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20 Mar 2020
19:41:42@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) but doesn't seem to be occurring
19:44:42@gitter_davidfragalaureano:matrix.orgDavid Fraga Laureano (Gitter) Yeah, I don't see something wrong here:
2020-03-20-19:43:24.517 INFO [config]  Config ( yes ): user properties from -Drsk.conf.file file '/wallets/rsk/config/testnet.conf'
2020-03-20-19:43:24.523 INFO [config]  Config ( no ): default properties from installer '/etc/rsk/node.conf'
2020-03-20-19:43:25.293 DEBUG [c.r.b.c.Context]  Creating bitcoinj 0.14.4 context.
2020-03-20-19:43:25.633 INFO [general]  DB is empty - adding Genesis
2020-03-20-19:43:25.636 INFO [general]  Genesis block loaded
2020-03-20-19:43:25.706 INFO [general]  New nodeID generated: 3fc10566f0d6e9c7f1d4ccbda1c5999961d23c7ebf2e04835e4ef1b50e3e0eb7600210832d1f4060fa93957ff0dc5c7331ce33290e60d726435aed529d4839e9
2020-03-20-19:43:25.706 INFO [general]  Generated nodeID and its private key stored in /wallets/rsk/db/.rsk/testnet/database/nodeId.properties
2020-03-20-19:43:25.712 INFO [general]  Public IP wasn't set or resolved, using https://checkip.amazonaws.com to identify it...
2020-03-20-19:43:26.470 INFO [general]  Identified public IP: /
2020-03-20-19:43:26.615 DEBUG [c.g.j.JsonRpcBasicServer]  created server for interface class co.rsk.rpc.Web3RskImpl with handler class co.rsk.rpc.Web3RskImpl
2020-03-20-19:43:26.763 INFO [fullnoderunner]  Starting RSK
2020-03-20-19:43:26.763 INFO [fullnoderunner]  Running orchid-testnet.json,  core version: 1.3.0-WASABI
2020-03-20-19:43:26.764 INFO [fullnoderunner]  git.hash: [36f480dba]
2020-03-20-19:43:26.764 INFO [fullnoderunner]  build.branch: heads/WASABI-1.3.0
2020-03-20-19:43:26.778 INFO [net]  RskJ node started: enode://3fc10566f0d6e9c7f1d4ccbda1c5999961d23c7ebf2e04835e4ef1b50e3e0eb7600210832d1f4060fa93957ff0dc5c7331ce33290e60d726435aed529d4839e9@
2020-03-20-19:43:26.780 INFO [c.r.r.n.Web3HttpServer]  RPC HTTP enabled
2020-03-20-19:43:26.846 INFO [net]  Listening for incoming connections, host: /, port: [50505] 
2020-03-20-19:43:26.858 INFO [net]  NodeId: [3fc10566f0d6e9c7f1d4ccbda1c5999961d23c7ebf2e04835e4ef1b50e3e0eb7600210832d1f4060fa93957ff0dc5c7331ce33290e60d726435aed529d4839e9] 
2020-03-20-19:43:26.896 WARN [i.n.b.ServerBootstrap]  Unknown channel option 'SO_LINGER' for channel '[id: 0x5d74fd2b]'
2020-03-20-19:43:26.896 WARN [i.n.b.ServerBootstrap]  Unknown channel option 'SO_KEEPALIVE' for channel '[id: 0x25aa03e3]'
2020-03-20-19:43:26.909 INFO [i.n.h.l.LoggingHandler]  [id: 0x5d74fd2b] REGISTERED
2020-03-20-19:43:26.911 INFO [i.n.h.l.LoggingHandler]  [id: 0x5d74fd2b] BIND(/
2020-03-20-19:43:26.913 INFO [i.n.h.l.LoggingHandler]  [id: 0x5d74fd2b, L:/] ACTIVE
2020-03-20-19:43:26.916 INFO [fullnoderunner]  Capability eth version: [V62]
2020-03-20-19:43:26.917 INFO [fullnoderunner]  done
2020-03-20-19:43:26.918 INFO [c.r.n.d.UDPServer]  Discovery UDPListener started
2020-03-20-19:43:53.858 INFO [i.n.h.l.LoggingHandler]  [id: 0x5d74fd2b, L:/] READ: [id: 0x4c469dbf, L:/ - R:/]
2020-03-20-19:43:53.861 INFO [i.n.h.l.LoggingHandler]  [id: 0x5d74fd2b, L:/] READ COMPLETE
2020-03-20-19:43:53.928 DEBUG [c.g.j.JsonRpcBasicServer]  Request: {"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_blockNumber","params":[],"id":1}
2020-03-20-19:43:53.940 DEBUG [c.g.j.JsonRpcBasicServer]  Invoking method: eth_blockNumber with args []
2020-03-20-19:43:53.940 DEBUG [c.g.j.JsonRpcBasicServer]  Invoked method: eth_blockNumber, result 0x0
2020-03-20-19:43:53.946 DEBUG [c.g.j.JsonRpcBasicServer]  Response: {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":1,"result":"0x0"}
19:46:32@gitter_davidfragalaureano:matrix.orgDavid Fraga Laureano (Gitter) And these are the ports opened in docker
$ docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS                   PORTS                                                         NAMES
2810ee38967a        rootstock-testnet   "/bin/sh -c '/wallet…"   2 minutes ago       Up 2 minutes (healthy)>4444/tcp,>50505/tcp, 50505/udp   rootstock-testnet
