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1 Aug 2019
12:58:18@ironmonkey:subzonex.modular.im@ironmonkey:subzonex.modular.imOdd ISP or VPN no response tried quad 9 ct 1..1 and proton DNS and NG. Weird. I investigate more in a bit as you confirm you can see it.

So that's very strange. I guess all of those dns providers are non-compliant... ns1 has been down due to a hardware failure but ns2 and ns3 took over like they should and it works fine according to several different dns check tools available (eg dnschecker.org)

Oh well. I promoted ns3 to ns1 maybe that will help. It will take a while for propagation though, especially because root ns has 1 week ttl.

15:09:11@rialtate:matrix.org@rialtate:matrix.org I checked and right after promoting and they were able to resolve. I'm not familiar with those others you mentioned.
15:09:44@rialtate:matrix.org@rialtate:matrix.orgExploited: are you looking to get service?
19:42:20@ironmonkey:subzonex.modular.im@ironmonkey:subzonex.modular.imHey there, got to work and the day was on autopilot.
19:43:06@ironmonkey:subzonex.modular.im@ironmonkey:subzonex.modular.im Looks like it's working after your change along with my instance you host. 👍 Thanks for looking into.
19:48:00@rialtate:matrix.org@rialtate:matrix.orgOh ha Ok then :)
19:55:12@rialtate:matrix.org@rialtate:matrix.org It really shouldn't have made a difference though since dns servers can be returned in any order, so sometimes even ns3 is first or second. Odd.
19:57:48@rialtate:matrix.org@rialtate:matrix.orgOnly thing I can think is perhaps the change was enough to poison their cache and force a relookup
4 Aug 2019
15:53:49@yangm97:matrix.org@yangm97:matrix.org invited @yan:yetanothernerd.xyzYan Minari [c].
10 Oct 2019
16:35:17@elmussol:matrix.zottel.netelmussol 'lo
17:11:27@anaqreon:matrix.orgAndrewHola everyone
17:11:36@anaqreon:matrix.orgAndrew How are you doing these days anmol ?
17:29:39@anmol:talk.datamol.organmolI am fine, just was busy with official work
17:30:10@anmol:talk.datamol.organmol Andrew: I hope you are doing good too.
17:30:55@anaqreon:matrix.orgAndrewGlad to hear. I'm doing well, thanks.
17:35:09@anmol:talk.datamol.organmol Andrew: Are you still working on Hubzilla ?
12 Oct 2019
23:27:11@adinfinitum:privacytools.ioadinfinitum joined the room.
23:27:44@adinfinitum:privacytools.ioadinfinitumhey room! wondering why im getting "Apologies but this site is unavailable at the moment. Please try again later."
13 Oct 2019
15:02:06@dwatney:matrix.orgMarshall joined the room.
15:03:35@dwatney:matrix.orgMarshall changed their display name from dwatney to Marshall.
Als Antwort auf @adinfinitum:privacytools.io
hey room! wondering why im getting "Apologies but this site is unavailable at the moment. Please try again later."
This usually means that there's a problem with the database
20:54:54@adinfinitum:privacytools.ioadinfinitumBuckaroo: thanks for the tip!
14 Oct 2019
09:33:14@adinfinitum:privacytools.ioadinfinitum So, I copied my hub folder & reinstalled from git as new setup on server. Now how do I get back user accounts from old setup??
are there specific files/folders I can merge into new install??
09:36:09@adinfinitum:privacytools.ioadinfinitumie. Import Existing User does not work, as the previous accounts were registered as Primary Hub
11:31:08@solstag:matrix.orgAle User accounts live in the database, so if you didn't touch the database they should still be there. @adinfinitum:privacytools.io

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