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2 Feb 2023
@JT-Woodshop:libera.chatJT-Woodshopno 30a22:14:17
@JT-Woodshop:libera.chatJT-Woodshopmix of 120 and 24022:14:30
@JT-Woodshop:libera.chatJT-Woodshop30a is much bigger22:14:46
@Tom_L:libera.chatTom_Li was thinkin the -| made it 3022:15:10
@JT-Woodshop:libera.chatJT-Woodshop-| - is 15/20a 24022:17:55
@roycroft:libera.chatroycrofti took a different approach22:22:49
Download 20230202_162236.jpg
@JT-Woodshop:libera.chatJT-Woodshop that's what I replaced 22:23:10
@Tom_L:libera.chatTom_Lbit handier22:23:17
@XXCoder:libera.chatXXCodernew one is much nicer22:23:34
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroftyou can tell who was an electrician in an earlier life and who was a woodworker in an earlier life22:24:10
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroftmine are all 240vac/20a22:24:24
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroft and they're not that expensive 22:26:27
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroftcheaper than tripping over a cord and pulling it out22:26:39
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroftyou can also tell who keeps a neat shop and who keeps a messy shop22:28:07
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroftmy shop is actually not that messy overall, but where the power boxes are is hard to get to22:28:25
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroft and i don't tidy those areas as well as i should 22:28:33
@JT-Woodshop:libera.chatJT-Woodshop I made some drawers to go under an old machine table and my buddy the woodworker said "I would not have made them that way" I said if you're a machinist you would 22:28:43
@Tom_L:libera.chatTom_Lovernite is 17F then it starts to slowly warm up a bit22:32:09
@Tom_L:libera.chatTom_L57 on Sat22:32:48
@JT-Woodshop:libera.chatJT-Woodshopwe are a day behind you on temps22:47:18
* @JT-Woodshop:libera.chatJT-Woodshop had a good chuckle when he opened the motor cover on the saw stop they used tape over the wire nuts... not seen that since working on nail machines a long long long time ago22:51:24
@royills:matrix.org@royills:matrix.org left the room.22:57:34
@JT-Woodshop:libera.chatJT-Woodshopall right now the sawstop is 240v now23:14:11
@jdh:libera.chatjdhanyone have a manual for circa 1996 WinRT Toolkit for NT by BlueWater systems?23:28:48
3 Feb 2023
@_discord_1020005159679578132:jauriarts.orgskunkworks jdh: lol.. pretty specific.. 00:47:32

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