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2 Aug 2021
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroft and increments of 0.010" are pretty commont 02:11:29
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroft it's at least a plausible explanation 02:11:50
@solarwind:libera.chatsolarwindAnd yes they do wear into ovals02:11:51
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsightused rubbing compound earlier to polish crank journals02:11:58
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroft but don't worry about it 02:12:24
@solarwind:libera.chatsolarwind In the same plane as the piston rod's movement 02:12:25
@roycroft:libera.chatroycrofta bigger bore means more horsepower02:12:31
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsightworks on paint as well02:12:35
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroftif you tune the engine properly02:12:50
@solarwind:libera.chatsolarwindWhich is hard to do with locked down modern ECUs02:13:06
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsightsee rusefi02:13:28
@solarwind:libera.chatsolarwindUnless yuu have the right programmer, sometimes highly manufacturer specific02:13:30
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsight2 engines, one for the testing date, and the other for daily driver02:14:03
@solarwind:libera.chatsolarwind I'm in the process of converting an old snowblower engine to a supercharged, EFI system with a custom built engine controller 02:16:04
@solarwind:libera.chatsolarwindit has cast iron lined cylinders, so it should be able to handle a mild boost02:16:20
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsighthttps://rusefi.com/ what I use02:17:05
@solarwind:libera.chatsolarwind I'm going to make it as electronic as possible with optical encoders everywhere 02:17:07
@solarwind:libera.chatsolarwindIf I can get rid of the camshaft and use solenoids to actuate the valves, even better02:17:25
@CloudEvil:libera.chatCloudEvilactuated valves are quite hard and expensive02:17:51
@solarwind:libera.chatsolarwind yes that's one of the hardest parts 02:18:00
* @roycroft:libera.chatroycroft could use a fireplace bellows as a snowblower02:18:12
@CloudEvil:libera.chatCloudEvilThey are of very limited benefit beyond variable timing and amplide which is rather easier02:18:13
@solarwind:libera.chatsolarwind CaptHindsight thanks I'll check out rusefi 02:18:52
@CloudEvil:libera.chatCloudEvil I'm pretty sure '20% of a typical engine' today is a lie 02:21:20
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsightwhy not just go electric on the snow blower?02:22:48
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsight50k rpm spindle02:22:56
@CloudEvil:libera.chatCloudEvilhttps://www.ebay.ca/itm/393467902504?oid=403031886223 Or jus get five of these and skip the motor02:26:57

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