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2 Mar 2021
@Evidlo:matrix.orgevidlochin123: https://github.com/pion/webrtc22:40:28
3 Mar 2021
@chin123:matrix.orgchin123I saw this before but this is just the server implementation right?00:55:30
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@Evidlo:matrix.orgevidloits just a library. I think you can do a number of things with it05:44:49
@Evidlo:matrix.orgevidloI don't understand why there isn't already a Jitsi desktop client though05:45:01
4 Mar 2021
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5 Mar 2021
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6 Mar 2021
@chin123:matrix.orgchin123I think its because there's no webrtc desktop client implementation02:23:36
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@revanj:matrix.orgrevanjrfout of curiosity, do you guys use a discord bridge? if so, is it the puppetry version or is it the other one?14:06:42
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7 Mar 2021
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@chin123:matrix.orgchin123We dont have a discord bridge setup for this channel15:01:24
@chin123:matrix.orgchin123 Ajay Arasanipalai might have set one up for sigaida though 15:01:51
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@_slack_acm-uiuc_UMUCS5EBZ:matrix.orgAjay Arasanipalai Yep sigaida is using a Discord-Matrix (and technically Slack too) bridge. We just used https://t2bot.io though, which uses matrix-appservice-discord but is not hosted by us. 18:39:35
8 Mar 2021
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@Evidlo:matrix.orgevidlowho is hosting sigaida's bridge?05:31:29
@Evidlo:matrix.orgevidlo oh, by "We", you mean sigaida 05:31:57

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