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20 Nov 2019
16:05:34@_slack_acm-uiuc_UMUCS5EBZ:matrix.orgAjay Arasanipalai But yeah, I don’t know about updates. Pop!_OS is Ubuntu-based, so it’ll be at least as slow as that.
19:20:31@_slack_acm-uiuc_UMQ4FQ36D:matrix.orgTimothy Vitkin joined the room.
19:21:15@_slack_acm-uiuc_UMQ4FQ36D:matrix.orgTimothy Vitkin I've somehow had the GUI stop working on PopOs multiple times, and I couldn't figure out how to fix it
19:24:58@freenode_zhuyifei1999_:matrix.orgzhuyifei1999_gentoo :)
19:25:41@freenode_zhuyifei1999_:matrix.orgzhuyifei1999_(probably the opposite of parents-appropriate, but you do get to fix any problem you might hit)
19:30:15@_slack_acm-uiuc_UMQ4FQ36D:matrix.orgTimothy Vitkin I guess Ubuntu with a macos gtk theme or something may be easiest to transition into
19:33:14@golanv:privacytools.iogolanvFor who? Still talking about non-techy parents?
19:35:49@_slack_acm-uiuc_UMQ4FQ36D:matrix.orgTimothy Vitkin Yeah
19:40:15@golanv:privacytools.iogolanvI kind of think that you could easily find a Linux distro that is easier to use that Windows (maybe not OSX), and they could still have problems with it. Most users are turned off by personal bias rather than real usability problems. I think, at least. So, if they are open to learning something different then....there should be a handful that will work well.
19:42:27@adchari:matrix.orgadchari That seems very true
20:02:24@adchari:matrix.orgadchariI’m having a serious battery life drop on the latest kernel though
21:15:16@_slack_acm-uiuc_U743X2G2W:matrix.orgEric Huber So in the past, I actually had my mother using an ancient desktop that had linux mint with xfce, and she found it very easy to use. She is extremely non-technical too.
21:15:24@_slack_acm-uiuc_U743X2G2W:matrix.orgEric Huber It actually had fewer problems than Windows for her (no confusing security pop-ups, etc.)
21:16:11@_slack_acm-uiuc_U743X2G2W:matrix.orgEric Huber I think the desktop manager hurdles are pretty easy for people to get over, but anything under the hood like managing updates or conflicts is a show stopper
21:16:29@_slack_acm-uiuc_U743X2G2W:matrix.orgEric Huber 100% can't ask them to use the terminal
21:18:20@_slack_acm-uiuc_U743X2G2W:matrix.orgEric Huber I guess the horseshoe theory of linux distros is that when someone's usage needs are very basic, it's easy to accommodate with almost any system
21:20:52@_slack_acm-uiuc_U743X2G2W:matrix.orgEric Huber I'll have to think about manjaro in this case. I thought rolling updates might break things (and I'm just not used to Arch) but my real goal here is that I wouldn't have to (ever) help family update or reinstall the system
23:49:58@freenode_zhuyifei1999_:matrix.orgzhuyifei1999_do we have meeting today?
23:50:20@_slack_acm-uiuc_U703EK36C:matrix.orgjavbit yes
21 Nov 2019
00:24:35@Evidlo:matrix.orgevidlochin123, are you coming?
00:25:03@chin123:matrix.orgchin123oh shit
00:25:10@chin123:matrix.orgchin123forgot it was wednesday
00:25:24@chin123:matrix.orgchin123i can come
00:29:54@chin123:matrix.orgchin123actually i dont think i can come I found a problem in my MP
00:29:59@chin123:matrix.orgchin123sorry :(
00:42:38@chin123:matrix.orgchin123you guys still there? i'm done now
00:42:56@chin123:matrix.orgchin123or is it almost over
00:50:43@Evidlo:matrix.orgevidlowere here
06:24:48@freenode_zhuyifei1999_:matrix.orgzhuyifei1999_ evidlo: oh, you should see this: https://cdecl.org/

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