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Fuck you cunt! Oww what you're gonna shoot me with a tazor mate? Why don't you fucking shoot me mate? Go on, fucking shoot me you farkin!!... Ooow oww, Ye na ye na ye na ye na, hurts so much, aww yea, fuck off! I was a sparky for 15 years you fucking dog cunt! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6Hkc9VGiXQ - Nothing too skitz cunt.32 Servers

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26 Jul 2021
@changa_hero:pancrypticon.netdead birdiei like those ones too arm04:14:31
@changa_hero:pancrypticon.netdead birdiefacts04:14:32
@changa_hero:pancrypticon.netdead birdiei need to cut back tho04:14:36
@changa_hero:pancrypticon.netdead birdieon the sugar that is04:14:41
@changa_hero:pancrypticon.netdead birdieshits in everything ugh04:14:46
In reply to @changa_hero:pancrypticon.net
what is your fav drug?
alcohol 🍻
In reply to @changa_hero:pancrypticon.net
shits in everything ugh
i'm blessed, i live with a family member on weight watchers and eat that shit all day xD
@changa_hero:pancrypticon.netdead birdiei dont drink much anymore but i sure did used to =)04:33:11
@arm:privacytools.ioarmdon't you know what alcohol will do to your life 😂 Causes cancer, break down of families, people are no longer in control of their body and will cause injury to themselves or others, causes anger and aggression (esp Bundy) 04:33:14
@changa_hero:pancrypticon.netdead birdiei liked killians a lot04:33:18
@changa_hero:pancrypticon.netdead birdie
In reply to @michael:perthchat.org
i'm blessed, i live with a family member on weight watchers and eat that shit all day xD
@michael:perthchat.orgMichaelIt's not a good habit honestly, most people would be better off smoking that wiggy weed :D04:40:41
@arm:privacytools.ioarmAll in moderation04:44:55
@changa_hero:pancrypticon.netdead birdie^ this tbh04:53:47
@changa_hero:pancrypticon.netdead birdiewiggy weed is good tho =)04:54:03
@changa_hero:pancrypticon.netdead birdiei smoke wiggy weed rn04:54:10
@michael:perthchat.orgMichaelblazed for days05:19:32
@michael:perthchat.orgMichaelyou farkin druggo05:19:35
@changa_hero:pancrypticon.netdead birdieyuh05:23:41
@changa_hero:pancrypticon.netdead birdieguilty05:23:56
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27 Jul 2021
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28 Jul 2021
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@waffle_:matrix.orgwaffle_damn what is this15:01:52
@arm:privacytools.ioarmWe talk about our favourite pancakes 🥞 here15:12:37
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29 Jul 2021
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