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13 Jun 2019
00:52:10@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.im@1zkrhczgyqx7ycxvrxvha8sn6omphokrd:openintents.modular.im left the room.
28 Jun 2019
00:58:06@hairylarry:matrix.orghairylarryRedacted or Malformed Event
00:59:02@hairylarry:matrix.orghairylarryMixRemix Radio. Free Culture Mix June 24, 2019. https://archive.org/details/FCMix2019-06-24 - Here's a fantastic mix of progressive rock and jazz vocals and instrumentals including songs by my group imporov jazz band, NJHB.
30 Jun 2019
04:53:40@stragu:matrix.orgStéphane Guillou / stragu (he/him/his)Great, thanks Larry!
04:55:07@stragu:matrix.orgStéphane Guillou / stragu (he/him/his)New book just came out: _ Good Data_, edited by three women. Great conversations around how data should be produced and shared, and overall a very radical-sounding book. Went to a lauch in Brisbane: they truly are an amazing bunch of people who give you hope - and tools! - for a better future: http://networkcultures.org/blog/publication/tod-29-good-data/ Available in many formats. Creative Commons.
04:56:16@stragu:matrix.orgStéphane Guillou / stragu (he/him/his)Good_Data.epub
04:56:22@stragu:matrix.orgStéphane Guillou / stragu (he/him/his)Here's the ePub if that's you preferred format.
2 Jul 2019
05:09:13@rjt:matrix.orgrjt joined the room.
06:45:23@rjt:matrix.orgrjt Hi stragu (he/him/his) stragu (he/him/his) :)
4 Jul 2019
14:12:20@stragu:matrix.orgStéphane Guillou / stragu (he/him/his) rjt: welcome!
14:13:10@stragu:matrix.orgStéphane Guillou / stragu (he/him/his)cool sounds in this radiophonic experiment: https://friture.bandcamp.com/album/la-lampe-torche-chaud-froid-16 Friture have lots of interesting releases – especially if you understand French I guess.
14 Jul 2019
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15 Jul 2019
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28 Jul 2019
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1 Aug 2019
09:05:16@rjt:matrix.orgrjt changed their profile picture.
25 Aug 2019
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2 Sep 2019
23:18:09@stragu:matrix.orgStéphane Guillou / stragu (he/him/his)Great new EP by Motorcyclez, reminiscent of Animal Collective to me: https://infinitycollective.bandcamp.com/album/missed-shots-ep
3 Sep 2019
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01:04:34@stragu:matrix.orgStéphane Guillou / stragu (he/him/his)Hey everyone, I created a new collaborative collection on MusicBrainz, if you are interested to be added and to contribute to it: https://musicbrainz.org/collection/1ab7ef90-dc76-4a72-acb0-5c8f011e6f1e
01:23:43@stragu:matrix.orgStéphane Guillou / stragu (he/him/his)This livecoder's single is really good too: https://torotumbo.bandcamp.com/track/nuevas-costas
5 Sep 2019
06:28:11@stragu:matrix.orgStéphane Guillou / stragu (he/him/his)new Cialiyn release, lovely BoC sound, as always: https://cialyn.bandcamp.com/album/solar-radiance-carry-dreams
12 Sep 2019
11:41:04@rjt:matrix.orgrjtOh that MusicBrainz colelction's a good idea!
13 Sep 2019
00:14:30@stragu:matrix.orgStéphane Guillou / stragu (he/him/his)rjt: glad you like the idea! Let me know if you have an account and want to be added.
05:37:22@stragu:matrix.orgStéphane Guillou / stragu (he/him/his) changed their display name from stragu (he/him/his) to Stéphane Guillou / stragu (he/him/his).
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14 Sep 2019
01:02:51@rjt:matrix.orgrjtI've been meaning to make one for ages, but never got round to it :0
1 Oct 2019
09:09:20@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhage changed their profile picture.
09:17:21@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhage changed their profile picture.
11 Nov 2019
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