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16 Sep 2019
@thefrenchghosty:privacytools.ioTheFrenchGhostyYes obviously this is not the way to go13:28:40
@booteille:privacytools.iobooteilleIf Nitter handles this directly, that would be easier for everyone I think.13:28:43
@stoically:matrix.orgstoicnitter returns a 404, you could use that as an indicator for "not implemented"13:29:12
@stoically:matrix.orgstoic(and maybe show a "not implemented, redirect to twitter?" prompt)13:30:03
@booteille:privacytools.iobooteilleI don't think to rely on a 404 error is viable. Because if there is a 404 caused by something else (like a bug or anything) that would be harder for the user to know it's bound to the bug and not to an unimplemented feature.13:31:00
@thefrenchghosty:privacytools.ioTheFrenchGhosty stoic: He is asking to have that on the instance and not to have that in the extension 13:31:08
@stoically:matrix.orgstoicmakes ense13:32:01
@stoically:matrix.orgstoic * makes sense13:32:03
@booteille:privacytools.iobooteilleIt would also let users know Nitter is a WIP project and that even if a feature does not work yet, it will be available in the future.13:33:12
@stoically:matrix.orgstoictrue, would be nice to have indeed13:40:30
@booteille:privacytools.iobooteilleI'll open an issue, then.13:43:26
@thefrenchghosty:privacytools.ioTheFrenchGhostyNice number 👀13:51:43
@booteille:privacytools.iobooteilleAh ah. Didn't notice!13:52:50
@booteille:privacytools.iobooteilleI just released a new version of Nitterify. It now handles twimg.com links and the ability to deactivate the extension by clicking on the icon.14:35:08
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@amolith:snopyta.orgAmolith joined the room.14:39:32
@booteille:privacytools.iobooteilleWhat is this text input on the top right?14:48:01
@amolith:snopyta.orgAmolithWhat do you mean?14:48:39
@booteille:privacytools.iobooteilleScreenshot_2019-09-16 Nitter.png
Download Screenshot_2019-09-16 Nitter.png
@booteille:privacytools.iobooteilleI have not this text input on the main instance.14:50:28
@freenode_zedeus:matrix.orgzedeus welcome! thanks for hosting an instance :) those fields are hidden input fields but it seems inline style elements don't work with your instance 14:51:19
@amolith:snopyta.orgAmolithAha. That's my CSP14:52:14
@amolith:snopyta.orgAmolithI'll have to fix it later 👍14:52:35

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