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17 Jan 2020
21:09:33@charlag:matrix.orgcharlagScreenshot from 2020-01-17 22-08-54.png
Screenshot from 2020-01-17 22-08-54.png
21:09:35@charlag:matrix.orgcharlagScreenshot from 2020-01-17 22-08-20.png
Screenshot from 2020-01-17 22-08-20.png
21:10:31@charlag:matrix.orgcharlagI try to fix 1593 (small hitboxes), i sent all buttons' width to match_parent yet when I inspect it, it is wrap_content Sometimes I love Android
21:20:31@charlag:matrix.orgcharlagoops it's a different layout /facepalm
18 Jan 2020
15:30:13@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckTheme refactoring is in progress. All these duplicate drawables and redundant stuff we have is being deleted 😍
15:30:36@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckAlso goodbye to most of ThemeUtils :D
18:17:38@charlag:matrix.orgcharlagWhat about tusky 10?
20:48:42@charlag:matrix.orgcharlag rn we have nothing planned for Tusky 11 except audio recording, does someone work on this already, like Tak! ?
21:04:39@charlag:matrix.orgcharlagLol, nice effect
21:58:44@charlag:matrix.orgcharlag That's because it's a CoordinatorLayout and BackgroundMessageView is not offset by this bar at all and the height of this bar is not static either so I don't know how to fit it there...
19 Jan 2020

What about tusky 10?

I really want the theme refactoring in there

17:10:20@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckBut after that I want to release asap
17:10:44@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckwe still have some bugs we need to iron out though
17:27:41@charlag:matrix.orgcharlag I'm not in hurry, just want to know your plans because milestone looked empty
17:45:05@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckthis is color.xml after cleanup 😍
17:45:22@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckwait the comment at the top makes no sense anymore
17:45:40@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckfinally one can understand what is going on in that file \o/
17:51:51@charlag:matrix.orgcharlag Wait it's for all themes
17:53:09@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckyes there are two more color files that make the switch
17:53:51@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckthats how the one for night looks
20 Jan 2020
11:34:39@eviltak:matrix.orgTak!I have not begun working on recording
11:35:52@eviltak:matrix.orgTak! on nightly, playing many (most?) videos is broken for me (e.g. https://octodon.social/@Jewbacchus/103511154561613684 )
11:36:38@eviltak:matrix.orgTak!I guessed it was the recent media player fixes, but the problem persists if I revert them
21 Jan 2020
00:30:11@moonlits:matrix.orgmoonlitsTusky (beta enabled) closes shortly after opening, nightly closes when accessing notifications on a specific instance
20:53:12@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckOh no thats bad. Did you report the crashes to Google Play?
20:54:21@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckIs you nightly up to date? A crash in notifications was fixed a week ago.

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