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16 May 2022
@_discord_325682674482020352:t2bot.ioPrincess Mortix#1610 check issue #488 14:59:34
@_discord_325682674482020352:t2bot.ioPrincess Mortix#1610 under a fix 14:59:44
@_discord_609816573934436375:t2bot.ioDomac ? 15:02:45
@_discord_325682674482020352:t2bot.ioPrincess Mortix#1610 https://github.com/fastforwardteam/fastforward/issues/488 15:03:37
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@_discord_609816573934436375:t2bot.ioDomac ok 15:09:57
@idahotokens:matrix.org@idahotokens:matrix.org left the room.16:37:49
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17 May 2022
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18 May 2022
@_discord_564470061935624202:t2bot.iofun840#0808 There seems to be a youtube bug with FastForward where whenever I go back a page (using the mouse buttons, not sure if back arrow has same effect but idk why it wouldn't) the page sometimes doesn't reload, the URL bar just changes 00:45:59
@_discord_564470061935624202:t2bot.iofun840#0808 Apparently nevermind, literally a minute and a half after sending this, I realize it's related to some other extension, after an hour of using youtube with no problem 00:48:29
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@_discord_562888350223040512:t2bot.ioUnJust1ce Lol 09:05:01
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19 May 2022
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@_discord_482721238679289889:t2bot.ioBs_zombie changed their display name from Bs_zombie#9999 to Bs_zombie.00:22:34
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20 May 2022
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21 May 2022
@_discord_309408702530846730:t2bot.ioMatrix Bridge 04:36:44
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22 May 2022
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24 May 2022
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