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17 Feb 2019
22:35:57@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsuneHopefully the latter, just let me double check one thing...
22:36:35@vsucduxp:matrix.orgvsucduxpno man page for quaternion... any tips on where cli switches are documented?
22:37:41@vsucduxp:matrix.orgvsucduxp--help only reveals --version and --locale ...
22:41:35@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsuneSorry, they are only documented in README.md as yet.
22:41:41@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsuneFor your convenience:
22:41:54@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsuneexport QT_LOGGING_TO_CONSOLE=1
22:42:03@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsuneexport QT_LOGGING_RULES=libqmatrixclient.*.debug=true;libqmatrixclient.events.ephemeral.debug=false;libqmatrixclient.jobs.sync.debug=false
22:42:21@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsuneThen try to run Quaternion. You'll see plenty of output.
22:42:59@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)kitsune: uhm, just checked the config file, you already save the info of which tag is expanded and which isn't >RoomsDock\u.chats=expand >RoomsDock\u.groups=expand >RoomsDock\u.matrix=collapse
22:43:26@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)so, maybe it is a regression that it isn't restored? (i suppose it wouldn't make much sense to add saving but not restoring the state :3)
22:43:40@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsuneYou can send it to me in private (unfortunately, Quaternion doesn't support E2E yet but you can use Riot for the purpose if you're concerned). Logs don't contain access tokens and such but they do reveal your room list necessarily.
22:44:03@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsuneネプギア (nepugia): yes, which is why #499 is a bug rather than a feature :)
22:44:04@_neb_github:matrix.orgGithubhttps://github.com/QMatrixClient/Quaternion/issues/499 : Remember expanded/collapsed state of groups in the room list
22:45:12@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)ah :)
22:46:17@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)also you save stuff for tags that i don't have anymore, arguably they might come back (since for some reason rooms that aren't joined can be tagged while one is in them and retain that?) but i don't think it makes sense to save the info of whether they are expanded
22:49:50@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)(then again, it is not really possible to know whether those settings were added by a user or by quaternion :g)
23:15:32@_neb_github_=40kitsune=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@kitsune:matrix.org] [QMatrixClient/libqmatrixclient] KitsuneRal pushed 23 commits to master: https://github.com/QMatrixClient/libqmatrixclient/commit/23008cac0c351d2e30583c53456394bbd4d14c5a
KitsuneRal: Connection::createRoom: support passing a room version On the path to address #233.
KitsuneRal: RoomCreateEvent Closes #234.
KitsuneRal: Merge branch 'master' into kitsune-room-versions
KitsuneRal: Connection: load supported room versions A part of #236.
KitsuneRal: RoomTombstoneEvent
KitsuneRal: Simplify RoomCreateEvent
KitsuneRal: Room::baseStateLoaded Mirroring Connection::loadedRoomState but for each single room (will be used as a NOTIFY signal for one-time-set events).
KitsuneRal: Add a FIXME upon the recent failure under Valgrind
KitsuneRal: Room: version(), predecessorId(), successorId() Use RoomCreateEvent and RoomTombstoneEvent in the backend, covering most of #235.
KitsuneRal: Disallow sending events to rooms that have been upgraded This concludes the mandatory part of #235.
KitsuneRal: Room::upgraded() A signal emitted when the room receives a tombstone event from the server.
KitsuneRal: Room::checkVersion() and Room::unstableVersion() Initial (sans power levels checking) implementation of the check that room should be upgraded. Closes most of #236.
KitsuneRal: Use Changes enum properly Don't use distinct items for each type of event; only for repeated/ combinable ones.
KitsuneRal: Fix FTBFS
KitsuneRal: Room::switchVersion() Closes #236.
KitsuneRal: Room::checkVersion(): check power levels This is a flimsy implementation without proper RoomPowerLevelEvent definition, just to enable upgrades without causing noise to each and every user of a room on an unstable version.
