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8 Jun 2021
@chin123:libera.chatchin123also, how did you decide to go with a wiki for your personal page?22:46:18
In reply to @chin123:libera.chat
also, how did you decide to go with a wiki for your personal page?
I wanted it to be topic focused rather than date focused
@chin123:libera.chatchin123yeah that makes sense22:49:03
@peter:peterjin.orgpeterIf you go to https://website.peterjin.org/wiki/Special:AllPages you can see all the things I have written about.23:27:03
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9 Jun 2021
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@Evidlo:matrix.orgevidlopeter: https://twitter.com/axbom/status/123618713234515148818:58:58
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@peter:peterjin.orgpeterhttps://whois.arin.net/rest/net/NET6-2602-806-A000-1 - technically more IP addresses than the entire u of i :)21:55:07
11 Jun 2021
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@peter:peterjin.orgpeterAm I the only one who's natively on matrix rather than bridged to e.g. slack or discord?23:55:44
12 Jun 2021
@_slack_acm-uiuc_UCKA8M1QB:matrix.orgMatthew No, I see Evan and Chinmaya both use matrix 00:11:02
@peter:peterjin.orgpeterYeah that was what I was thinking, it's just that many of the people in this group (and most people in general) probably have no idea what matrix even is00:38:07
@chin123:libera.chatchin123i almost exclusively use either matrix or irc04:42:24
@chin123:libera.chatchin123mostly irc these days for this chat04:42:30
@chin123:libera.chatchin123this chat isnt bridged to discord, only matrix, slack and irc04:43:01
@chin123:libera.chatchin123hmmm bridging to discord might bring in more members though xD 04:43:48
@chin123:libera.chatchin123 i think many people dont use slack unless they're coincidentally also using it for work 04:45:27
13 Jun 2021
@_slack_acm-uiuc_UMUCS5EBZ:matrix.orgAjay Arasanipalai Linking to multiple Discord channels is a little awkward though, and I think most people who use Discord (including me) like having/using multiple text + voice channels with permission groups, which is the most useful feature. 04:27:27
@_slack_acm-uiuc_UMUCS5EBZ:matrix.orgAjay Arasanipalai I mostly use the Slack client now since I have a bunch of other stuff on Slack. I’d love to get back to using fractal, but they don’t have SSO support yet, so I think I can’t connect to the Mozilla homeserver. 04:29:34
@chin123:libera.chatchin123 fractal doesn't have e2e yet either, and I heard they're working on a complete rewrite in GTK4 so I think any progress is going to take a while. 07:22:07
@chin123:libera.chatchin123 I'm not too familiar with GTK4 though, is it as breaking as the transition from GTK 2 to 3? 07:22:47
@chin123:libera.chatchin123xfce took 4+ years to port to GTK3, now I wonder how long it will take to port to GTK4...07:25:05
14 Jun 2021
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15 Jun 2021
@_slack_acm-uiuc_UCKA8M1QB:matrix.orgMatthew Oh my, it does not look fun: https://developer.gnome.org/gtk4/stable/gtk-migrating-3-to-4.html 07:04:58
@Evidlo:matrix.orgevidlo Ajay Arasanipalai: check out the new Matrix Spaces feature 18:54:58
16 Jun 2021
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