19:51:59@gitter_davidfragalaureano:matrix.orgDavid Fraga Laureano (Gitter)Just this error when trying a request from my computer to the container
19:52:14@gitter_davidfragalaureano:matrix.orgDavid Fraga Laureano (Gitter) 2020-03-20-19:48:31.208 WARN [net] Handshake failed io.netty.handler.timeout.ReadTimeoutException: null 2020-03-20-19:48:31.208 INFO [net] Peer removed from active peers: <null>
20:04:23@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) @davidfragalaureano did you check this? https://developers.rsk.co/rsk/node/install/docker/
20:07:28@gitter_davidfragalaureano:matrix.orgDavid Fraga Laureano (Gitter) Yeah, I've checked that, but what I want it's to complile the node from source code, not downloading the binary as dependency. And I saw that example with docker pulls it as an OS package
20:07:57@gitter_davidfragalaureano:matrix.orgDavid Fraga Laureano (Gitter) (edited) ... docker pulls it as ... => ... docker but it pulls as ...
24 Mar 2020
09:53:07@gitter_belial-public:matrix.orgBelial (Gitter)I had the same issue a week ago, it suddenly started syncing out of nowhere (I left it running for 12 hours). So I have no idea what the issue was
09:54:34@gitter_belial-public:matrix.orgBelial (Gitter) I'm getting a lot of issues trying to understand what the node is doing. RPC sometimes also reports weird errors without much explanation of what's happening
15:57:11@gitter_davidfragalaureano:matrix.orgDavid Fraga Laureano (Gitter) @Belial-public Oh will do the same then, thanks for your answer!
Are you using docker as well?
22:52:51@gitter_intintedao:matrix.orgIntinteDAO (Gitter) In most cases - Docker is just bugged s*.
25 Mar 2020
17:22:46@gitter_davidfragalaureano:matrix.orgDavid Fraga Laureano (Gitter) @IntinteDAO yeah, I supposed that.
17:22:53@gitter_davidfragalaureano:matrix.orgDavid Fraga Laureano (Gitter)Thanks guys!
26 Mar 2020
09:01:23@gitter_belial-public:matrix.orgBelial (Gitter) @davidfragalaureano Yes, I had that issue when running on docker
09:03:07@gitter_belial-public:matrix.orgBelial (Gitter) I was trying to build the fat Jar locally, I think I've tried every gradle task and no Jar is generated on the build folder. Is there something I'm missing? How do I build the fat Jar locally?
11:43:43@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) @Belial-public check this: https://developers.rsk.co/rsk/node/contribute/cli/
11:44:12@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) did you run ./configure.sh?
11:44:47@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) (edited) did you run `./configure.sh`? => @Belial-public check this: https://developers.rsk.co/rsk/node/contribute/cli/ // https://developers.rsk.co/rsk/node/contribute/
16:21:46@gitter_davidfragalaureano:matrix.orgDavid Fraga Laureano (Gitter) @Belial-public mmm interesting, are you going to try it locally?
16:22:06@gitter_davidfragalaureano:matrix.orgDavid Fraga Laureano (Gitter)I gave up with docker
27 Mar 2020
09:36:00@gitter_belial-public:matrix.orgBelial (Gitter) @alepc253 I have it running locally on the IDE, I'm just not finding the JAR even after building it. Where is it supposed to be located?
09:36:20@gitter_belial-public:matrix.orgBelial (Gitter) @davidfragalaureano I mostly gave up on that, I'm running on the IDE now
09:37:15@gitter_belial-public:matrix.orgBelial (Gitter) I ran to this issue now and didn't find anything useful on google "Most likely the remote peer used wrong public key (NodeID) to encrypt message."
09:37:40@gitter_belial-public:matrix.orgBelial (Gitter) I set up a private key and I'm copying the node ID to the other local nodes
10:27:24@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) @Belial-public check rskj/rskj-core/build/libs
29 Mar 2020
17:35:16@gitter_kylanhurt:matrix.org@gitter_kylanhurt:matrix.org left the room.
30 Mar 2020
03:21:02@gitter_belial-public:matrix.orgBelial (Gitter) @alepc253 ty
03:21:59@gitter_belial-public:matrix.orgBelial (Gitter)any tips for the message authentication though?
14:10:26@gitter_nysxah:matrix.orgnysxah (Gitter) joined the room.

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