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26 Mar 2023
@pythongosssss:matrix.orgpythongosssssits never annoyed me enough to fix it18:25:02
@justneutral0:matrix.orgJustNeutralat first i thought they were like selection previews18:25:07
@pythongosssss:matrix.orgpythongosssssi'll add it to the top of my things to do when im fed up of whatever else im doing18:26:44
@justneutral0:matrix.orgJustNeutralid say "or just bored" but i know you have a massive stack of shit for that18:29:04
@jalb2:matrix.orgJAlB Mrimage.png
Download image.png
@justneutral0:matrix.orgJustNeutralno fucking way18:29:34
@justneutral0:matrix.orgJustNeutralpart of me feels like you bent everything to the point that it resembles more of a yarnball rather than the plate of spaghetti it was18:30:56
@justneutral0:matrix.orgJustNeutralsorry, that wasnt meant to be an insult or anything18:31:09
@justneutral0:matrix.orgJustNeutraleither way, thats awesome18:32:05
@jalb2:matrix.orgJAlB MrWe need to figure out how to output the contents of posex to the corresponding node.18:50:10
@justneutral0:matrix.orgJustNeutralbasically a node that reads the output content of that window?18:51:11
@ichiru:matrix.orgichiru joined the room.18:51:54
@comfyanonymous:matrix.orgcomfyanonymousyou can use the LoadImage node, make a custom frontend only node that is actually a LoadImage node18:52:11
@comfyanonymous:matrix.orgcomfyanonymousand when someone presses Queue Prompt it uploads the image if you changed it and queues the prompt18:52:53
@jalb2:matrix.orgJAlB Mr
In reply to @comfyanonymous:matrix.org
you can use the LoadImage node, make a custom frontend only node that is actually a LoadImage node
Can this be done from js?
@jalb2:matrix.orgJAlB MrТут еще надо загрузку и сохранение починить, у автора это делается через сервер.18:55:29
@jalb2:matrix.orgJAlB Mr * There is still need to download and save to fix it, the author does it through the server.18:58:00
@justneutral0:matrix.orgJustNeutralwhat does --windows-standalone-build do?18:59:04
@justneutral0:matrix.orgJustNeutraljust opens the link automatically?18:59:29
@comfyanonymous:matrix.orgcomfyanonymousright now yes19:02:28
@comfyanonymous:matrix.orgcomfyanonymousbut it could do more than that19:03:12
@comfyanonymous:matrix.orgcomfyanonymousif there's some other conveniences that would be good for that build specifically they will be turned on by that switch19:03:38
@comfyanonymous:matrix.orgcomfyanonymouslike most people who use it seem to love the fact that it auto opens up the page in the browser which I did because I didn't want anyone asking how to open the UI19:04:52
@comfyanonymous:matrix.orgcomfyanonymousbut I would find that very annoying19:05:04
@aphaits:matrix.orgaphaits joined the room.19:07:05
@justneutral0:matrix.orgJustNeutralfair enough19:07:31
@justneutral0:matrix.orgJustNeutralive mostly been using the standalone build because of the run.bat19:08:15
@justneutral0:matrix.orgJustNeutralim too lazy to make my own for the normal version19:08:24
@fbef39c:matrix.orgfbef39cI've been working on this but I'm not sure if it can even be done (at least not by me) and it wouldn't make much sense if I keep investing time in something undoable, what do you think? https://www.figma.com/file/DOrkC5Xhj7Oyr8hoL5PGsa/Comfy-concept?node-id=2%3A44&t=S4EYWjUs7s9Nljcn-119:09:54

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