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30 Oct 2018
14:37:45@Guerin:matrix.orgGuérinAnyone know how the harbour-matrix client is coming along?
12 Nov 2018
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13 Nov 2018
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14 Nov 2018
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17 Nov 2018
08:44:06@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMilkManzJourDaddy [99-Problems/A📌🚁/Falayalaralfali] 💥🔨 Castigare troglodytam. Malleo pugnae aviditate. 🌊👋🙋\o 💥🔨 ZFG 🙌 ™¦¶␍ ↵␤↘↦:banned@sudowudo:matrix.org@sudowudo:matrix.org (Annoying and abusive troll in rooms and DCs. Probably a ban evading Baffy or Sockpuppet of another NPC troll.).
22 Nov 2018
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23 Nov 2018
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11 Dec 2018
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20:54:34@deviousway:riot.deviousway.rudeviouswayany new about android support on new sony models (XA2) I want to spend money! )

Anyone know how the harbour-matrix client is coming along?

looks like already done

12 Dec 2018
10:35:21@Guerin:matrix.orgGuérinYeah, but it still doesn't support encrypton... I'd really like any client at this point apart from Riot to support E2EE...
28 Dec 2018
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18:44:08@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMilkManzJourDaddy [99-Problems/A📌🚁/Falayalaralfali] 💥🔨 Castigare troglodytam. Malleo pugnae aviditate. 🌊👋🙋\o 💥🔨 ZFG 🙌 ™¦¶␍ ↵␤↘↦: changed their display name from MilkManzJourDaddy [99-Problems/A📌🚁/Falayalaralfali] 💥🔨 Castigare troglodytam. Malleo pugnae aviditate. 🌊👋🙋\o 💥🔨 ZFG 🙌 to MilkManzJourDaddy [99-Problems/A📌🚁/Falayalaralfali] 💥🔨 Castigare troglodytam. Malleo pugnae aviditate. 🌊👋🙋\o 💥🔨 ZFG 🙌 ™¦¶␍ ↵␤↘↦:.
29 Dec 2018
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2 Jan 2019
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4 Jan 2019
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6 Jan 2019
00:07:27@lsjmhar:ubports.chatvivian changed their display name from jonrobson to vivian.
9 Jan 2019
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13 Jan 2019
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26 Jan 2019
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28 Jan 2019
21:02:46@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMilkManzJourDaddy [99-Problems/A📌🚁/Falayalaralfali] 💥🔨 Castigare troglodytam. Malleo pugnae aviditate. 🌊👋🙋\o 💥🔨 ZFG 🙌 ™¦¶␍ ↵␤↘↦:banned@x0n:staubsaugertraum.de@x0n:staubsaugertraum.de (FUDdite who wants to destroy Matrix users' communities in favour of IRC.).
30 Jan 2019
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15 Feb 2019
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11:20:03@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMilkManzJourDaddy [99-Problems/A📌🚁/Falayalaralfali] 💥🔨 Castigare troglodytam. Malleo pugnae aviditate. 🌊👋🙋\o 💥🔨 ZFG 🙌 ™¦¶␍ ↵␤↘↦:banned@grin:grin.hu@grin:grin.hu (Room derailing troll.).

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