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6 Dec 2019
19:06:13@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter)are you sure about having admin privilege?
19:06:34@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) (edited) ... admin privilege? => ... admin privileges?
19:44:49@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter)
19:44:55@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter)Yes, I do
19:45:54@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter) (edited) Yes, I do => I believe so
20:50:20@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter) @alepc253 Have you ever had a problem like that before? Or it is just me :)
8 Dec 2019
00:41:31@gitter_mateodaza:matrix.orgMateo Daza (Gitter) Hey everyone! My rsk node is only listening on port 4444 for tcp6 and I can't make any connection to it. Any ideas?
9 Dec 2019
12:42:32@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) @monkrus I guess only once, but it didn't happen to me
12:43:09@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) and I don't know if it was exactly the same issue
19:05:59@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter)I see. My idea is to test the installation and possible errors of all the documentation here (just on Linux Ubuntu 18.04, not Windows Subsystem), one by one.
19:10:40@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) @monkrus let me know if something comes up
19:11:53@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter)Of course
10 Dec 2019
11:51:47@gitter_quintanilha6:matrix.org@gitter_quintanilha6:matrix.org left the room.
11 Dec 2019
04:56:20@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter) @alepc253 Node setup went w/o any problems and resulted in
04:56:20@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter)
04:59:13@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter) However, in Getting Started section everything went fine until the git clone git@github.com:rsksmart/artifacts.git which gave me the following message : Cloning into 'artifacts'... git@github.com: Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
13:25:19@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) @monkrus what about https? https://github.com/rsksmart/artifacts.git
13:58:29@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter) @alepc253 Worked fine. I suggest including it in the document as an option for clarity.Also, there is extra cd in cd cd artifacts/Dockerfiles/RSK-Node/ line of the document.
12 Dec 2019
04:54:28@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter)
04:54:42@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter) @alepc253 Just following the document`s instructions .No such file or directory.
04:55:01@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter) (edited) ... instructions .No such file or directory. => ... instructions .`No such file or directory.`
04:55:17@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter) (edited) ... instructions .`No such file or directory.` => ... instructions . No such file or directory.
04:57:41@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter)
04:58:27@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter)
05:05:54@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter)
12:15:00@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) @monkrus <tutorial-root> shouldn't be literal
19:41:21@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter)
19:41:24@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter) @alepc253 I apologize for the newbie questions.My understanding was I have to be in cd <tutorial-root>/docker/ directory in order to proceed with
docker build -t regtest -f Dockerfile.RegTest . I can only get to the tutorial-root folder (please see attachment)
19:41:53@gitter_monkrus:matrix.orgSergei Stadnik (Gitter) (edited) ... attachment) => ... attachment) .Please give me a little guidance here.
19:53:27@gitter_alepc253:matrix.orgAlejandro Cavallero (Gitter) @monkrus are you using this? https://github.com/rsksmart/rskj/wiki/Install-RskJ-Using-Docker

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