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1 Aug 2020
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2 Aug 2020
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7 Aug 2020
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9 Aug 2020
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10 Aug 2020
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15 Aug 2020
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23 Aug 2020
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25 Aug 2020
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16 Sep 2020
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21 Sep 2020
@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Annika Richterich <A.Richterich@sussex.ac.uk> [hackerspaces] Hacking, making, learning?
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Hi all,

I hope you are well and healthy out there.

I am looking for people who would be willing to share their views on: if and how learning is relevant to activities in hacker- and makerspaces.

Working as a postdoc research fellow at the University of Sussex, I was supposed to visit hacker- and makerspaces this year and interview members. But due to the pandemic, I am now instead hoping to find current and former members of hacker and maker communities who are willing to make time, ca. 15 minutes, for a survey. For those happy to help (it’s much appreciated!), you can find the survey here:


If a survey is not for you, though you would like to provide input: I’d be glad to (video-)chat or hear about your views by email too. Also, this is the kind of work that came out of the project so far – in case this helps you decide whether you want to participate: https://doi.org/10.1080/14461242.2020.1784772 Be in touch if you have questions, comments, etc. :)

Lastly, I know there’s been some criticism on researchers using this list for requests like these in the past, so apologies to those who would have rather not been bothered by my email.

Take care & all the best,

My Univ. of Sussex profile and contact details: https://profiles.sussex.ac.uk/p488526-annika-richterich

PS: I’d like to acknowledge that I'm asking people to invest their time for free: but I hope you’ll consider that the research project also aims to raise awareness for the fact that hacker and maker communities tend to be societally undervalued and, in the case of hack(er)spaces, still muddled up with cracking. It aims to highlight the value(s) of hacker and maker communities, while also paying attention to how potential benefits could be made accessible to more people. More practically: all publications will be made available as open access, just like the one linked to above.

@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Markos <markos@c2o.pro.br> Re: [hackerspaces] Hacking, making, learning?
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Hi Annika,

My opinion about Hacker Movement and Water:

I believe that the “Hacker Movement ”with the “Do It Yoursel”proposal , can bring important contributions to the challenges we have, as a society, to ensure that Water is available “for all”in adequate quantity and quality, as well as guaranteeing proper maintenance of "environmental services"essential.

Read more (translated by Google) at: https://tinyurl.com/yyxmhjkm

Best Regards,

Em 21-09-2020 09:33, Annika Richterich escreveu:
22 Sep 2020
@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier hellekin <hellekin@dyne.org> Re: [hackerspaces] Hacking, making, learning?
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Why the quotes in "for all"? As the global capitalist society continues,
we do not have enough drinkable water for all humans, let alone the rest
of the living. We've seen countless times how much water is used by
extractivist companies to remove metals or hydrocarbons from the ground,
and how these processes pollute water beyond sanity. As they do it with
impunity, I guess hackers would be able to stop them in their tracks by
extracting compromising information from them, or killing their
machines. At some point, DIY is not enough: you can certainly help build
water filters and purifiers from citizen science, but you cannot simply
stop the harm made to rivers, cultures who protect them, and stop the
massive fabrication of metal-based and oil-based products, including
vehicles and computers. It's war that makes capitalism possible, maybe
it's time to wage war on capitalism.

@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier idnc_sk [at] vpslab.org <idnc_sk@vpslab.org> Re: [hackerspaces] Hacking, making, learning?
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Blaming capitalism is a little short-sighted. There would be no
standard oil without JP Morgan money. Corporate monopolies are not a
product of capitalism per-se. It's the financial sector with their
puppet government regimes that creates them, feeds them
inovations(gov sponsored R&D, foss movement, startup "culture"),
and keeps them alive via corruption and "free market" or "consumer
protection" or "environmen protection" regulations(yes, 99% of all
environmental movements are a rich man's trick Alice). With an army
of a new type (or a new kind) of aristocracy and nobility spread
across all layers of society from hackerspaces to NGOs to  media up
to upper management of various corporations..to keep you - the
well-meaning good-hearted, naive idiot - fighting to bring
about your own enslavement, thinking you are actually doing something
good. Interrestingly, it appears *to me* that the financial sectors
image of a not-so-distant future is far worse than what Karl Marxes
wet dream would be - which then begs the question whether they are
not fostering this corporate destruction of our planet themselves so
that (naive) people would actually beg for, cheer and welcome the
arrival of a new "global gulag" system they invisioned (as every
ruling class has since the dawn of society), a system wrapped in some
fairy-tails abou environmental protection, freedom, human rights - you
know, rainbow unicorn wrapping paper


@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier hellekin <hellekin@dyne.org> Re: [hackerspaces] Hacking, making, learning?
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WTF. Trololololo.
@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Markos <markos@c2o.pro.br> [hackerspaces] Fwd: Re: Hacking, making, learning?
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Hi Dear Hellekin,

First of all, I would like to make it clear that I agree to exclusively fight against ideas and not against people.

