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19 Mar 2020
20:55:48@dansup:matrix.orgdansupI'm thinking it may be the date formats causing issues again 😅
20:59:27@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckfor me its now loading, so its no longer related to the headers
21:02:09@dansup:matrix.orgdansup I figured out the issue, missing mention and reblog stuff. Will ship a fix, thanks a lot connyduck ! I know this app is meant for Mastodon and appreciate you helping me to debug compatibility!
21:05:21@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckI only have 1 notification and Tusky tries loading new ones indefinitely
21:05:47@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduck I think its because the header looks like this when there is no next page
link: <https://staging.pixelfed.net/api/v1/notifications?max_id=>; rel="next",<https://staging.pixelfed.net/api/v1/notifications?min_id=>; rel="prev"
21:07:13@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduck yes, if you leave it like that Tusky users are going to DDoS you with https://staging.pixelfed.net/api/v1/notifications?max_id= requests 😅
21:10:28@dansup:matrix.orgdansupoof, will fix. thanks!
25 Mar 2020
09:36:40@N07070:matrix.orgSlimy boiIt's nice to see progress on Tusky supporting pixelfed!
17:09:23@eviltak:matrix.orgTak! I tried to reproduce https://github.com/tuskyapp/Tusky/issues/1738 but didn't manage to, do we get crash reports or something?
18:38:04@isvarahparamahkrsnah:converser.euisvarahparamahkrsnah joined the room.
26 Mar 2020
09:44:19@eviltak:matrix.orgTak!never mind, got it 🙂
31 Mar 2020

On delete and re-draft you don't get the prompt to save or delete toot if you cancel it.

Could we improve this to be equal to the normal compose prompt?

15:56:15@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckif you don't change anything then thats fine because toot is already saved anyway
15:56:38@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckif you change something and then don't get the dialog its a bug and we should fix it
1 Apr 2020
07:36:01@eviltak:matrix.orgTak!hm, I can't find anything in drafts if I immediately close a redraft
08:12:30@charlag:matrix.orgcharlag Redrafts should be saved and they're not that's a bug I think
2 Apr 2020
17:11:00@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckah I did not understand the problem correctly, my bad
17:36:35@charlag:matrix.orgcharlagI absolutely love follow request notifications
18:46:20@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckwhen you mute a conversation, Tusky crashes (missing error handler)
18:46:48@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckbut that cannot be the place where Tusky 10 crashes, because mute conversation is newer
19:01:47@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckI going through all api calls manually I want to find this crash
19:02:23@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckfound one that does nothing because its not subscribed to at all xD
19:10:28@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckdidn't find it >_>
19:14:51@charlag:matrix.orgcharlagOops which one was not subscribed?
19:17:52@charlag:matrix.orgcharlag Oops
Rx is so error prone...
3 Apr 2020
07:42:06@eviltak:matrix.orgTak!indeed, sent a PR for the mute conversation one
22:07:03@nailyk:matrix.nailyk.frnailykInterresting issue :p
22:10:49@nailyk:matrix.nailyk.frnailykSadly nothing televqnt in the log. Sorry :(

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