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27 Mar 2020
23:37:03@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Cecilia Tanaka <cecilia.tanaka@gmail.com> [hackerspaces] 101-Year-Old Man Who Survived 1918 Flu Beats Coronavirus, Too.
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Cute news for making you smile, Hellekin! <3

"101-Year-Old Man Who Survived 1918 Flu Beats Coronavirus, Too."

And I feel pity for the virus when it meets Queen Elizabeth II. Poor
corona, I bet it will massacred, haha!! ;)

Tender disinfected good night kisses, my dear. Wish everybody here much
health, sweet dreams, and a relaxing rest. <3

Ceci <3
29 Mar 2020
02:45:55@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier David Venancio de Campos <metabaron@massmulti.org> Re: [hackerspaces] COVID-19 and Hackerspaces Interveiew Makers on Tap
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Hey there everyone,

Hellekin happy to ear from you again.

I'm working on a ultra-thin breathing mask :

(I didn't even put a https cert! no time. but btw I don't really care
because the content is ... how to say... normal and no need to register
etc. I'll do it asap but not in hurry on this)

Just wanted to say "Thanks for the infos."

About this one:

... So that's why american hospitals are refusing DIY stuff also for
sure. (there's makers asking "why they refuse my stuff ?!" in the fb
group below) and I knew it from the start (I putted quite a lot of
"cons" arguments on my mask)

Do we have examples of volunteers being refused to help with 3DP or DIY
stuff ?

I'll transmit this in portugal to makers and 3D printers that want to
help making masks or PPE for hospitals... (carbon copy of this e-mail,
guys in contact with a engineer school in Porto)

Been searching and I'm aiming on disposable masks 3D printed also but
ONLY against droplets. Something equivalent to https://www.maspire.org/
(not for hospitals) (even with not perfect sealing)

Other concern is bio-degradable materials...

So I'm aiming to do this : a mask for the general public easy to
"mass-produce" but in PLA.

Covered to make it waterproof and with no filter because that's another
huge subject (cotton+copper maybe).

FabLabs are super-active and I have found a wonderfull doc here :


You can see there's 3D-printed stuff all over the place.

Other interesting subject is UV-sterelization boxes (saw a project from
japan super easy to make but can't even find the link right now).

Don't have time to say more and even, it's not my specialty, so I'm
trying to focus on 3DP.

There's a lot of DIY projects also on fb group (yep "fb"...) :

There's a reddit mega-thread here :

So many projects I can't list them ! I let you make some research if you
want to help with your knowledges from home. (like this thermometer :

The designs found on the net are getting serious, but still, they're
might be dangerous if not well done.

Our help can be super-important for people not having money to buy from
companies, or at the opposite for people wanting to offer stuff to
others (who have lots of money).

over and out.

PS: "better-than-nothing" agreed but "the best we can".
17:36:56@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier David Venancio de Campos <metabaron@massmulti.org> Re: [hackerspaces] COVID-19 and Hackerspaces Interveiew Makers on Tap
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Hi everyone.

Anyone available for testing ?

Reply with link to results please (need pictures and clean commentaries
in text with arguments)


Thanks a lot.
31 Mar 2020
08:45:19@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier hellekin <hellekin@hackerspaces.org> [hackerspaces] Yet We Were Feminists
View this message online at https://email.t2bot.io/m/2da8e659-def9-445c-b46d-cb5ee20bea7e
Hackerspaces are mentioned briefly in this firebrand text, on the
forefront of self-organizing production of alternate DIY medical supplies.


Also available in Spanish at

(Please, if it's your native language, help check the translation
against the French original below)


The author is Cced. Spread widely like the coronavirus!


09:50:15@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Antonio Caciuc <antonio.caciuc@gmail.com> Re: [hackerspaces] Yet We Were Feminists
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Sorry, but I'm not sure I understand the point of the article beyond
"capitalism is bad".

I think hackerspaces are by themselves a political statement against some
aspects of capitalism, but this article doesn't say anything useful or
What does "a vibratory act, which straddles and exceeds the given and its
constraints" mean anyway?

You're right about one thing, though. We should limit the spread of this
nonsense the same way were trying to limit the spread of the virus.

Soignez-vous bien!
12:52:13@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier hellekin <hellekin@hackerspaces.org> Re: [hackerspaces] Yet We Were Feminists
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Sorry, but I'm not sure I understand the point of your reply beyond "I'm
an anti-feminist".

Surely you have some reading to do.

12:57:30@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier hellekin <hellekin@hackerspaces.org> [hackerspaces] Fwd: Yet We Were Feminists
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A much kinder reply than mine from the author.

