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8 Aug 2023
@snakebite:matrix.orgHarald Would be a nice improvement, though. If you can, try to suggest it in the issue tracker: https://framagit.org/hubzilla/core/-/issues 12:38:29
In reply to @big_diggity:matrix.org
Is there a way for the Stream to hold its place so when you tap to comment or view comments on a post and you go back to the Stream it doesn't go all the way back to the top? I'm mostly talking about using Hubzilla on mobile, but I think it does this on desktop as well.

Most definitely! Harald's suggestion is an excellent recommendation.

I've just gotten used to it over time but definitely, opening an issue about this is a good idea and if you do, please post that link back here once you do so people can bump and give it a thumbs up 👍

9 Aug 2023
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10 Aug 2023
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11 Aug 2023
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@big_diggity:matrix.orgChristopherHere's the link for the issue of Streams holding its place after viewing comments. https://framagit.org/hubzilla/core/-/issues/179614:30:25
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13 Aug 2023
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17 Aug 2023
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21 Aug 2023
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23 Aug 2023
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25 Aug 2023
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28 Aug 2023
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1 Sep 2023
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5 Sep 2023
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7 Sep 2023
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13 Sep 2023
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14 Sep 2023
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26 Sep 2023
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30 Sep 2023
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1 Oct 2023
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2 Oct 2023
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3 Oct 2023
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