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6 Oct 2019
16:30:26@fedorauser:matrix.orgFedoraUsernow, I could use some help: what is the difference between these settings above and notification filters settings inside the application?
16:32:58@fedorauser:matrix.orgFedoraUser(do I even need to do anything in the notification filters for this feature?)
17:06:36@charlag:matrix.orgcharlag Nice!
Notification filters is when you just want to filter the list
17:10:11@fedorauser:matrix.orgFedoraUserso I don't need to change anything there, do I?
17:10:55@fedorauser:matrix.orgFedoraUser I guess I need to live in, and understand, the file NotificationHelper.java, especially function: make, right?
17:43:56@charlag:matrix.orgcharlagSounds about right, maybe you need another function which takes status
18:04:43@fedorauser:matrix.orgFedoraUsernot sure I follow at this moment, but I guess I'll understand better once I get familiar with the file
20:47:05@fedorauser:matrix.orgFedoraUserooooh, this is going to be very challenging... notifications for boosts/mentions/... are gathered via api from server where there is no new toot api specific type
20:47:19@fedorauser:matrix.orgFedoraUserso, this would need implementation within the client...
21:45:02@charlag:matrix.orgcharlag Well you can just fetch timeline and see if it's the thing you hand before?..
21:48:15@fedorauser:matrix.orgFedoraUserI'm not able to find how the timeline ie being fetched, tried adding a log line here:
21:48:52@fedorauser:matrix.orgFedoraUserbut it didn't do it on both startup and manual refresh
21:49:27@fedorauser:matrix.orgFedoraUserbesides, I'd need to manually create/trigger notification, which I don't think I have examples of in the code
21:53:19@charlag:matrix.orgcharlagCheck TimelineRepository, fetching timeline and showing notifications are both not too complicated
21:54:12@fedorauser:matrix.orgFedoraUserhuh, perhaps with help from you guys, but this looks a bit overwhelming for me now 🙂
21:54:25@fedorauser:matrix.orgFedoraUserchecking TimelineRepository
7 Oct 2019
08:37:29@eviltak:matrix.orgTak!doesn't it make more sense to move the emoji picker to the top? (since it's conceptually the most like the #/@ buttons)
10:52:35@charlag:matrix.orgcharlag It's p bad for all of them because they slide from the bottom
10:52:58@charlag:matrix.orgcharlagEmoji you need to scroll a lot so idk
15:28:03@eviltak:matrix.orgTak!actually what about putting the character counter in the top left
8 Oct 2019

Does anyone have eyes on this issue which possibly can't with Mastodon 3.0?


I dunno if it's a new or old issue

14:01:40@charlag:matrix.orgcharlag It's just media storage sucks. It doesn't affect us in any way i think.
19:25:43@eviltak:matrix.orgTak!ooo, I like the new boost indicator
11 Oct 2019
09:53:14@trung:matrix.orgTrung changed their display name from [RTA] Trung to Trung.
13 Oct 2019
19:12:25@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckScreenshot 2019-10-13 at 21.11.42.png
Screenshot 2019-10-13 at 21.11.42.png
19:12:32@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckthx for nothing Weblate

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