Now think of the transformations that began to happen with the network sharing of images obtained by the cameras of cell phones available to people.

And now think about the possible changes when ordinary people have instruments for chemical analysis of water quality, available on their hands. And be able to share this information in the same way we share images?

I want to draw attention to the importance of raising the level of "risk perception" of ordinary* people to the water theme.

Because I believe that an increase in the "perception of risk" about water security can motivate behavioral changes.

*By ordinary people I mean people without technical and scientific knowledge about water.

Best Regards,

@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier J. Grenzfurthner [Das Ende der Nahrungskette] <jg@monochrom.at> Re: [hackerspaces] Hacking, making, learning?
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i am gladly blaming capitalism for everything.

At 12:17 22.09.2020, you wrote:
@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Markos <markos@c2o.pro.br> [hackerspaces] Ubiquitous Sensing of waters
View this message online at https://email.t2bot.io/m/12a40d61-e7b2-46c3-9b04-c9c79d032b9f
How Urban Storm- and Wastewater Management Prepares for Emerging
Opportunities and Threats:

Digital Transformation, Ubiquitous Sensing, New Data Sources, and Beyond
- A Horizon Scan

@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Cecilia Tanaka <cecilia.tanaka@gmail.com> Re: [hackerspaces] Hacking, making, learning?
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On Tue, Sep 22, 2020, 11:23 hellekin wrote:

WTF. Trololololo.
Hey, charming hazel-green eyes... The girl who will cook for you is an
anarchist. But I always clean my hands and knives before cooking, don't
worry. :)

Do not judge anyone so badly, please. Markos is a really good person, but
English is not his first language and some of his ideas about the use of
natural resources are not considered usual even here, in our country.

Let me tell you a little tale about a very, very sweet guy named... I
don't know, uh... David. Let's see... I think he is French... and is
traveling! ;)

Some time ago, I was telling him a little about my "best imaginary friend"
Mirimir and David's reaction was more adorable than Keanu Reeves playing
with puppies... I had no time to explain him that Mirimir is a real
person, an Info Security guy using a fake persona for hiding his real data.

David thought I was feeling very sad having an "imaginary friend" as my
bestie and asked for being my Mirimir, a real Mirimir, giving me support
and making me smile in sad moments... It was so unexpected and so sweet
that I cried for hours that night and I still cry when I tell this
story... He was feeling hurt and fragile, but wanted to protect me from
sadness and loneliness... :')

I do love my Mirimir, but I have other imaginary friends and also real
friends. And now, I have my David! <3

So, my lovely hellekin, give Markos a chance. Human beings are very, very
complex... Too much! :P

I love you very much. Always take care and be well, please! <3

Oh, the same to the whole list! Much love, peace, sincere friendship, and
music!!! <3 <3 <3

23 Sep 2020
@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier hellekin <hellekin@dyne.org> Re: [hackerspaces] Fwd: Re: Hacking, making, learning?
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I completely agree with you that given the right tools ordinary people
will "do the chemistry". Yet with information alone we cannot change
anything. Before the Snowden Apocalypse we knew something was wrong, and
Snowden brought the proof: yet seven years later, not much has changed
and if the struggle works down the line of breaking systems, its pace
remains relatively slow compared with the harm broken out to the world
by powerful systems ; even inertia beats the good waves any time. For
years, we've had pollution measurement kits
water-oriented hackerspaces (Yachachiq in Peru, Hackerfleet, Waterspace
in the Philippines), yet no single coordinated action has taken place
like for blinkenlights or hackerspace hardware, the space program or
microcontrollers: there's an attention-shifting issue at work here.
Despite the yearly radical shake up of CCC, few inter-hackerspace
projects focus on matters of life, except maybe in threatened places
where such matters do count right now.

I was only questioning the quotes around (water) "for all": were you
quoting something I missed, or expressing some kind of limitation on the
outreach of "for all"?



@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Markos <markos@c2o.pro.br> Re: [hackerspaces] Fwd: Re: Hacking, making, learning?
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Dear Hellekin,

I understand, we agree that something needs to be done to change the course of things and to avoid, or at least, minimize the negative consequences of the current economic model.

Negative effects that will be felt mainly by the poorest.

I think the difference is in the way each one acts.

Some people engage in macro-scale strategies, while others, like me, are more dedicated to micro-scale actions. Or nano-scale :-)

I think all of these strategies are important. And respect all initiatives to improve people's quality of life.