14:04:20@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Enrique <quique251@disroot.org> Re: [hackerspaces] Yet We Were Feminists
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15:33:37@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Zak Hax <haxzak@gmail.com> Re: [hackerspaces] Yet We Were Feminists
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16:14:19@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Matt Joyce <matt@nycresistor.com> Re: [hackerspaces] Fwd: Yet We Were Feminists
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It always amazes me how wildly differently some folks view hackerspaces and
their function.

Sign of both good art and a good tool is that people take away from it
things you never intended or thought of.

Neat *sips coffee*
17:54:44@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier justin corwin <outlawpoet@gmail.com> Re: [hackerspaces] Yet We Were Feminists
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the phrase is "look beyond the scientific discourse centered on a panicking
West". Mbembe is not a luddite, but rather centers his critique of the
institutions of science. the ideals are lovely, but in this crisis we see
colonial, capitalist, and nationalist divides everywhere. Why is everyone
using different tests for COVID-19? because ownership of those tests and
patents is valuable. why is there a shortage of ventilators in the US?
because the manufacturers of them sabotaged attempts to build a strategic
reserve of them in the past, and made repair difficult. and on and on.

we can't expect science to save us on it's own, because it's dependent on
the institutions that fund and shape it, it isn't a neutral force. mbembe's
argument is that many of the crises we're seeing have happened before in
predatory crises in Africa (like holding AIDS drugs over the heads of poor
Africans with no choice but to pay) and we should learn from that.
1 Apr 2020
02:12:42@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Tarek Omar <tarek.alsabagh@gmail.com> [hackerspaces] Medtronic ventilator license concerns
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This is Tarek from Cairo Hackerspace, Egypt.

I am assuming that many already know about the medtronic "open" ventilator
. I have some concerns
regarding the license that comes with it. It sounds to me like they are
saying we will help you reverse engineer the "a ventilator" but we won't
sue you today.
I don't know legal stuff but this document sounds deceptive me. I am hoping
that someone here might have a more experienced opinion.

The license:

04:13:39@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Volatile Compound <volatilecompound@gmail.com> Re: [hackerspaces] Medtronic ventilator license concerns
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Watch this, then decide for yourself.


Some very good points raised there. Like I said, though, decide for

- skroo.
16:58:34@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier The Doctor [412/724/301/703/415/510] <drwho@virtadpt.net> Re: [hackerspaces] Yet We Were Feminists
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‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐
"...so that together with the rest of the world we can put an end to the “manufacture of superfluous lives” set up by capitalism."

That's the nicest way I've ever been called a "worthless eater."

Did the hair on the back of anyone else's neck stand up reading that?

The Doctor [412/724/301/703/415/510]
PGP (new, Protonmail): 4d7d 5c94 fa44 a235
WWW: https://drwho.virtadpt.net/
The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born. Now is the time of monsters._______________________________________________
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17:59:05@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Arclight <arclight@gmail.com> Re: [hackerspaces] Yet We Were Feminists
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Wait, were they talking about "capitalism" or "cannibalism" in terms of
"manufacturing superfluous lives"?
18:55:39@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Volatile Compound <volatilecompound@gmail.com> Re: [hackerspaces] Yet We Were Feminists
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Remember that the job req in this case is written for a dual role:
worthless eater *and* useful idiot. It helps to master both skillsets
before applying.

- skroo.
22:28:54@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier David Potocnik <david.potocnik@gmail.com> Re: [hackerspaces] COVID-19 and Hackerspaces Interveiew Makers on Tap
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Hi all, hope you're doing well.

Here's a potentially useful info from Slovenia. A manufacturer of 100%
cellulose napkins ("serviette"), usually sold to restaurants & hotels
at cents a piece, tested & certified them for personal protection with
the national University Clinical hospital. I suppose you might have
local versions of this available everywhere.

Here are some links, partially in Slovenian.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oX9ZRpXnRPs : DIY video
https://www.seti.si/zascitne-maske?lang=en : DIY mask page (with more videos)
https://www.seti.si/airlaid/Airlaid-40x40-BELI?lang=en : Product page
from the manufacturer

from CHT7B @ https://next.totalism.org/

2 Apr 2020
12:27:58@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier David Venancio de Campos <metabaron@massmulti.org> Re: [hackerspaces] COVID-19 and Hackerspaces Interveiew Makers on Tap
View this message online at https://email.t2bot.io/m/d6f152af-e9d5-41ff-aa66-95e9e6924875

Sorry to say "use at your own risks this infos", I'm not responsible for
bad, dangerous projects (I'm only responsible for my own project).

