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Sociable Tech is a monthly technology meeting, currently in Hadfield, UK (near Glossop - between Manchester and Sheffield). Details at https://sociablete.ch1 Servers

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5 Dec 2018
14:45:27@JonTheNiceGuy:matrix.orgJonTheNiceGuyYep, I hear you!
14:45:34@JonTheNiceGuy:matrix.orgJonTheNiceGuyWhere's Sam's job?
14:45:58@freenode_rbasak:matrix.orgrbasak City centre usually, though she's in Chester right now.
14:48:47@freenode_rbasak:matrix.orgrbasakDo you have a link to your podcast?
14:49:01@JonTheNiceGuy:matrix.orgJonTheNiceGuyadminadminpodcast.co.uk :)
14:51:47@freenode_rbasak:matrix.orgrbasak I'll put it on later :)
14:54:03@freenode_rbasak:matrix.orgrbasakDo you get time for much else?
14:54:17@freenode_rbasak:matrix.orgrbasak I'm aware that kids are capable of consuming all available time :)
14:56:38@JonTheNiceGuy:matrix.orgJonTheNiceGuyHonestly, not really. I've got a couple of coding projects rattling around in my head, but nothing solid (mostly a to-do app that keeps nagging you so you don't forget to buy people birthday presents... not that it's happened mind you ;) )
14:56:52@JonTheNiceGuy:matrix.orgJonTheNiceGuyCampFireManager is dead and burried
14:57:13@JonTheNiceGuy:matrix.orgJonTheNiceGuyCCHits is still running, but I don't do much with it any more - just help the guys who expressed an interest in keeping it running.
14:58:08@JonTheNiceGuy:matrix.orgJonTheNiceGuyAnd yes, then there's kids... lots of kids stuff...
9 Dec 2018
13:14:02@_slack_mcrtech_UALKK9RQD:matrix.orgportseven Just listen to the admin admin podcast, i like it
13:14:38@_slack_mcrtech_UALKK9RQD:matrix.orgportseven It fills a good gap in the market, it pro’s talking about it pro stuff
13:15:29@_slack_mcrtech_UALKK9RQD:matrix.orgportseven On the VPN one, isn’t openvpn a SSL vpn?
10 Dec 2018
07:15:31@_slack_mcrtech_U8PEYGMM2:matrix.orgjon No, actually it's no more an SSL VPN than IPSEC is. By SSL VPN, I refer to ones initiated via a web page, like Pulse Secure (formerly Juniper) SA/IVE appliances, Cisco AnyConnect and the open source OCServ/OpenConnect. The signalling and VPN underlay is done over HTTPS and if you also have UDP/443 open, it will use DTLS over that channel for the main VPN tunnel, otherwise it stays on HTTPS.
07:18:53@_slack_mcrtech_U8PEYGMM2:matrix.orgjon OpenVPN is a separate TLS protocol that encouraged the use of TLS certificates for client and server authentication, but never actually required it.
07:20:00@_slack_mcrtech_U8PEYGMM2:matrix.orgjon (edited to remove incorrect word between "separate" and "protocol")
12 Dec 2018
09:10:33@freenode_chrismatheson:matrix.orgchrismatheson joined the room.
22:46:40@freenode_SlackIntegration:matrix.orgSlackIntegration joined the room.
14 Dec 2018
16:54:40@_slack_mcrtech_UALKK9RQD:matrix.orgportseven wasnt ssl over dns a thing too?
19:51:51@_slack_mcrtech_U8PEYGMM2:matrix.orgjon SSL over DNS is also a thing, but it's limited (IIRC) to 50kps
19:52:45@_slack_mcrtech_U8PEYGMM2:matrix.orgjon It's more designed for exfil of data than anything usable
21:22:46@_slack_mcrtech_UALKK9RQD:matrix.orgportseven yep, and bypassing hotel paid for wifi schemes
17 Dec 2018
08:13:29@_slack_mcrtech_U8PEYGMM2:matrix.orgjon Just a reminder that this is tomorrow: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/free-2018-12-18-sociable-tech-christmas-meetup-tickets-52554677455?aff=mcrtech
20:52:04@_slack_mcrtech_UALKK9RQD:matrix.orgportseven planning on being thete
20:52:07@_slack_mcrtech_UALKK9RQD:matrix.orgportseven there
18 Dec 2018
08:02:52@_slack_mcrtech_U8PEYGMM2:matrix.orgjon Cool. I'm thinking that this is probably going to be the last one that I organise, but I'd welcome anyone else taking it over if they want to keep it going. It's just never had the amount of take-up that I was after.

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