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10 Apr 2021
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12 Apr 2021
@c1710:matrix.orgConstantin A. changed their profile picture.09:12:10
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@meshnetwork:matrix.orgmeshnetworkyay peepz.. why I'm drafting a toot on tusky.. I can't write (system) emojis, only can use the emojis of the server.. its missing the emoji icon on the keyboard12:13:20
@imperatrix:matrix.orgtlgWhich keyboard app do you use? I use OpenBoard and can access system emoji.19:58:42
@meshnetwork:matrix.orgmeshnetworklineageos Android keyboard (AOSP)21:18:09
@charlag:chaos.nrwcharlagYou usually need to hold some key like return key to get emoji picker21:37:33
14 Apr 2021
@nailyk:matrix.nailyk.frnailykThere is an (hidden) option to enable the emoji icon on AOSP keyboard05:00:38
@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckI have the weirdest bug: If I do a release build locally, the resulting apk crashes because drawables that are just used in code are (wrongly) minified. Both on my Windows and Mac machines, both green/blue variants. But Nightly works just fine?15:19:15
@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckCan anyone help me figure out what is going on there?15:19:51
@nailyk:matrix.nailyk.frnailykis it in master ? 15:23:13
@nailyk:matrix.nailyk.frnailykIf yes you can try my build15:23:18
@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckno in develop15:23:35
@nailyk:matrix.nailyk.frnailykah yes develop sorry : https://releases.nailyk.fr/jenkins/job/F-Droid/job/a_freestyle_github/792/15:24:35
@nailyk:matrix.nailyk.frnailyklatest commit15:24:38
remove okhttp-tls dependency (#2132) (commit: b195b42) (details / githubweb)
@nailyk:matrix.nailyk.frnailykmight be a key issue15:25:29
@nailyk:matrix.nailyk.frnailykcan also be good to do a manual diff between your local repo and remote develop15:25:44
@nailyk:matrix.nailyk.frnailykMaybe some ignored files are breaking it15:25:57
@nailyk:matrix.nailyk.frnailykGuess you already tried to clear all the local temp/cache files. Had always issue, so part of my builds is always to delete everything15:26:32
@nailyk:matrix.nailyk.frnailykhope that might help.....15:26:42
@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckI tried finding the bad commit with git bisect and it is this one https://github.com/tuskyapp/Tusky/commit/bea5098cc1fb794abc19592d1d46a80630f236c015:57:38
@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckhmm do you also have a release build? Not a debug one?15:58:49
@charlag:chaos.nrwcharlagTry to disable some things/clear caches?18:29:01
15 Apr 2021
@nailyk:matrix.nailyk.frnailykRedacted or Malformed Event08:31:01
In reply to @connyduck:matrix.org
hmm do you also have a release build? Not a debug one?
I also have a build every two days of the blue release based on master : https://github.com/nailyk-fr/jenkins_scripts/blob/fdroid/c_source-sync.sh#L147
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In reply to @charlag:chaos.nrw
Try to disable some things/clear caches?
good idea, but I just cleared Android Studio, build and gradle cache to no avail :/
16 Apr 2021
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