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6 Oct 2022
@_discord_448217356418809857:jauriarts.orgxxcoder ie no cut an full depth 20:54:22
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroftthe sticker tape is what made me not be interested20:54:25
@_discord_448217356418809857:jauriarts.orgxxcoder ah that one dunno 20:54:34
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroft it seemed i'd be spending half my money on rolls of tape if i bought one 20:54:46
@_discord_448217356418809857:jauriarts.orgxxcoder yeah if I recall right that tape is quite expensive. 20:54:52
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsightit needs a way of knowing where Z is and also a way of holding Z position20:55:00
@_discord_448217356418809857:jauriarts.orgxxcoder well if it has 2 position thing also, thats not too bad also 20:55:34
@_discord_448217356418809857:jauriarts.orgxxcoder just limited 20:55:38
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsightone way to add Z stability is increase the diameter of the base of the shaper20:56:09
@_discord_448217356418809857:jauriarts.orgxxcoder cant do massive voids yeah. 20:57:09
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsightso a 2 ft dia baseplate would give you 1 ft dia of Z area20:57:19
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsightif you had an arm to track Z then it could be larger20:58:04
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsightif i commercial the shaper I'd like to use roycroft for the infomercial20:59:53
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroft that's why i like their "workstation" thing 21:02:57
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroftfor small parts it eliminates the tape21:03:36
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroftbuilding my over/under cnc router/router table is a better solution for me though21:08:32
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroftthere are applications for which the shaper origin is perfect, and unmatched, though21:10:26
@roycroft:libera.chatroycroftfor example, installing inlay in a wooden floor21:10:41
@_discord_448217356418809857:jauriarts.orgxxcoder indeed 21:11:00
@_discord_448217356418809857:jauriarts.orgxxcoder that would be fun for children room. wood floorm then make inlays of random stuff 21:11:30
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsightwhat if want to do 4x8 sheets?21:32:06
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsight1mm accuracy is more than good enough21:33:32
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsight1/25th inch21:33:50
@jdh:libera.chatjdhI have a project to measure items between 60-160 inches long within a few thousandths. and one end of some of the items has an inferred datum. 21:58:49
@_discord_554508768402997249:jauriarts.orgZincBoy[CA, ON] Laser interferometer 21:59:44
@jdh:libera.chatjdhyou would have to fixture a target I think.22:42:50
@jdh:libera.chatjdhthe other end has a nice square datum which helps.22:42:50
@jdh:libera.chatjdhyeah. measurement occurs on the factory floor (table)22:42:50
@roycroft:libera.chatroycrofti hope you have really good temperature control in your metrology lab22:42:51
@_discord_448217356418809857:jauriarts.orgxxcoder just table or Surface? 22:46:59

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