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11 Jan 2024
@_discord_739167516429123656:t2bot.ioproconsule I didnt look at it, i just use projectm lib. Sorry 20:08:09
@_discord_739167516429123656:t2bot.ioproconsule The lib was so easy to use that i didnt need examples 20:08:53
@_discord_385011551431557120:t2bot.iocodav That's how it should be. The UI stuff is still only in my fork and a working branch, so in the upstream repo, there's not even a hint about that new UI 😅 22:43:55
@_discord_385011551431557120:t2bot.iocodav That said, even if you would have looked at it, you probably wouldn't have seen that code anyway. 22:44:29
@_discord_268118836673249281:t2bot.iopuigru joined the room.22:48:13
@_discord_268118836673249281:t2bot.iopuigru It would be great if it worked because I could play music from my phone into my Shield and see visualizations on my TV 22:48:14
@_discord_268118836673249281:t2bot.iopuigru changed their display name from XXLuigiMario#1907 to puigru.22:48:14
@_discord_268118836673249281:t2bot.iopuigru I tried with the Playback Mic app and my idea does work 22:49:30
@_discord_385011551431557120:t2bot.iocodav I don't know enough about Android's audio APIs to know whether an app can even choose the device, or if this is just a thing the OS controls 🤔 22:49:47
@_discord_268118836673249281:t2bot.iopuigru Android is pretty dumb in this regard 22:50:00
@_discord_268118836673249281:t2bot.iopuigru There's no global OS setting 22:50:12
@_discord_385011551431557120:t2bot.iocodav That's what I would expect, yeah.. 22:50:15
@_discord_268118836673249281:t2bot.iopuigru The app has do it all on its own 22:50:22
@_discord_268118836673249281:t2bot.iopuigru I work as a Java developer so I could give it a shot, if only I wasn't backlogged with so many things lol 22:51:28
@_discord_268118836673249281:t2bot.iopuigru If it were open source I'd just tweak this one thing 22:51:42
@_discord_268118836673249281:t2bot.iopuigru I've even emailed the app dev and while he was quick to reply he showed no interest, he seems to have mostly given up on the app 22:53:17
@_discord_385011551431557120:t2bot.iocodav Yup, about the same time he gave up working on projectM itself, as he's one of the early devs 22:53:51
@_discord_385011551431557120:t2bot.iocodav But even in this case, if he doesn't want to continue working on it, he could simply open-source it and still keep selling it in the Play Store, the GPL definitely allows that. 22:54:57
@_discord_385011551431557120:t2bot.iocodav Put a free version on F-Droid, and everyone is happy. Users having paid for the Play Store app will still get updates, and those who look a bit further would probably find the free version. 22:55:55
@_discord_268118836673249281:t2bot.iopuigru Yeah, he even mentioned I should have pirated it in the email 22:56:30
@_discord_385011551431557120:t2bot.iocodav Plus I bet there still will be plenty of users buying it in the store. 22:56:49
@_discord_268118836673249281:t2bot.iopuigru It would be pretty great, yeah. Plus I think many people really only know of projectM because of it. So it could bring new contributors to the core library as well 23:01:25
@_discord_268118836673249281:t2bot.iopuigru A libretro core would also be cool, though I don't know how feasible it would be really 23:03:15
@_discord_385011551431557120:t2bot.iocodav There are also a couple of integrations which need updating, like Kodi/LibreElec and VLC. So much to do... 23:07:28
@_discord_385011551431557120:t2bot.iocodav Besides a few occasional community contributions, I'm basically the only one working on the core lib and the SDL2 frontend in the past two years. I'd be glad to hand over some of the workload to others 😅 23:09:03
12 Jan 2024
@_discord_272861371337670665:t2bot.io_haydan Thank yall so much codav and tukkek, I appreciate yalls help! 07:15:34
@_discord_355085383702151170:t2bot.iotukkek glad to help, even if just a little 😄 have a great weekend man 14:37:46
@_discord_739167516429123656:t2bot.ioproconsule I didnt have the skill and time to full time help, but maybe with my homebrew i can show projectm to more people. 16:58:18
@_discord_816826330607910922:t2bot.ionoobian ProjectM for gameboy color 17:48:11
@_discord_311186670429011968:t2bot.iosofloppy mesh 20:05:08

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