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18 May 2022
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroftthose drills are kind of a pain22:27:12
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroftbut they save a lot of work22:27:18
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroftyou have to get both left hand and right hand drills for them, because each spindle is geared directly to the one next to it22:27:51
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroft that's how the 32mm standard came to be, btw 22:28:00
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroft32mm spacing was the smallest size where the drive gears did not wear out quickly22:28:43
* @roycroft:libera.chatroycroft gets to sanding22:30:43
@Tom_L:libera.chatTom_Lcnc would make it easier on the body22:48:18
@_unreal_:libera.chat_unreal_ joined the room.22:50:05
@Tom_L:libera.chatTom_Lthose upside down glue guns looked kindof interesting22:50:14
@Tom_L:libera.chatTom_Li wonder if they get better print results22:50:35
@_unreal_:libera.chat_unreal_so I just got a bunch of those sat.s22:51:27
@_unreal_:libera.chat_unreal_ sat's 22:51:29
@_unreal_:libera.chat_unreal_ and one of the sat's I just got has a massive MASSIVE linear rail and two carriages 22:51:53
* @JT-Shop2:libera.chatJT-Shop2 listens to Roanne Cash22:52:01
@_unreal_:libera.chat_unreal_when I get it into the house and start taking it apart it should be amazing22:52:08
@_unreal_:libera.chat_unreal_ I think the liner rail is almost 2" wide alone 22:52:23
@JT-Shop2:libera.chatJT-Shop2hmm a little Janis to round out the night22:56:16
@Tom_L:libera.chatTom_Lquite a gal22:57:08
@JT-Shop2:libera.chatJT-Shop2going to be a busy few days coming up, Friday getting Woody III spayed, Monday wife is getting her arm worked on, Tuesday getting the Ridgeline serviced and celebrating our 35th23:01:03
@roguish[m]:libera.chatroguish[m]hot today. 91 outside. 76 inside. new AC23:01:24
@JT-Shop2:libera.chatJT-Shop2she has Calcific Tendonitis in her left rotator cuff23:02:27
@JT-Shop2:libera.chatJT-Shop2 at least that's what I think the dr said 23:03:20
@JT-Shop2:libera.chatJT-Shop273°F 50% in here23:04:02
@_unreal_:libera.chat_unreal_I am so excited to find out what linear rail I got23:04:40
@JT-Shop2:libera.chatJT-Shop2time to retire for the night that servo and turntable wore me out today scratching my head trying to sort it out23:04:55
@roguish[m]:libera.chatroguish[m]had power outtage at 12:30 today for an hour...... no clue about cause.....23:05:33
@Tom_L:libera.chatTom_LJT-Shop2, congrats and hope the rest goes well23:06:12
@Tom_L:libera.chatTom_L although the ridgeline shouldn't need much yet 23:06:49

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