KitsuneRal: Room::canSwitchVersions()
KitsuneRal: Room::version(): Fallback an empty version to "1"
KitsuneRal: Connection: loadingCapabilities(); sort availableRoomVersions
KitsuneRal: Room: emit room, not id in upgraded(); add upgradeFailed()
KitsuneRal: Room: add isUnstable(); unstableVersion() -> stabilityUpdated()
KitsuneRal: Room: fix building with MSVC
KitsuneRal: Merge branch 'kitsune-room-versions'
23:16:43@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsuneネプギア (nepugia): tags are saved because Quaternion can't tell if you just haven't logged in to the account where they exist or you actually cleared them away.
23:18:16@_neb_github_=40kitsune=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@kitsune:matrix.org] [QMatrixClient/libqmatrixclient] KitsuneRal deleted kitsune-room-versions
23:18:53@_neb_github_=40kitsune=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@kitsune:matrix.org] [QMatrixClient/Quaternion] KitsuneRal pushed to kitsune-room-versions: Update to the latest lib (now on master) - https://github.com/QMatrixClient/Quaternion/commit/4bf3df5cf022c6dd8440038203315beb89f4bbd2
23:23:43@_neb_github_=40kitsune=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@kitsune:matrix.org] [QMatrixClient/Quaternion] KitsuneRal pushed 2 commits to kitsune-room-versions: https://github.com/QMatrixClient/Quaternion/commit/bc563e4abe75ba6fb895fcee9abda379a64883b9
KitsuneRal: Translations: move a string between the contexts The project at Lokalise.co already has it in the right place.
KitsuneRal: translations/quaternion_en.ts: update to the current codebase
23:29:55* @kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune enjoys middle-clicking on rooms.
23:30:03@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsunekrkk: thanks for the PR :)
23:36:29@_neb_github_=40kitsune=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@kitsune:matrix.org] [QMatrixClient/Quaternion] KitsuneRal pushed 15 commits to master: https://github.com/QMatrixClient/Quaternion/commit/a10a85f37b3aec291228aa88ee95702597d47680
KitsuneRal: Update to the latest lib
KitsuneRal: MessageEventModel: support RoomCreateEvent Closes #491.
KitsuneRal: Merge branch 'master' into kitsune-room-versions
KitsuneRal: Show account in room settings dialog Closes #498.
KitsuneRal: Dialog: introduce validate(); add more doc-comments
KitsuneRal: Room creation/settings: room versions! Room version can be chosen when creating a room; and room version is displayed and can be upgraded in the settings room. The specific position of the control(s) is subject to change.
KitsuneRal: RoomListDock: refactoring + strikethrough upgraded rooms
KitsuneRal: RoomListModel: warn about unstable rooms
KitsuneRal: Unstable room warnings in room settings and room caption
KitsuneRal: Update room caption and window title upon room renaming Closes #490.
KitsuneRal: Room dialogs: wording changes in the unstable room warning
KitsuneRal: Update to the latest lib (now on master)
KitsuneRal: Translations: move a string between the contexts The project at Lokalise.co already has it in the right place.
KitsuneRal: translations/quaternion_en.ts: update to the current codebase
KitsuneRal: Merge branch 'kitsune-room-versions'
23:36:43@_neb_github_=40kitsune=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@kitsune:matrix.org] [QMatrixClient/Quaternion] KitsuneRal deleted kitsune-room-versions
23:39:04@_neb_github_=40kitsune=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@kitsune:matrix.org] [QMatrixClient/libqmatrixclient] KitsuneRal assigned issue #236: Room::switchVersion() [closed] to KitsuneRal - https://github.com/QMatrixClient/libqmatrixclient/issues/236
23:53:50@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsuneRoom versions are in master: those crazy about experimenting are welcome to try https://bintray.com/qmatrixclient/ci/Quaternion/git-1213
23:54:02@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune(non-compat Linux version still upcoming)
23:54:45@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsuneBeware, room upgrades are really irreversible so you can easily screw up things. Don't use in production before checking on test environments, et.c
23:58:23@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsuneAn AppVeyor build for Windows is also in a usual place: https://ci.appveyor.com/project/QMatrixClient/quaternion

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