:50:19@ma1uta:ru-matrix.orgma1utaWhat is it "microprofile"? In Java it is a normal situation then libraries divided into two parts: api and implementation. We have Jakarta EE (formerly Java EE) - it is a set api for application. You can find a complete list at https://javaee.github.io/javaee-spec/Specifications and javadocs: https://javaee.github.io/javaee-spec/javadocs/ There are API for many aspects starting from persistence and ending websockets, validation and so on. If I write an application with this API I can run it at any application server which implemented this API: OpenLiberty (previously known as WebSphere from IBM), WebLogic from Oracle, Wildfly (previously known as JBoss from RedHat), Glassfish, Payara, TomEE from Apache and a lot of others server. Also there are applications which implement parts of the JavaEE API. For example, Servlet API is implemented in Apache Tomcat, Jetty, Undertow. And developers can create web applications using servlet api and run it on tomcat or jetty without changes in code. But JakartaEE is too big and has a lot of classes which aren't needed in application. Therefore the profiles was introduced. Profile - is a subset of API. For example, at begininng was only two profiles: full and web. Full still uses all API but in web profile the EJB was deleted and leave only web related API. Microprofile was next. It is a subset of the JakartaEE designed for microservices. You can find microprofile specification at https://microprofile.io/2019/06/11/eclipse-microprofile-3-0-is-now-available/
19:53:06@ma1uta:ru-matrix.orgma1utaJeonServer is based on microprofile and uses https://quarkus.io/ as the implementation. Quarkus has opportunity to build native image using the https://www.graalvm.org/ project.
6 Sep 2019
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1 Oct 2019
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5 Oct 2019
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18 Oct 2019
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