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19 Dec 2019
11:04:56@murphy_tcc:matrix.orgmurphyAnd I guess most of the F# discussions take place on fsharp.slack.com and forums.fsharp.org, this channel doesn't seem all too active.
11:06:46@zerotrustzone:matrix.orgzerotrustzoneI will look at the forum, thanks! To be honest I really, really hate Slack. I have only noticed that the channel is here. Also I'm not a professional programmer (I work in system-architecture / information security department), so the nice FP is only my "intellectual hobby".
11:06:59@zerotrustzone:matrix.orgzerotrustzoneBut so far I like F# very much, even I'm still at the beginning.
11:08:33@zerotrustzone:matrix.orgzerotrustzoneAnd yes, you were right, key management is in the most cases always total nightmare.
11:08:58@zerotrustzone:matrix.orgzerotrustzoneWhen I want to use secure e2ee comms, I usually choose different apps / protocols.
11:09:53@murphy_tcc:matrix.orgmurphyF# has a pretty diverse community and I would consider that one of its strengths, even though it's not a language property ;-)
11:11:13@murphy_tcc:matrix.orgmurphyI discovered the language because I was doing physical modelling and the units of measure in the compiler were a life saver when debugging large conglomerates of formulas – so I'm not originally a computer scientist either.
11:14:47@zerotrustzone:matrix.orgzerotrustzoneNice! I have played with OOP languages before (mainly Kotlin and C#) but the whole paradigm was kinda strange for me, and I did not really like it. Then I discovered that there is another paradigm - FP, and when I saw the simplicity and elegance, I was totally amazed by it.
11:15:56@murphy_tcc:matrix.orgmurphyAlthough Kotlin is pretty similar to F# in that is allows combining functional and object-oriented concepts freely.
11:17:30@zerotrustzone:matrix.orgzerotrustzoneYes, I have noticed the similarities there.
11:19:10@murphy_tcc:matrix.orgmurphyHeck, the insight that OOP is not the right solution for everything is even reaching the C++ and Java communities – C++11 and Java 8 have lambda expressions now, it took only four decades to take over the concept from LISP ;-)
11:19:47@zerotrustzone:matrix.orgzerotrustzoneYes, yes, I have read about it.
11:20:13@zerotrustzone:matrix.orgzerotrustzoneDon't want (probably) to make money as professional developer though, I'm just playing with it in my free time.
11:20:43@zerotrustzone:matrix.orgzerotrustzoneAnd now I have a vacation (I have angina & I'm on antibiotics), so there's a lot of time to read / play.
11:21:54@murphy_tcc:matrix.orgmurphyOuch, I hope you get well soon, even though I wouldn't want to cut short your play time :-P
11:22:48@zerotrustzone:matrix.orgzerotrustzoneThanks, I'm just sick, tired and overworked - and here are the consequences of my hectic lifestyle, I should expect that.
11:41:23@murphy_tcc:matrix.orgmurphyConcerning encrypted messengers, I wonder why no system uses something like PGP's web of trust to verify identity keys. Or maybe there is such a system and I just don't know it.
11:43:13@murphy_tcc:matrix.orgmurphyBut I think with a central directory of public keys and many connections between the communicating parties, verifying keys using signatures from already trusted parties should work quite well.
11:45:33@murphy_tcc:matrix.orgmurphyAt least it would get rid of the problem that, in Matrix for example, you have to manually verify every combination of keys between all the devices each party is using just to fully secure a one-on-one chat. For two persons who each use, say, a smartphone, a work computer and a home computer, that's already quite annoying.
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20 Dec 2019
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24 Dec 2019
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26 Dec 2019
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27 Dec 2019
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31 Dec 2019
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4 Jan 2020
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