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4 Nov 2018
13:55:36@vimvigor:matrix.org@vimvigor:matrix.org joined the room.
11 Dec 2018
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12 Dec 2018
04:26:10@vimvigor:matrix.org@vimvigor:matrix.org So far so good on listening/watching this video about F* -> Verified Effectful Programming in F* - Catalin Hritcu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPCko8ACB0M
13 Dec 2018
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29 Dec 2018
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1 Mar 2019
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18 Mar 2019
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21 Mar 2019
13:36:00@vimvigor:matrix.org@vimvigor:matrix.orgIMO Rider is the best #fsharp IDE/editor. I am still partial to Spacemacs and use it with #fsharp mode
2 Apr 2019
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4 Apr 2019
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5 Apr 2019
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10 Apr 2019
03:15:15@vimvigor:matrix.org@vimvigor:matrix.orgThis is a nice video about the reach #fsharp has: F# Write Once Run Anywhere, by Tomasz Heimowski https://skillsmatter.com/skillscasts/13413-f-sharp-write-once-run-nearly-anywhere
22 Apr 2019
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26 Apr 2019
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30 Apr 2019
03:09:50@vimvigor:matrix.org@vimvigor:matrix.orgClojureCLR may soon be rewritten with #fsharp Listen to David Miller talk about it on the defn podcast: https://m.soundcloud.com/defn-771544745/48-david-miller-and-clojure-on-the-clr
1 May 2019
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13 Jun 2019
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19 Jun 2019
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05:48:39@talvdav:matrix.orgtalvdavhello! i'm learning f# and i got a question. I'm running dotnet core on open suse, when i run dotnet fsi and load an .fsx file in it i can't run funtions or access variables, am i missing something or is this how it should work?
25 Jun 2019
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12 Aug 2019
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19 Aug 2019
18:51:20@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (征集) joined the room.
18:52:04@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (征集)any hints on compiling F# from source with mono?
18:52:20@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (征集)Or is it a dead end?
18:52:37@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (征集)Currently attempting to package it for a Guix channel
21 Aug 2019
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25 Aug 2019
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