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30 Mar 2020
14:10:38@gitter_nysxah:matrix.orgnysxah (Gitter) hey guys, Dmitry here (co-founder of QuikNode.io) -- we're experimenting with RSK nodes and have a question on node size & sync...
14:11:03@gitter_nysxah:matrix.orgnysxah (Gitter)how long does it usually take to sync a node? are there sync options (full / archive), like with ethereum?
14:11:45@gitter_nysxah:matrix.orgnysxah (Gitter) or does https://developers.rsk.co/rsk/node/configure/reference/#prune dictate how long block data is stored?
14:17:13@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) hi @nysxah, full sync will take around 10 days
14:17:51@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) prune is used to cut off a lot of unnecessary data
14:18:21@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) the full blockchain it's about 20 GB
14:23:28@gitter_nysxah:matrix.orgnysxah (Gitter)perfect, thanks Alejandro
14:23:59@gitter_nysxah:matrix.orgnysxah (Gitter)by default, without adjusting any flags/config, the node client will sync the full blockchain, 20GB -- correct?
14:24:14@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter)yes
14:57:09@gitter_nysxah:matrix.orgnysxah (Gitter)our goal would be to be able to spin up a fully-synced node in minutes (vs. days)
19:49:54@gitter_intintedao:matrix.orgIntinteDAO (Gitter)hmm, interesting idea
19:50:03@gitter_intintedao:matrix.orgIntinteDAO (Gitter)if it will be safe
2 Apr 2020
02:55:05@gitter_belial-public:matrix.orgBelial (Gitter)

sorry to repeat the issue, but no one answered.

I'm getting the following in a localnet with one miner and two nodes:
"Most likely the remote peer used wrong public key (NodeID) to encrypt message."

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

7 Apr 2020
20:09:36@gitter_mulonemartin:matrix.orgMartin (Gitter) Hi everyone, https://explorer.testnet.rsk.co/ is freeze no block updates!
20:10:38@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) let me check @mulonemartin
8 Apr 2020
18:42:54@gitter_tarun1475:matrix.orgTarun Gupta (Gitter) joined the room.
18:42:55@gitter_tarun1475:matrix.orgTarun Gupta (Gitter)

Error: Deployment Failed

"RelayHub" hit an invalid opcode while deploying. Try:

  • Verifying that your constructor params satisfy all assert conditions.
  • Verifying your constructor code doesn't access an array out of bounds.
  • Adding reason strings to your assert statements.
18:42:59@gitter_tarun1475:matrix.orgTarun Gupta (Gitter)i am getting this error
18:43:04@gitter_tarun1475:matrix.orgTarun Gupta (Gitter)while deployment
18:43:19@gitter_tarun1475:matrix.orgTarun Gupta (Gitter)can someone help me what i am doing wrong?
18:43:48@gitter_tarun1475:matrix.orgTarun Gupta (Gitter) https://github.com/bcnmy/mexa/blob/master/contracts/RelayHub.sol
18:44:17@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) @tarun1475 what solidity compiler version are you using?
18:44:59@gitter_tarun1475:matrix.orgTarun Gupta (Gitter)^0.5.13;
18:55:46@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter)are you using truffle?
20:56:37@gitter_tarun1475:matrix.orgTarun Gupta (Gitter)it worked , actually i was using
20:56:38@gitter_tarun1475:matrix.orgTarun Gupta (Gitter) function getChainID() internal pure returns (uint256 id) {
assembly {
id := chainid()
20:56:42@gitter_tarun1475:matrix.orgTarun Gupta (Gitter)this
20:57:03@gitter_tarun1475:matrix.orgTarun Gupta (Gitter)just replaced chainId() to hardcoded value i.e 31
20:57:08@gitter_tarun1475:matrix.orgTarun Gupta (Gitter)and it worked
23:22:31@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) @tarun1475 thanks for sharing

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