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26 Sep 2021
@hans:woefdram.nlHans van ZijstIt wasn't when I entered. Should have said "good night", but that's generally used as a goodbye instead of a greeting.18:30:00
27 Sep 2021
@snakebite:matrix.orgHarald:) The difficulties of time based greetings in a global forum. In any case, Welcome!07:30:05
@elmussol:elsmussols.netelmussol TZAG & TZAF solve these problems. 08:10:42
@snakebite:matrix.orgHaraldBut they're not as fun... :)08:55:27
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28 Sep 2021
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29 Sep 2021
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30 Sep 2021
@toumi124:matrix.orgBaloo changed their display name from zet to Baloo.08:23:14
4 Oct 2021
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5 Oct 2021
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6 Oct 2021
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8 Oct 2021
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12 Oct 2021
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13 Oct 2021
In reply to @elmussol:elsmussols.net
TZAG & TZAF solve these problems.
elmussol: What's the F in TZAF?
14 Oct 2021
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19 Oct 2021
@youronlyone:matrix.orgYourOnlyOne changed their display name from I'M YourOnly.One 🔏 to YourOnlyOne.22:03:51
20 Oct 2021
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22 Oct 2021
@kropveld:linux020.netDaniëlHow do I copy my channel to another hub?11:35:33
@elmussol:elsmussols.netelmussolYou can clone your channel by setting up an account on the new hub and following the instructions for cloning on starting a new channel there.13:38:19
@kropveld:linux020.netDaniëlI cannot find these instructions. Where are they?18:38:06
@mike:elsmussols.netmikeWhen you are creating a new channel, you should see the following: "or import an existing channel from another location."18:43:37
23 Oct 2021
@kropveld:linux020.netDaniëlIt imports my profile and calendar data, but not my messages and pictures. How do I do that?10:37:10
@elmussol:elsmussols.netelmussolThere options on your original hub about exporting your data. Smaller chunks are better.11:26:41

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