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7 Jan 2020
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8 Jan 2020
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11 Jan 2020
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16 Jan 2020
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24 Jan 2020
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29 Jan 2020
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30 Jan 2020
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31 Jan 2020
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5 Feb 2020
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7 Feb 2020
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14 Feb 2020
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18 Feb 2020
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19 Feb 2020
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20 Feb 2020
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25 Feb 2020
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5 Mar 2020
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03:06:31@mike:l33t-haxx0rs.devMike | Neurotrace

Has anyone had any success with generating prepared SQL statements for a variable number of arguments? I'm currently writing something for it but would love to avoid writing it if at all possible. Something that would generate

select *
from table
where col1 = @val1 && col2 = @val2

as well as a dictionary containing the values for val1 and val2

17 Mar 2020
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23 Mar 2020
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