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18 Jun 2020
@charlag:matrix.orgcharlagFor me in notification panel only filters collapse but not appbar, is it intended like this?20:04:56
@norbert:riotchat.denorbert 22:54:12
19 Jun 2020
@dansup:matrix.orgdansup connyduck: Will be merging this soon! https://github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed/pull/2253 03:05:51
@jannis:asra.grjannis 19:23:13
21 Jun 2020
In reply to @charlag:matrix.org
Huh, you are right, I only get this with this new TouchImageView I'm trying out but I still wonder why because it's not the case in the sample
omg I've found it now
22 Jun 2020
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@charlag:chaos.nrwcharlagRedacted or Malformed Event22:04:13
@charlag:chaos.nrwcharlagRedacted or Malformed Event22:13:28
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23 Jun 2020
@robert:perthchat.orgrobert 07:43:00
24 Jun 2020

I'm having trouble with open as. (opening a toot with another account)

They are public toots.

@charlag:chaos.nrwcharlagWhat kind of?11:18:26
@charlag:chaos.nrwcharlagWait, do we even have it? 🤔11:19:13
@wladimir:ru-matrix.orgwladimir 18:16:05
25 Jun 2020
@mike:nerdsin.spacemike 22:26:40
26 Jun 2020
@jorge:halogen.cityjorge joined the room.18:59:42
@ismael:tchncs.deismael 19:25:43
27 Jun 2020
@kunigunde:kde.orgkunigunde 21:55:59
30 Jun 2020
In reply to @maloki:matrix.org

I'm having trouble with open as. (opening a toot with another account)

They are public toots.

maybe a federation problem? or it happens with any post?

We should do a release soon
open todos:

  • https://github.com/tuskyapp/Tusky/pull/1846
  • fix the crash when opening some images
  • solve the problem with the notification options bar
  • integrate new languages in the in-app language picker
@detlev:converser.eudetlev 21:32:30
2 Jul 2020
@joey:tomesh.netjoey 19:22:40
@mopsi:ggc-project.demopsi 19:29:57
4 Jul 2020
@maloki:matrix.orgmaloki it's between my own accounts, and I follow myself Tak! 02:01:22
@maloki:matrix.orgmalokiIt just switches the account and opens the home timeline. nothing else02:01:46
@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduck What Tusky version? maloki 07:44:12
6 Jul 2020
@crockwave:matrix.orgCurtis Rock set a profile picture.15:18:26
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