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28 Nov 2020
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123yeah even dnf has that11:50:51
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123it has a ridiculous startup time though11:50:58
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123some really large cache update11:51:02
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123its not like fedora has more packages than ubuntu11:51:17
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123if your situation is fairly static (i.e. something which always connects to the same network, always connected to power), alpine is pretty nice with minimal work11:51:48
@uknown:matrix.orguknownI think some of that might be because rpm and drpm are more complex that deb11:51:54
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123i still use alpine for my home server and it does the job with no fuss11:52:32
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123although i did learn a lot of hacks using alpine, especially learned a lot about chroot to get proprietary software working lol11:53:42
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123 but now i'm in the land of abundance, the cornucopia arch linux 11:54:21
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123AUR has a package to satisfy your every need11:54:35
29 Nov 2020
@Evidlo:matrix.orgevidlodon't you need to install a separate package manager to use AUR?07:48:03
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123not required, you can also install packages from the AUR manually08:09:46
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123but it does make life easier if you use a lot of AUR records08:10:06
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123AUR packages*08:10:15
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123(listening to too many music reviews nowadays...)08:10:32
@Evidlo:matrix.orgevidlowhy not just integrate that into pacman?08:10:33
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123 because they're user submitte 08:10:42
@Evidlo:matrix.orgevidlobut why does that mean you need to use a separate tool08:11:03
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123 arch doesn't support it officially, so they dont want any way to use it with pacman i guess 08:11:43
@Evidlo:matrix.orgevidlodebian/ubuntu have ppas and fedora has copr08:11:44
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123yeah idk. maybe this helps people more easily realize that its not vetted08:12:17
@Evidlo:matrix.orgevidloI used arch for a while, but that was what turned me off of it. and also weird pacman syntax08:13:34
@uknown:matrix.orguknownI think zypper/OpenSuse got it right. Separate repos and its reasonably easy to install user made packages08:27:36
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123i dont really use that much from aur09:02:33
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123like 2-3 packages09:02:42
30 Nov 2020
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123lol i remember seeing that a long time ago00:03:39
@freenode_chin123:matrix.orgchin123i remember some time back if you had a crappy UEFI implementation running rm -rf / could brick your computer00:06:01
@freenode_orbital:matrix.orgorbitalyeah, that was ridiculous00:32:57

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