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Commons enthusiasts share files and links to cultural, educational, artistic "material". Fight archaic copyright by sharing the Commons. [Please, try to mostly _share_ here; this is not for long discussions, but rather a list of resources; only CC/PD/CL/Libre files; illegal sharing will be deleted by admin]3 Servers

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24 Jan 2020
@ixquick111:matrix.orgIxquick <OG>US14:45:44
@ixquick111:matrix.orgIxquick <OG>Fair use14:45:48
8 Feb 2020
@rjt:matrix.orgrjtOh sorry, I can't help then :(08:01:15
9 Feb 2020
@setthemfree:matrix.org∿ und̷e̷l̷ě̷t̷e̷d̷ changed their display name from undelěted to ∿ und̷e̷l̷ě̷t̷e̷d̷.19:43:35
28 Feb 2020
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16 Mar 2020
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17 Mar 2020
@stragu:matrix.orgStéphane Guillou / stragu (he/him/his)Helpful Firefox extension to quickly find Creative Commons-licensed pictures: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/cc-search-extension12:57:50
18 Mar 2020
@rjt:matrix.orgrjt Oh cool. Made me wonder if there was a !cc in Duck Duck Go, and, yep, there is :) 06:00:22
@rjt:matrix.orgrjt * Oh cool. Made me wonder if there was a !cc in Duck Duck Go, and, yep, there is :) 06:00:34
20 Mar 2020
@stragu:matrix.orgStéphane Guillou / stragu (he/him/his)
In reply to @rjt:matrix.org
Oh cool. Made me wonder if there was a !cc in Duck Duck Go, and, yep, there is :)
Oh that's really good to know! Thanks! :)
@stragu:matrix.orgStéphane Guillou / stragu (he/him/his)Also: https://www.physics-astronomy.com/2019/06/nasa-makes-their-entire-media-library.html01:18:35
2 Apr 2020
@stragu:matrix.orgStéphane Guillou / stragu (he/him/his)Heya, I might as well share my stuff! Here's my first proper release. Hopefully you find something you like in it. https://gentil.bandcamp.com/album/solitons-11910s06:29:57
@Kooda:elynx.frKoodaCool! I’ll listen to that a bit later :)08:21:07
6 Apr 2020
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9 Apr 2020
@rjt:matrix.orgrjtOh, I don't think I realised that was you!13:59:25
10 Apr 2020
@rascar_capac:matrix.org@rascar_capac:matrix.orgBecause I’m nobody14:57:18
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11 Apr 2020
@stragu:matrix.orgStéphane Guillou / stragu (he/him/his)Interesting!04:59:34
13 Apr 2020
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15 Apr 2020
19 Apr 2020
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28 Apr 2020
@stragu:matrix.orgStéphane Guillou / stragu (he/him/his)Oooh this is very good: https://neeva.bandcamp.com/11:51:59
@hairylarry:matrix.orghairylarryThanks for the music Stephane. Looking forward to hearing it later today.13:31:27
7 May 2020
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11 May 2020
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17 May 2020
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29 Jun 2020
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2 Jul 2020
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