General infos (please add in reply if you have time) :
13:30:02@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Danilo <mail@dbrgn.ch> Re: [hackerspaces] COVID-19 and Hackerspaces Interveiew Makers on Tap
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Hi fellow hackers

Just as a friendly reminder, when making DIY health eqipment, please keep this thread in mind:


There are some areas where DIY has its place (see this case of a modded Decathlon scuba diving mask converted into a CPAP mask https://twitter.com/RiccardoMasutti/status/1242211351189217287), but devices like ventilators are probably not it. Besides that, in most cases ventilators aren't even the bottleneck, but trained staff that can run and monitor those devices is. (At least that's what I heard from health professionals involved in Covid treatment.)

Furthermore, 3D printing can result in porous surfaces, which is a property you don't want in most medical applications because it's really hard to clean / disinfect properly.

Anyways, doing things like building masks out of fabric, old clothes, napkins or vacuum cleaner bags makes sense though, as long as you don't cut up actual medical masks to get the filters: https://twitter.com/bornity/status/1243605767078502400 Also, don't claim any serious protection (they reduce the risk a bit, they don't protect) and if you live in Germany don't call them "Atemschutzmaske" (https://www.mimikama.at/allgemein/gesichtsmasken-achtung-beim-namen/) to avoid getting sued.

Cheers & keep hacking,
13:37:27@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier J. Grenzfurthner [Das Ende der Nahrungskette] <jg@monochrom.at> Re: [hackerspaces] COVID-19 and Hackerspaces Interveiew Makers on Tap
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My friends at the makerspace in Durango, Colorado did a really great
job building equipment for Colorado hospitals.


At 15:29 02.04.2020, you wrote:
14:44:56@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Markos <markos@c2o.pro.br> Re: [hackerspaces] COVID-19 and Hackerspaces Interveiew Makers on Tap
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Em 02-04-2020 10:29, Danilo escreveu:
Hi Danilo,

Very important considerations.

And I liked the link: http://www.frankshospitalworkshop.com/index.html

Thank you,
3 Apr 2020
11:30:57@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier David Venancio de Campos <metabaron@massmulti.org> Re: [hackerspaces] COVID-19 and Hackerspaces Interveiew Makers on Tap
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Hi again, thanks for the advices.

Found on twitter this great ressource :

Via a guy who "didn't understand all this hype about DIY makers
re-inventing the wheel with their 3D printers and arduinos"... "This is
70s 80s tec, all patents expired. There are literally pages of exploded
view drawings:"

src: https://twitter.com/FauthNiklas/status/1242064388300947456
4 Apr 2020
16:17:20@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Danilo <mail@dbrgn.ch> [hackerspaces] Covid19 Hacker/Maker Challenge: ViralBallTrack
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Hey all

We (people from "Coredump" and "Makers im Zigerschlitz", two hackerspaces / makerspaces in Switzerland) have a Covid19-Challenge for you: Build a module for a modular ball track ("Kugelbahn")!

How? That's up to you, as long as you use compatible entry-exit modules and as long as your base plate has the correct dimensions.

Goals of the challenge:

- Create a Hacker- and Maker-Challenge in times of COVID-19 isolation
- Give families a fun way of spending time together during quarantine, brainstorm ideas, invent mechanisms, learn by trial and error and admire their own builds and the works of other participants.
- Hackerspaces / Makerspace / Schools / Libraries can prefabricate kits and sell them with a small margin to support their institution.

As soon as the storm passes by and we get to meet in person again we'll be able to daisy-chain our tracks and admire all the creativity coming from several weeks of isolation.

Details can be found here: https://github.com/Makers-Im-Zigerschlitz/ViralBallTrack

The project chat is on our Mattermost instance (https://chat.coredump.ch/coredump/channels/viralballtrack) and on Matrix (#viralballtrack:matrix.coredump.ch).

Please share the word and build stuff :)

7 Apr 2020
10:28:07@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Aljaž Srebrnič <a2piratesoft@gmail.com> Re: [hackerspaces] please unsubscribe
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Friendly reminder: you don’t need a password to unsubscribe at all. Visit the link at the bottom of each mail to manage your membership: https://lists.hackerspaces.org/mailman/listinfo/discuss

Aljaž Srebrnič

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10 Apr 2020
01:49:44@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Chris Weiss <cweiss@gmail.com> Re: [hackerspaces] Google to release your location data to help fight coronavirus pandemic
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if you're concerned, take the permission away.

it's anonymized, so I'm not sure where privacy comes into this, outside of
you giving google having permission to track you in the first place.
7 May 2020
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8 May 2020
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9 May 2020
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24 May 2020
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