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18 Sep 2019
22:22:21@Evidlo:matrix.orgevidloWe need to prep the printer and router
22:46:33@Evidlo:matrix.orgevidlosays evan to an empty room
22:47:41@chin123:matrix.orgchin123i will come
22:49:04@chin123:matrix.orgchin123Where are you
22:49:32@chin123:matrix.orgchin123 I'm outside 1103
23:03:54@javbit:matrix.orgjavbit I'm on my way something came up
19 Sep 2019
02:48:55@freenode_knerten:matrix.orgknerten joined the room.
16:18:07@_slack_acm-uiuc_UMUCS5EBZ:matrix.orgAjay Arasanipalai changed their profile picture.
16:18:08@_slack_acm-uiuc_UMUCS5EBZ:matrix.orgAjay Arasanipalai Have any of you guys heard of/used Alacritty (the terminal emulator)?
17:01:29@chin123:matrix.orgchin123 It's good
17:45:48@_slack_acm-uiuc_UMUCS5EBZ:matrix.orgAjay Arasanipalai I'm trying to change the font in it, but I can't figure out how. It says I have to edit a .yaml file. So you know where I should put this config file?
17:47:54@_slack_acm-uiuc_UMUCS5EBZ:matrix.orgAjay Arasanipalai Nevermind, I found it. It was in /.config/alacritty/alacritty.yml
18:41:25@_slack_acm-uiuc_U703EK36C:matrix.orgjavbit changed their profile picture.
18:41:26@_slack_acm-uiuc_U703EK36C:matrix.orgjavbit i heard you cannot have more than one window at a time apparently
In reply to @_slack_acm-uiuc_U703EK36C:matrix.org
i heard you cannot have more than one window at a time apparently
Huh? Wdym
21:36:37@chin123:matrix.orgchin123You can keep opening as many alacritty terminals as you like
21:36:46@harsh183:matrix.orgharsh183how much do terminal emulators differ?
21:39:19@harsh183:matrix.orgharsh183like after setting up fish properly I haven't really found the need for any of the other ones
21:39:39@_slack_acm-uiuc_UMUCS5EBZ:matrix.orgAjay ArasanipalaiScreenshot 2019-09-19 at 4.38.17 PM.png
Screenshot 2019-09-19 at 4.38.17 PM.png
21:39:40@_slack_acm-uiuc_UMUCS5EBZ:matrix.orgAjay Arasanipalai Alacritty vs hyper.js on macos.
21:41:03@_slack_acm-uiuc_UMUCS5EBZ:matrix.orgAjay Arasanipalai Evan (Fizz) Dizzin' The-Biz Whizboy Why fish? Is it better than zsh?
21:41:59@harsh183:matrix.orgharsh183fish doesn't need much effort basically, i'm pretty sure I can get that working on zsh too
21:42:11@harsh183:matrix.orgharsh183basically every server I use I also just setup fish
22:11:38@_slack_acm-uiuc_UMUCS5EBZ:matrix.orgAjay Arasanipalai Anyone know how to fix the colors on alacritty (image above explains the issue. I want it to look like the right side)?
22:11:53@_slack_acm-uiuc_UMUCS5EBZ:matrix.orgAjay Arasanipalai (edited) ... the left side)? => ... the right side)?
22:12:04@_slack_acm-uiuc_UMUCS5EBZ:matrix.orgAjay Arasanipalai (edited) Anyone now how ... => Anyone know how ...

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