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21 Feb 2019
13:40:30@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) @buddy actually, you get a percentage of transaction fees
13:42:57@gitter_buddy:matrix.orgbuddy (Gitter)does RSK has reward for block as the same bitcoin network?
13:43:50@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) @buddy no. Actually, merge-mining an empty block has no reward
13:44:50@gitter_buddy:matrix.orgbuddy (Gitter) @alepc253 thank you!!!!
13:45:12@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) @buddy welcome!
26 Feb 2019
05:52:31@gitter_tomasmarada_twitter:matrix.orgTomáš Marada (Gitter) joined the room.
05:52:31@gitter_tomasmarada_twitter:matrix.orgTomáš Marada (Gitter)Hi, is there any public information about the RSK/Ethereum bridge? Any spec how it will work? We are working on DeFi dapp and would love to launch on RSK, but we need some USD stablecoins from Ethereum.
17:40:26@gitter_tomasmarada_twitter:matrix.orgTomáš Marada (Gitter)Also any news on RSK oracle?
18:22:38@gitter_ajlopez:matrix.orgajlopez (Gitter) @tomasmarada_twitter Hi, we are working on the spec and implementation of an RSK/Ethereum Bridge. If you have requirements you want to share with us we can try to include them.
19:50:47@gitter_tomasmarada_twitter:matrix.orgTomáš Marada (Gitter)In what horizon the working solution should be in production? For our usecase we need some widespread stablecoin like DAI and USDC on RSK.
20:02:38@gitter_tomasmarada_twitter:matrix.orgTomáš Marada (Gitter)And I am interested in both parts - bridge and oracle. They are both crucial part of our solution.
27 Feb 2019
16:44:02@gitter_ajlopez:matrix.orgajlopez (Gitter) @tomasmarada_twitter We are aiming to have a working version of the Token Bridge in the next 2 months, with a working demo btw ethereum testnet and RSK testnet. I have no info about the oracle project, I will ask to the internal team
8 Mar 2019
09:21:01@gitter_bormon007:matrix.orgServent for god allah Vogoban (Gitter) joined the room.
09:21:02@gitter_bormon007:matrix.orgServent for god allah Vogoban (Gitter)Hello
12:18:12@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter)hi
13:01:34@gitter_bormon007:matrix.orgServent for god allah Vogoban (Gitter) changed their display name from gitter_bormon007 to Servent for god allah Vogoban (Gitter).
12 Mar 2019
22:48:17@gitter_nooga:matrix.orgMarcin Gasperowicz (Gitter) joined the room.
22:48:19@gitter_nooga:matrix.orgMarcin Gasperowicz (Gitter) hi, I was browsing through the sources and found this https://github.com/rsksmart/rskj/blob/db7822831bdba9a03745fa62ebeb97c3a444d758/rskj-core/src/main/java/co/rsk/GenNodeKeyId.java
22:48:46@gitter_nooga:matrix.orgMarcin Gasperowicz (Gitter) is my thinking that this can be used to generate peer.privateKey correct?
13 Mar 2019
03:46:15@gitter_corollari:matrix.orgAlbert (Gitter) joined the room.
03:46:16@gitter_corollari:matrix.orgAlbert (Gitter)Any plans on incorporating Constantinople into RSK? We need CREATE2 for our use-case
17:46:58@gitter_herrerameri:matrix.orgMeri Herrera (Gitter) @nooga yes, you could use it for that
18:00:13@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) @corollari yes, it's under consideration
19:00:46@gitter_corollari:matrix.orgAlbert (Gitter) @alepc253 I've been told on Telegram that it's already been decided that it'll be included, did I understand it wrong?
19:10:54@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) @corollari I can't tell because I didn't read that :) but I do can say that we will keep compatibility with Ethereum, so yes
20:45:59@gitter_corollari:matrix.orgAlbert (Gitter)cool
17 Mar 2019
15:25:25@gitter_emilianobilli:matrix.orgEmiliano A. Billi (Gitter)Hello everyone, does anyone have rbtc-testnet to send me? Today I used the faucet but need more
15:25:50@gitter_emilianobilli:matrix.orgEmiliano A. Billi (Gitter)My address: 0x7113ffcb9c18a97da1b9cfc43e6cb44ed9165509
16:22:13@gitter_herrerameri:matrix.orgMeri Herrera (Gitter) @emilianobilli https://explorer.testnet.rsk.co/tx/0x8e59fa2d4bf55da9e100457ce63dfbbda96738ce6b9464e64a4f23dc68c7204a
16:34:27@gitter_emilianobilli:matrix.orgEmiliano A. Billi (Gitter)Thanks Meri!

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