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16 Sep 2019
14:35:08@booteille:privacytools.iobooteilleI just released a new version of Nitterify. It now handles twimg.com links and the ability to deactivate the extension by clicking on the icon.
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New post in nitter: Recent Wiki Updates:

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New post in nitter: Recent Wiki Updates:

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14:48:01@booteille:privacytools.iobooteilleWhat is this text input on the top right?
14:48:39@amolith:snopyta.orgAmolithWhat do you mean?
14:50:14@booteille:privacytools.iobooteilleScreenshot_2019-09-16 Nitter.png
Screenshot_2019-09-16 Nitter.png
14:50:28@booteille:privacytools.iobooteilleI have not this text input on the main instance.
14:51:19@freenode_zedeus:matrix.orgzedeus welcome! thanks for hosting an instance :) those fields are hidden input fields but it seems inline style elements don't work with your instance
14:52:14@amolith:snopyta.orgAmolithAha. That's my CSP
14:52:35@amolith:snopyta.orgAmolithI'll have to fix it later 👍
14:59:18@booteille:privacytools.iobooteille BTW, zedeus, are you on Mastodon?
15:00:23@freenode_zedeus:matrix.orgzedeus nope I don't use any social media, I'm more interested in the tech and helping people protect their privacy
15:00:52@booteille:privacytools.iobooteilleYup, I understand! Thanks!
17:53:30@freenode_zedeus:matrix.orgzedeus TheFrenchGhosty: did you figure something out regarding the <author> field for RSS? otherwise I'd like to merge the PR
18:03:34@amolith:snopyta.orgAmolithDoes Nitter scrape the Twitter web ui?
18:05:18@freenode_zedeus:matrix.orgzedeusbut multiple methods are used, it essentually emulates browser requests on the backend
18:06:01@freenode_zedeus:matrix.orgzedeusyou can see some of the urls used here: https://github.com/zedeus/nitter/blob/master/src/api/consts.nim
18:12:10@freenode_zedeus:matrix.orgzedeus as you can probably tell it's not quite as simple as "scraping the ui", videos, cards, polls, and the photo rails all require separate requests
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