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1 Feb 2023
@_discord_773353582430912532:t2bot.iooldmate your pic got blocked 23:54:29
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRick It is because I am too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt 23:54:58
@_discord_773353582430912532:t2bot.iooldmate https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/881538589144539197/1070424932107956354/IMG_4859.jpg?width=484&height=645 23:55:19
@_discord_773353582430912532:t2bot.iooldmate turns out it's just Gin 23:55:22
@_discord_773353582430912532:t2bot.iooldmate that can't discord 23:55:26
Download image.png
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu i don't get it 23:55:36
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc ... 23:55:38
@_discord_773353582430912532:t2bot.iooldmate 23:55:39
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu why do i need nitro on a server 23:55:45
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu >:( 23:55:46
@_discord_773353582430912532:t2bot.iooldmate whats the right channel 23:56:02
@_discord_773353582430912532:t2bot.iooldmate #master 23:56:06
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu oh we don't have level 2 boost. 23:56:18
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu so no upload limit increase 23:56:31
2 Feb 2023
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRick Dead server 00:19:42
@_discord_254312386264039427:t2bot.ioyu giv nitro 00:19:50
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRick Oh 00:22:51
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRick I r poor 00:22:53
@_discord_315334011708768257:t2bot.ioRick Talk Justin into it 00:22:55
@_discord_146014798469922816:t2bot.ioCommodorian#8041 changed their profile picture.03:09:59
@_discord_476172910839726110:t2bot.ioSHΛDOW his guns are too powerfukl 03:50:02
@_discord_476172910839726110:t2bot.ioSHΛDOW * his guns are too powerful 03:50:03
@_discord_765345840856170526:t2bot.ioPanda Soli#5433 changed their display name from Panda Soli to Panda Soli#5433.12:19:40
@_discord_781535927197237268:t2bot.ioDktr.M joined the room.15:18:26
@_discord_1014329792117616680:t2bot.ioCratorinist changed their display name from Cratorinist to Cratorinist#5683.16:15:17
@_discord_1014329792117616680:t2bot.ioCratorinist changed their display name from Cratorinist#5683 to Cratorinist.16:15:23
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 Arc For all those fancy error messages you where making did you use anything special to output them? Like did your compiler use any dependencies or did you have to write your own algo to create all those paths? 22:23:14
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc I've used errata and diagnose. Looking at maybe trying chapelure when I get to it on this language 22:24:50
@_discord_461980943729688616:t2bot.ioGavinok#4195 I kinda wanna see if I can integrate something like that into carp 22:25:41

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