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4 Dec 2017
13:57:24@rschulman:westwork.orgRoss SchulmanI should be able to figure this out, but what does PDU stand for?
13:58:04@MTRNord:matrix.orgMTRNord Ross Schulman: https://matrix.org/docs/spec/server_server/unstable.html#pdus no idea what pdu exactly means
13:58:11@MTRNord:matrix.orgMTRNordbut thats where it is from
14:06:53@rschulman:westwork.orgRoss SchulmanAh, apparently Persisted Data Units.
14:07:02@rschulman:westwork.orgRoss SchulmanFrom further up in that doc.
14:09:46@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordhm learned another thing now :D
14:11:35@rschulman:westwork.orgRoss SchulmanJust thinking about how to upgrade to use protobufs/rpcs, maybe the first time your dendrite fork speaks to a new server it should make a request to an api endpoint like /api/v0/upgrade?
14:12:10@rschulman:westwork.orgRoss Schulman If the other server responds with "true" then switch to protobufs, if you get a 404 then fall back to https?
14:14:48@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNord Ross Schulman: I will take a look what krombel does with the websocket implementation at synapse and maybe match that. It might make sense to have one way to upgrade instead 2. But I did think of just adding it as a new version. to /_matrix/federation/v1/version
14:15:42@rschulman:westwork.orgRoss Schulman Oh, yeah, if there's already a method being used, definitely do that.
14:16:31@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordbut websockets are on the client api thats why I say it might make sense to do it that way. Also I think websockets have a official web spec for upgrading
14:18:44@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordI might read about this issue: https://github.com/grpc/grpc-go/issues/75 it is about serving http/https and grpc on the same endpoint simustanly. Meaning it can use http upgrade for switching
14:20:27@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordbasicly using this to upgrade from http to a http2 connection https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Protocol_upgrade_mechanism
14:20:34@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNord(thats what websockets do in synapse too)
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14:28:35@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNord changed the room topic to "Matrix Protobuf/gRPC Proxy Repo:  https://github.com/MTRNord/MatrixProtoBuf  ---  Proto Files only repo at: https://github.com/Nordgedanken/MatrixProtoFiles - Etherpad Widget URL: https://demo.riot.im/etherpad/p/!PisumNCACkTdCduGyB:matrix.org" from "Matrix Protobuf/gRPC Proxy Repo:  https://github.com/MTRNord/MatrixProtoBuf  ---  Proto Files only repo at: https://github.com/Nordgedanken/MatrixProtoFiles".
14:31:31@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordThe etherpad is just for writing our implementation Ideas down :)
14:31:59@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordif you get the permission denied use the link. It is scalars fault ;) (I use /develop )
16:58:46@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNorddendrite discussion went to: #matrix-architecture:matrix.org (for the record)
17:22:51@rschulman:westwork.orgRoss SchulmanHuh, I'm getting an internal server error when I try to join that room.
17:24:10@MTRNord:matrix.orgMTRNord Ross Schulman: My server has the same issue. the room feels broken or matrix.org is
25 Dec 2017
15:19:51* @MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNord reworks his gRPC branch to use Protobuf files. (as ofdiscussions back than)
15:44:53@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordA good time to fork gomatrixserverlib xD
15:55:13@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNordLooking at the code the change is actually extremly simpler than I expected... Only gomatrixlib converting to the FederationReq and sending needs to be changed not the handling mostly
3 Feb 2018
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30 Mar 2018
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2 Jun 2018
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4 Dec 2018
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