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14 Sep 2019
05:34:38@glowers-guard:junta.pl@glowers-guard:junta.pl Hello welcome marmulak. Take a seat, grab a cigar and puff away!
05:35:16@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakHey buddies, I'm getting spam invites from @glowers-guard:junta.pl
05:36:23@marmulak:converser.eumarmulak TX: would you be able to deal with this
05:49:53@tx:junta.plTX marmulak: I deleted it once, they created account again. I am sceptical that deleting that account second time accomplish anything. To be save from that spam invites create github issue for riot encouraging devs to add ignore for invite. It can also be worked around by accepting invite, ignoring @glowers-guard:junta.pl and then leaving channel. It probably also help if you ingore that user in another channel. It is on @hello-pl:junta.pl for example.
06:26:33@glowers-guard:junta.pl@glowers-guard:junta.pl left the room.
W odpowiedzi do @areks:junta.pl
Nierozsądnie i pochopnie!
Faktycznie bardzo słabo
06:33:11@tx:junta.plTX xkolib: szukam nowego awatara dla glowers-guard.
06:33:28@tx:junta.plTXCo sądzisz o tym:
06:40:02@tx:junta.plTXE, dam im skrzypłocza. (nie googlać)
06:52:33@tx:junta.plTXDobre, ale już poszedł skrzypłocz. xD
W odpowiedzi do @SnqGrqDS1A:matrix.org
wyślij zdjęcie.
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16 Sep 2019
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18 Sep 2019
17:23:33@kefirer:junta.pl@kefirer:junta.pl changed their profile picture.
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