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19 Feb 2019
02:59:33@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialI don't think Baubles should use that license
02:59:37@_discord_178707106126495744:pintobyte.comJadeTheCat Let me see what license baubles actually uses
02:59:45@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialBecause it allows proprietary software to build around it, a piece of free software.
03:00:01@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialAgain, if you actually want to argue for that, that's okay
03:00:10@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialBut that's a different argument to the one I think you're making
03:00:21@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialYou are making the point that it's okay because it's a library
03:00:29@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialWhat I'm telling you is, THIS DOES NOT MATTER.
03:00:31@_discord_97131661111603200:pintobyte.comwintier from what i can tell baubles uses https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/
03:00:47@xylobol:matrix.orgxylobolRedacted or Malformed Event
03:00:47@_discord_178707106126495744:pintobyte.comJadeTheCat It’s CC-A-NC-SA
03:00:49@dodoid_official:matrix.orgdodoid_officialIf you think using libraries that way should be okay, it is logically consistent for you to think using ALL software that way is okay.
03:01:35@xylobol:matrix.orgxylobolokay this has just turned into a shouting match so I'm just going to derive the MPL and add a network clause then run it by a lawyer if I can trace one down at a reasonable price
03:01:56@_discord_178707106126495744:pintobyte.comJadeTheCat It’s not a shouting match it’s a debate
03:03:21@_discord_178707106126495744:pintobyte.comJadeTheCat Also
I don’t see what you mean Dodoid
If there’s a complete piece of software like, for instance, libreoffice, then building off that is not at all the same as using a library
03:04:03@_discord_178707106126495744:pintobyte.comJadeTheCat Libraries are meant to be used to build software
Complete software solutions are not
03:04:20@_discord_178707106126495744:pintobyte.comJadeTheCat And they should be licensed as such
03:06:57@_discord_178707106126495744:pintobyte.comJadeTheCat If you don’t want someone building off your code, license it as All Rights Reserved
03:07:46@xylobol:matrix.orgxylobolbut I still want the source code to be in the open, and to make third-parties who modify my code to also make the source code be in the open
03:08:57@_discord_178707106126495744:pintobyte.comJadeTheCat Then use a sublicenseable license like Apache which requires at least the same freedoms as the original
03:09:17@_discord_178707106126495744:pintobyte.comJadeTheCat So you can’t restrict more but you could make it more free
03:11:16@_discord_178707106126495744:pintobyte.comJadeTheCat So basically
Your code always has the same protections
But other people’s code building off your code can be less protected if they wished
03:18:19@_discord_178707106126495744:pintobyte.comJadeTheCat Licensing is really stupidly complicated
It should be simpler and not require lawyers to translate
03:25:36@_discord_307659066132660225:pintobyte.com@_discord_307659066132660225:pintobyte.com joined the room.
03:25:36@_discord_307659066132660225:pintobyte.com@_discord_307659066132660225:pintobyte.comRedacted or Malformed Event
03:25:37@_discord_307659066132660225:pintobyte.com@_discord_307659066132660225:pintobyte.comRedacted or Malformed Event
03:25:38@_discord_307659066132660225:pintobyte.com@_discord_307659066132660225:pintobyte.comRedacted or Malformed Event
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20 Feb 2019
10:50:17@_discord_330076435652018179:pintobyte.comКонрад Нахтигаль changed their display name from Конрад Нахтигаль to Unrooted#1327.
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