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Sociable Tech is a monthly technology meeting, currently in Hadfield, UK (near Glossop - between Manchester and Sheffield). Details at https://sociablete.ch1 Servers

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13 Jan 2019
23:13:13@_slack_mcrtech_UALKK9RQD:matrix.orgportseven apache guacamole
23:13:17@_slack_mcrtech_UALKK9RQD:matrix.orgportseven anyone used it?
14 Jan 2019
08:22:38@_slack_mcrtech_U8PEYGMM2:matrix.orgjon I have, but only as a consumer. I have colleagues who have scripted deployments of Guac on our openstack instances though using Ansible. I can ask for copies, if required?
17:53:43@_slack_mcrtech_UALKK9RQD:matrix.orgportseven no just curious about how it works, though reading bit more, i dont think it works through nat
17:53:52@_slack_mcrtech_UALKK9RQD:matrix.orgportseven its not a teamviewer replacement
19:06:23@_slack_mcrtech_U8PEYGMM2:matrix.orgjon It's more like an HTTP version of RDP.
16 Jan 2019
23:19:41@_slack_mcrtech_UALKK9RQD:matrix.orgportseven gotcha
22 Jan 2019
07:47:47@_slack_mcrtech_U8PEYGMM2:matrix.orgjon changed their profile picture.
25 Jan 2019
11:20:03@_slack_mcrtech_U8PEYGMM2:matrix.orgjon changed their profile picture.
31 Jan 2019
17:18:31@_slack_mcrtech_UALKK9RQD:matrix.orgportseven skypefor business screwed today!
1 Feb 2019
07:55:10@_slack_mcrtech_U8PEYGMM2:matrix.orgjon Winning! 🙂
18:55:53@_slack_mcrtech_UALKK9RQD:matrix.orgportseven are you aware of any whitepapers discussing kafka for logging?
4 Feb 2019
11:37:56@_slack_mcrtech_U8PEYGMM2:matrix.orgjon Not I, but you might be better off looking in #C4NCD4D5H for that?
6 Feb 2019
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7 Feb 2019
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8 Feb 2019
12:40:51@_slack_mcrtech_UALKK9RQD:matrix.orgportseven ever been to defcon?
13:37:19@_slack_mcrtech_U8PEYGMM2:matrix.orgjon No. Want to one year, but it's not in the near future.
16 Feb 2019
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19 Feb 2019
15:08:16@_slack_mcrtech_U8PEYGMM2:matrix.orgjon Someone asked me last night when the next ST was going to be .... 🙂

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