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17 May 2018
16:35:56@joshuaduchene:matrix.orgjoshuaducheneSounds good to me! Tuesday the 22nd at 11:30am PDT it is!
16:42:28@geleeroyale:matrix.orggeleeroyale Awesome joshuaduchene ! Thanks and looking foward to see you guys there 😎
22 May 2018
05:37:51@joshuaduchene:matrix.orgjoshuaducheneRedacted or Malformed Event
05:38:50@joshuaduchene:matrix.orgjoshuaducheneHey everyone! Looking forward to chatting with y'all in about 13 hours at 11:30am Los Angeles time (Tuesday, May 22nd). See you then at: https://meet.jit.si/globalframes
18:33:52@geleeroyale:matrix.orggeleeroyale invited @emex:matrix.orgEmex.
18:34:09@emex:matrix.orgEmex joined the room.
18:37:39@joshuaduchene:matrix.orgjoshuaducheneAnybody else wants to join us for the meeting, it's going on now on the jitsi link above!
23 May 2018
11:35:05@geleeroyale:matrix.orggeleeroyale invited @yalormewn:matrix.org@yalormewn:matrix.org.
12:03:42@yalormewn:matrix.org@yalormewn:matrix.org joined the room.
12:06:21@yalormewn:matrix.org@yalormewn:matrix.orgOMG, this is gonna be amazing !
13:14:40@geleeroyale:matrix.orggeleeroyale Welcome yalormewn
13:29:29@jujusca:matrix.orgjujuscaHey guy! Sorry for the absence. We are in the middle of our journey to finally move to Europe. Packing everything from our life here in SP and it’s been crazy. But good thing is that we are going to be in a better time zone for the next meetings! Including maybe a Meetup. Hope you are all well! πŸ˜‰
25 May 2018
13:24:43@geleeroyale:matrix.orggeleeroyaleSo exciting!
13:25:03@geleeroyale:matrix.orggeleeroyaleWill be nice to have you on the continent guys!
28 May 2018
15 Jul 2018
15:08:13@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot joined the room.
15:08:30@geleeroyale:matrix.orggeleeroyaleRedacted or Malformed Event
15:17:07@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-botRedacted or Malformed Event
15:24:51@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-botRedacted or Malformed Event
15:46:36@emex:matrix.orgEmexI see something
15:47:41@geleeroyale:matrix.orggeleeroyaleYes! Works only one way yet - riot -> telegram
15:59:05@emex:matrix.orgEmexOh nice!
19:51:25@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot[telegram] <geleeroyale> I think it works now
19:54:11@geleeroyale:matrix.orggeleeroyaleRooms are bridged!
22:35:17@bridge-bot:matrix.orgbridge-bot[telegram] <geleeroyale> Welcome @cammyjee!
22:47:12@geleeroyale:matrix.orggeleeroyaletesting bridge - switching room address to internal id
24 Nov 2018
02:30:48@yalormewn:matrix.org@yalormewn:matrix.org left the room.

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