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8 Dec 2023
@teyro:tchncs.deChristian joined the room.20:32:11
@teyro:tchncs.deChristianTag zusammen :) 20:33:44
9 Dec 2023
@erack:tchncs.deerAcktach auch02:19:13
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@chaosnicro:matrix.org@chaosnicro:matrix.orgHeya, überlege gerade den Homeserver zu wechseln. Kann ich den Account per Matrix registrieren, oder beißt sich das mit den SSO-Accounts auf der Webseite?15:59:49
@chaosnicro:matrix.org@chaosnicro:matrix.orgIs there a preference on whether new account via the website or directly through Matrix. Are there any interactions/differences regarding that?16:18:17
@jokergermany:matrix.orgjokergermany:matrix.orgEs unterscheidet sich nur wie du dich bei Matrix anmeldest, per Password direkt in Matrix oder per SSO über zitadel16:39:30
@jokergermany:matrix.orgjokergermany:matrix.orgThere is only a difference how you log in in Matrix, password or via sso using zitadel16:39:57
10 Dec 2023
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11 Dec 2023
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@enderxenocide:matrix.orgenderxenocideDo you need to have tchncs as your homesever if you want to use the whatsapp bridge?14:01:54
In reply to @enderxenocide:matrix.org
Do you need to have tchncs as your homesever if you want to use the whatsapp bridge?
@enderxenocide:matrix.orgenderxenocidethe bot is not responding to me14:54:54
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@jokergermany:matrix.orgjokergermany:matrix.orgyou wrote a message and send it?17:07:45
@jokergermany:matrix.orgjokergermany:matrix.orgafter that the room is created and you need to send a message again17:08:00

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