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3 Oct 2022
@stanzabird:matrix.orgthreadpanicThat's a really long discussion 20:37:13
@starkle:matrix.orgstarkleIt had been going on even longer over on their GitHub discussions page20:37:49
@stanzabird:matrix.orgthreadpanicWe can think about features, but first let's get the basics right 20:38:56
@stanzabird:matrix.orgthreadpanicI do have a list of things that I want to try, but I would love to improve the ci first.. 20:41:02
@zinhar:matrix.org@zinhar:matrix.org changed their display name from Farid Zelli to Farid.20:52:45
@zinhar:matrix.org@zinhar:matrix.org left the room.20:57:19
@horizon:envs.nethorizonHello. What do I need to do in Linux Mint to update the LibreWolf browser to the latest version?20:59:03
@deltanedas:kde.orgdeltanedas sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade 21:08:00
@deltanedas:kde.orgdeltanedasassuming you use the repo21:08:10
In reply to @deltanedas:kde.org
assuming you use the repo

I tried this command it didn't work

sudo wget -O- https://deb.librewolf.net/keyring.gpg | gpg --dearmor | sudo tee /usr/share/keyrings/librewolf.gpg

@deltanedas:kde.orgdeltanedasno need to run wget as root21:11:47
@deltanedas:kde.orgdeltanedaswhy did it not work21:11:49
@horizon:envs.nethorizonDidn't make an update21:12:20
@horizon:envs.nethorizon* LibreWolf has not made any updates21:12:47
@deltanedas:kde.orgdeltanedashow does downloading the keyring not work21:13:38
@horizon:envs.nethorizonThe download is working. LibreWolf is still at version 103.0.221:14:54
@deltanedas:kde.orgdeltanedasi have 10521:15:26
@deltanedas:kde.orgdeltanedaswhat repo are you using21:15:36
@deltanedas:kde.orgdeltanedasi have it on focal suite21:15:46
@horizon:envs.nethorizonI installed LibreWolf from within the Software Manager in Linux Mint.21:16:34
In reply to @deltanedas:kde.org
i have 105
I want to use this version, that is the latest version, but I could not update it to the latest version
@deltanedas:kde.orgdeltanedasprobably using old mint repos, add the official one21:28:52
@deltanedas:kde.orgdeltanedasso you get latest21:28:56
@deane:matrix.orgdeaneHi folks. I've noticed that my site data gets deleted often. I'm used to, on Firefox, having a few websites zoomed in and then after clearing the cache etc, I zoom them in again the next time I visit the site. Can I have this functionality in Librewolf or are there good reasons Librewolf is set up this way? I have read the FAQ and Settings pages, and have created a "librewolf.overrides.cfg" file.21:32:04
In reply to @deltanedas:kde.org
so you get latest
So can you help with this? How do I add it?
Download 22:34:03.png
@deltanedas:kde.orgdeltanedasits on deb.librewolf.net21:34:10
@horizon:envs.nethorizonIt happened this time but all my settings were reset because it was set up from scratch. I will uninstall the LibreWolf browser I installed with Software Manager, the only problem will be to edit the settings one by one21:38:54
@deane:matrix.orgdeaneSorry, I think I meant, site settings. I am wanting to keep the zoom settings for each website, for longer.21:55:31

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