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Welcome! This is the official Matrix community space for Rossmann Repair Group, Inc. https://www.youtube.com/user/rossmanngroup https://www.rossmanngroup.com/ **By joining, you agree to these rules.** Parent Space: #rossmannrepair:matrix.org; ruleset - 2.0.1; 09/01/2024 Complete Rules, and are not limited to: (1) We have staff that volunteer their time/labor here. Please do not shitpost, spam, insult, post gore, post sexual imagery, discuss illegal or sketchy topics, ping Louis unnecessarily, or spam memes. No gun display or gun talk. Stay civil. Controversial topics belong in RRG Politics. (2) We request that any repair advice you provide be well‑sourced or derived from strong experience. ✱✱ Note that advice given here is community‑driven and does not reflect the views of Rossmann Repair Group, Inc. For professional assistance, visit https://rossmanngroup.com or the forum https://boards.rossmanngroup.com. ✱✱ (3) You are not to bother Rossmann Repair Group, Inc. or other businesses. Any support requests are for staff here only. Violations of this rule incur severe penalties. (4) Sharing and soliciting copyrighted works to which you lack an appropriate license is prohibited. (Sharing original works to which you own the copyright is permissible.) (5) This community is intended as a place to foster civil discussions. Avoid posting unverified claims. Flamebaiting and derailing are strictly prohibited. Avoid abbreviations. Raiding other communities is strictly prohibited. (6) Contact any of the 99-level moderators privately for moderation issues or ban appeals. Ban appeal decisions are final. Matrix‑related tech support questions belong publically.342 Servers

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