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14 Sep 2019
08:44:59@tx:junta.plTXchanged room power levels.
08:46:50@tx:junta.plTX invited @tx:midov.plTX (midov.pl).
08:46:53@tx:midov.plTX (midov.pl) joined the room.
08:57:25@tx:junta.plTXchanged room power levels.
09:01:11@tx:midov.plTX (midov.pl) removed the room topic "Playing Achilles and the tortoise".
09:06:22@midov:midov.pl@midov:midov.pl left the room.
09:06:28@tx-debug:matrix.org@tx-debug:matrix.org joined the room.
09:07:01@tx:junta.plTXchanged room power levels.
09:10:08@tx:midov.plTX (midov.pl) left the room.
10:27:47@tx:junta.plTX changed their profile picture.
10:29:08@tx:junta.plTX changed their profile picture.
11:39:42@tx-debug:matrix.org@tx-debug:matrix.org left the room.
16 Sep 2019
19:29:04@marmulak:converser.eumarmulak left the room.
18 Sep 2019
17:23:33@kefirer:junta.pl@kefirer:junta.pl changed their profile picture.
19:23:48@kefirer:junta.pl@kefirer:junta.pl left the room.
20 Sep 2019
10:17:38@blacksmith:junta.plblacksmith changed their profile picture.
10 Oct 2019
11:19:54@spinaczo:junta.plspinaczo joined the room.
29 Oct 2019
13:56:49@bartors:junta.plbartors set a profile picture.
14:10:16@spinaczo:junta.plspinaczo set a profile picture.
23:00:37@selfisekai:junta.pl@selfisekai:junta.pl changed their profile picture.
23:00:43@selfisekai:junta.pl@selfisekai:junta.pl changed their display name from selfisekai to Laura.
1 Nov 2019
13:39:22@mikef:junta.plmikef changed their profile picture.
18 Nov 2019
23:15:11@selfisekai:junta.pl@selfisekai:junta.pl left the room.
20 Nov 2019
19:57:54@blacksmith:junta.plblacksmith changed their profile picture.
23 Dec 2019
07:16:58@salusbury:junta.pl@salusbury:junta.pl changed their profile picture.
07:18:56@salusbury:junta.pl@salusbury:junta.pl changed their profile picture.
24 Dec 2019
10:42:33@kek:junta.plkek changed their profile picture.
3 Jan 2020
21:20:44@salusbury:junta.pl@salusbury:junta.pl left the room.
26 Jan 2020
15:00:41@mikef:junta.plmikef changed their profile picture.
30 Jan 2020
07:46:06@rob:junta.pl@rob:junta.pl left the room.

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