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3 Dec 2019
16:27:42@eviltak:matrix.orgTak!my thinking is that if the text of the post needs a CW, the poll options are likely to as well
19:05:10@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckhow does the web interface handle it?
4 Dec 2019
08:17:41@eviltak:matrix.orgTak!web UI hides them
08:17:51@eviltak:matrix.orgTak!example: https://cybre.space/@vantablack/103241753089010928
09:47:09@charlag:matrix.orgcharlag Them we should too probs, I thought it's the other way around
20:43:15@charlag:matrix.orgcharlagI think it would be cool if users could send stacktraces (and other logs) easily. It's not so easy to set up adb. App can actually grab your own logs at any point, we did it at work for the same purpose. https://github.com/tutao/tutanota/blob/master/app-android/app/src/main/java/de/tutao/tutanota/LogReader.java
6 Dec 2019
07:41:37@4udr4n:matrix.org4udr4n joined the room.
07:46:13@4udr4n:matrix.org4udr4nHi all, I'm having trouble setting up tusky, I can log in & 2fa, but when I click to authorise the app, nothing happens.
07:46:49@charlag:matrix.orgcharlagDo you have any browsers?
07:46:58@4udr4n:matrix.org4udr4nI am connecting through tor (orbot, tbb) on android (lineageOS).
07:47:39@4udr4n:matrix.org4udr4nYes, and tusky can use tor browser to log in successfully, but somehow the app authorisation is a problem.
07:48:33@charlag:matrix.orgcharlagWait, so when you press login it opens browser but when you come back what happens?
07:48:46@4udr4n:matrix.org4udr4nCome back?
07:50:21@4udr4n:matrix.org4udr4nI log in fine, get the 2fa prompt, provide a code, succeed to log in, then hit the authorize/deny application to access your accout page. I can click either option, the page seems to be loading briefly but does not change.
07:50:49@4udr4n:matrix.org4udr4nI can log out from that page, so it is not unresponsive
07:54:40@4udr4n:matrix.org4udr4nTusky is not showing as an authorised app if I log in via web
09:43:07@chaosdaten:matrix.orgchaosdaten left the room.
8 Dec 2019
00:39:47@nc:whomst.onlineMortimer changed their profile picture.
00:40:06@nc:whomst.onlineMortimer changed their profile picture.
14:51:15@charlag:matrix.orgcharlagRedacted or Malformed Event
14:57:05@charlag:matrix.orgcharlag 4udr4n: I'm still struggling to understand completely but web page is not under our control really. What's your browser or what's used for the login tab?
14:57:59@charlag:matrix.orgcharlag connyduck: should I work on tests for Compose or something in that area? I could also try to add that logs collecting thingy or anything else
16:55:06@4udr4n:matrix.org4udr4nTor browser or bromite.
16:56:25@charlag:matrix.orgcharlag I suspect it might related to it? Bromite seems to be just Chromium but I don't know much about it.
17:03:22@4udr4n:matrix.org4udr4nYeah, though if I click the open on browser button in Tusky I get the same page and am logged in to my account, but then cannot get to the authorize page.
10 Dec 2019
18:45:17@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduck@charlag: I will work on Tusky on sunday
18:45:44@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckyou can take over the compose tests until then if you want?
18:46:26@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduckI just found that appcompat 1.2.0 (still alpha) fixes the custom language picker problem we are having \o/
18:47:04@connyduck:matrix.orgconnyduck(they said they will provide a fix, but its nice to confirm its indeed there)
18:47:51@charlag:matrix.orgcharlag Yay!
I will try to if I won't be too tired this week!

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