Please, let me just comment one more question about Waters.

In the last message i talked about the importance of acting in the "risk perception" about the theme Water with analytical devices.

Now I would like to comment on the "perceived value" (www.investopedia.com/terms/p/perceived-value.asp) of sewage.

People, generally, just discard sewage and consider it worthless, and spend an important part of their income to buy energy mainly for cooking and heating.

Now imagine "affordable", "optimized" and "automated" biodigesters projects for "home use" converting black water (sewage) and food waste to biogas (at home).

Wouldn't it be a way to to influence the "perception of value" of sewage and thus contribute to reducing the organic load of domestic sewage?

Many people, perhaps the majority, would be interested only in saving money spent on energy.

But everyone could benefit from reducing the organic load that reaches rivers and consequently the pollution, at some level, of some urban rivers.

Especially in the poorest regions.

Thanks for the references to the projects.

I didn't know about these initiatives.

And thank you for your attention and contributions.

All the best,

Em 23-09-2020 05:30, hellekin escreveu:
24 Sep 2020
@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier ventolin <ventolin@riseup.net> Re: [hackerspaces] Hacking, making, learning?
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Hi All

Sorry if i missed the intention of the thread but i was attracted to
this point from Hellekin which i consider crucial for a possible further
development of a hackerspace movement (and contribution to society as a
whole) beyond localized impact on communities. I think the observation
of a lack of inter-hackerspace projects or how to scale social and tech
projects that are more demanding at least to a regional level is
something that should be payed attention to. In short, it is urgently
needed as we can verify in other grass-roots movements for the necessity
of a wider collaboration and support on critical issues such as global

Hope i explained myself.


1 Oct 2020
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3 Oct 2020
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8 Oct 2020
@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier David Zakoth <david.zakoth@lichtwerkstatt-jena.de> [hackerspaces] From Makers 4 Makers // Support for Makerspace Survey
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Dear Hackerspace.org-Community,

In 2017 we opened the Lichtwerkstatt Makerspace with a specific focus on photonics at the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena. In the context of my PhD thesis we are currently conducting a survey to (1) improve our Photonics Makerspace, (2) learn more about Makerspace users in general, and (3) support academic research.

We would be very happy if you participate in the survey and share it within your network.

It just takes 20min!

ENGLISH survey:


GERMAN survey:


Makerspace usage
Collaboration experience and interests
Collaboration expectations

We will donate 1.00 € for each completed survey to the Maker Community (www.makervsvirus.org/spenden/)
You help us to improve our Makerspace
You help to support a PhD project
You can get a summary of results

A few words on my background:

I do my PhD in the field of makerspaces and open innovation processes at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Furthermore, I work at the Lichtwerkstatt Makerspace which has a strong focus on light and optics (photonics). With the Lichtwerkstatt Makerspace we support projects that make photonics technology more affordable and accessible for everyone. One of the projects in our Makerspace is UC2. A modular optical toolbox that allows you to build your own microscope and many other optical systems. It uses 3D-printing and is open source. More info on that project you can find here: https://useetoo.org/home/ and on GitHub https://github.com/bionanoimaging/UC2-GIT.

If you have any question, please reach out to me any time!


9 Oct 2020
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22 Oct 2020
@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier opit <opit@technariumas.lt> [hackerspaces] CNC router in Europe
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Hi folks,
we (Technarium) received some funding and are looking for a CNC wood
router (1200x2500mm work area, ATC would be a big bonus). As far as we
can see, for the amount we have (~12 000E) we could either ship a
machine from China with all the risks that entails, or pay this amount
to resellers here in Europe and get less options (almost surely -- no
ATC). A Lithuanian dealer here is asking far too much for too little,
and does not seem to be a trustworthy person.
Have any of you bought a similar machine for your spaces? Perhaps you
know an European reseller you had a pleasant experience with?
Germany/Poland/the Baltic region is probably the most relevant.
Thanks a lot,
@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier Chris Weiss <cweiss@gmail.com> Re: [hackerspaces] CNC router in Europe
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ArchReactor went with a kit from cncrouterparts.com (now avid). takes
quite a bit of work to assemble, but it's been a great machine.
@email:t2bot.ioEmail Notifier <ijon@c-base.org> Re: [hackerspaces] CNC router in Europe
View this message online at https://email.t2bot.io/m/05e9a1db-bbac-4d87-a65e-6572d0735106
I organized the buying from a chinese vendor and had overall good experience with it. I share the entire experience in this video playlist:


The first video is probably a lot less relevant compared to the others in your case, but it might still be - because I show the contracts there. If you think this is of interest, i'd gladly give the contact details to the company involved and the logistics company I used to get it delivered to Berlin.

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