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26 Jun 2020
@_slack_acm-uiuc_UCKA8M1QB:matrix.orgMatthew Right, tbh I feel like no single piece of chat history could be worth whatever it is like $5*N employees 00:38:43
@chin123:matrix.orgchin123The only time it's annoying is when there are some low activity channels with important messages and some high activity channels with less important messages but because you're over 10k the important messages get overwritten while the useless ones stay00:40:19
@chin123:matrix.orgchin123irc for life00:40:46
@chin123:matrix.orgchin123And if some people hate IRC, matrix sort of works00:41:05
@golanv:converser.eugolanv IRC is pretty easy to host. Matrix isn't much harder to setup. Between XMPP, IRC, and Matrix, I don't really get the appeal of slack. 02:14:47
@_slack_acm-uiuc_U703EK36C:matrix.orgjavbit email 👌 04:53:29
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27 Jun 2020
@_slack_acm-uiuc_U743X2G2W:matrix.orgEric Huber Sometimes people use slack free for a while and then realize they actually want the history back. "Didn't somebody have the same problem and paste a fix in here" 20:44:19
@chin123:matrix.orgchin123Slack is creating more denvercoder9s22:12:24
29 Jun 2020
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30 Jun 2020
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1 Jul 2020
@_slack_acm-uiuc_UJF9CSB2S:matrix.orgJason This blew my mind https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-cool-things-about-Lisp 00:32:30
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2 Jul 2020
@_slack_acm-uiuc_UMUCS5EBZ:matrix.orgAjay Arasanipalai https://www.reddit.com/r/rust/comments/hjejsp/google_over_time_we_will_continue_to_invest_in/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share 04:16:59
@harsh183:matrix.orgharsh183Google and Microsoft pushing rust. Hmm..08:20:29
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4 Jul 2020
@_slack_acm-uiuc_U703EK36C:matrix.orgjavbit rust99 is my favorite edition of the language 02:47:44
@_slack_acm-uiuc_U703EK36C:matrix.orgjavbitRedacted or Malformed Event02:50:24
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@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123mine is ANSI Rust04:14:11
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123true standards compliant zero cost abstractions04:14:25
@Evidlo:matrix.orgevidloI'm partial to rust2.706:14:46
@harsh183:matrix.orgharsh183But rust3 is better06:18:31

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